Data Analytics Specialization

Data Analytics Specialisation
Course - An Overview

If you’ve hearing a lot of buzz around business and data analytics, that’s because it is the ‘Next Big Thing’ to look out for if you want to build a rewarding and high-paying career for yourself.

Here’s every reason to apply for GRRAS Business Analytics Course
Data & Business Analysts are in high demand and this will only surge with the rise in demand for skilled business data analysts in the evolving job market. This is where GRRAS steps in to offer the most innovative, tech-first, relevant, and affordable Business Analytics Specialisation Training Course that has been curated and designed by Industry experts to maximize your exposure to hands-on learning and help you gain industry-led technical acumen you need to become a Data Analyst Pro. You will master the art of gathering and interpreting data for companies/businesses from different industries such as Finance, Marketing, Technology, Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Education, Lifestyle, and Entertainment, and across all other sectors.

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Your Gains

  • Exposure to real-time industry experience that is relevant
  • Get selected as the top choice by employers
  • Get placed in top IT firms, industries, companies and promising start-ups

The GRRAS Advantage

  • Lifetime access to downloadable course content - anytime in your lifetime
  • Lifetime support.
  • 100% Career and Placement Assistance - 100% placement success rate
  • Live lectures by industry experts with years of analytical experience
  • Course designed for beginners and professionals
  • Cover everything about Data Anaytics - Basic, Intermediate and Advanced
  • Accredited and Industry-Recognized Business Analytics Certification.

Why Enrol for Grras Business Analytics Course?

Future-Ready Curriculum

Our Data Analytics Specialisation Course is designed to help you develop analytical abilities and a data mindset so that you can thoroughly understand and process data for business problems. This course will simplify data analysis and help you become an employable self-reliant individual with practical knowledge, mental acumen, and good communication skills. Whether you have a background in this field or not, this course is sure to transform you into a future-ready skilled certified Data Analytics or Business Analytics Professional sought-after by employers.

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Job Opportunities

With high-paying data and business analyst jobs up for grabs in the market, and an average salary of Rs. 5 lakhs or more per annum, now is the right time to capitalize on this data revolution. So, if you want to earn a high salary and climb the success ladder, Grras Data Analytics Specialisation course is perfect for you. Not only will it prepare you for multiple job roles, but it will also give you the opportunity to start your tech career or start-up venture. Learn Basic to Advanced level Business Analytics, from Excel and SQL to Tableau, R, Python, Power BI, and more.

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Rewarding Career

Analytics is a job role that promises great financial benefits. When you sign up for Grras Data Analytics Course, you sign up for a rewarding Analytics career. This means that you would be ready to take on any task and challenge and convert them into meaningful solutions for businesses, organizations, or even your own start-up venture. Now is the right time to get industry-certified by GRRAS and kick-start your career in this field. The average entry-level salary is 5 Lakhs/Annum, and this could go up to, and beyond, 11-12 Lakhs/Annum as you gain experience.

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About GRRAS Business Analytics Specialisation Course

Business Analyst’s average salary is ₹5 Lakhs per annum in India, which can go up to ₹11 LPA
(depending on your experience and the industry/company/sector you are working in)

So NOW is the right time to be part of this lucrative domain.

With the right course and instructors at GRRAS, you will;

  • Master Data Analytical concepts from basic to intermediate and advanced.
  • Build a strong foundation in Analytics and Programming Languages.
  • Be a pro in Data and Business Analytics.
  • Be future-ready to take on multiple roles in the data and business analytical space.

Why is now the right time to pursue a course in business analytics?
Business analyst is definitely a good career choice! You'll have the opportunity to learn new things and solve complex problems for businesses. Plus, you can work in different industries so you're always learning and excelling in your line of work.

High-demanding Skills You Can Gain Through
This Course - The Skill Set

  • Quantitative and Qualitative Business Analysis
  • Data Visualisation
  • Data Reporting
  • Data Transformation
  • Data Modeling
  • Data Mining & Analysis
  • Analytics Landscape
  • Programming Concepts
  • Statistical Analysis & Modelling
  • Regression
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Visual Analytics
  • Problem-solving Skills

Important Tools For Business Analytics Included In
This Course - Tools Covered

  • Excel

  • Power BI

  • Python

  • MySQL

  • NumPy

  • Matplotlib

  • Tableau

  • R lang


Industry relevant learning, designed for graduates and working professionals
GRRAS will handhold you throughout your entire learning process.
We ensure;
  • You ace all analytical tools at all levels like a pro.
  • Your theoretical knowledge and skills transfer into practical real-life application.
  • You become a pro in Analytics with our simple step-by-step instructions even if you have never coded before.
  • You master job-ready analytical knowledge and skills in just 4 months. and Gain the advantage of ONE Course - FUTURE & INDUSTRY READY Knowledge Skills
Specialized Curriculum

Gain access to a comprehensive and industry-relevant curriculum designed by experts to improve skills and make you job-ready.

Expert Faculty

Learn from industry experts through live faculty lectures, webinars and networking opportunities.

Real-world Projects

Work on practical business modules, real-life case studies, and collaborative projects during the program under the guidance of a mentor.

Career Development

Track academic and skill development through practical-project assignments, along with a community of like-minded peers, led by mentors.

Job Placement Assistance

Land your dream job through interviews sourced and scheduled through our industry network and GRRAS Alumni working in top organizations.

GRRAS instructors come with years of experience working with different organizations, making them the perfect coaches to teach you everything from the basics of Analytics to more complex concepts that will help you take on any challenge and convert it into smarter solutions.

GRRAS Instructors are backed by years of experience and will mentor you throughout your learning journey to help you develop the skills necessary to perform analytical tasks efficiently and effectively.

Our instructors are also passionate about sharing their expertise with students. With their help, you will be able to develop your analytical and programming skills and become a successful Data/Business Analyst.

Deepak Khandelwal

Hi! My name is Deepak Khandelwal, I belongs to Agra & completed my M.C.A from Bundelkhand University, Jhansi. I joined GRRAS from 6 months earlier & I see the atmosphere is very good & the experience was also good. I learnt new things from GRRAS & got a new opportunity like AWS, Openstack, Cloud computing & from security purpose I learnt many things, currently I am placed in Mobzway Technology & I would like to thanks to all GRRAS team Members for better guidance & support

Alin Parashar

Hi My name is Alin Parashar and I am currently working in DeCurtis Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. as DevOps and Network Engineer. Initially, I heard about linux but was not aware how can it push you on a high level in your career. I met Ravi Saraswat sir who guided me on how I can enter in Linux field and what are its advantages. The first impression from him literally clarifies my all doubts about how dedicated and knowledgeable he is in this field. That made me confident enough to be a part of this Institute. I started with RHCSA and later completed RHCE , Now when you are working on your technical skills , you also have to work on your personality and other important perspectives because this makes you even better ,so I got softskills classes here . I really want to thank GRRAS for the guidance and support, supporting me in every aspect of this amazing journey.

Rohan Tiwari

I joined GRRAS in the year 2015 after completing my Btech from ACEIT,Jaipur . I opted for the course of RHCE and from there my journey in the world of Linux started with guidance from their trained teachers , Gaurav sir and Rajat sir I was able to complete RHCSA and RHCE . However that was just the beginning as I opted for further certifications over one year period of time .I completed four more courses including COE in Openstack ,Virtualisation , Hybrid Cloud Storage and Server Hardening . I would recommend anyone who wants to learn Linux and other Expertise modules , then choose GRRAS . Now I am working as a CLOUDOPS ENGINEER in NUTANIX which couldnt have been possible without teachers in GRRAS and the knowledge they shared with me.

Rohit Jain

My name is Rohit Jain & I am from Agra & I have completed my MCA from Bundelkhand University, Jhansi. I have joined GRRAS 6 months ago for job oriented program. When I completed my MCA I realized that competition is very tough in market & it was very difficult to get a good job. When I joined GRRAS, I regained confident in myself before leaving this institute, as promises that I will get a good job in my hands. Currently I am working in Data Infosys Company as a Linux System Administrator. I would like to thank everyone for making me who I am and I would like to express my gratitude all team members of GRRAS.

Data Analytics Specialisation Course Curriculum

Our Business Analytics Specialisation Course has been carefully curated and designed by industry experts. Every detail of each tool, from basics to advanced and complex concepts, are covered. Learn problem techniques that are specific to each Analytical Tool.

Skills covered in our Business Analytics Specialisation Course

  • Explain how data is used for recruiting and performance evaluation.
  • Recognize trends, detect outliers, and summarize data sets
  • Model supply and demand for various business situations
  • Understand the tools used to predict customer behaviour
  • Understand mathematical intuitions behind the model
  • Enhance Data Preprocessing skills and Deep Programming knowledge
  • Solve business problems with data-driven decision-making
  • Understand well-defined KPI’s and Metrics
  • Gain proficiency in Error Analysis and Statistics
  • Get hands-on expert-level learning of Tableau, Advance SQL, Python, MS Excel, and more.
  • Create strong, professional visualizations in Power BI & Tableau
  • Enhance business decision-making power with detail
  • Master Power BI via DAX, Power Pivot, Power View, and Power Query, among others
  • Gain expertise in problem-solving, gathering, visualizing, analyzing and organizing data
  • Learn to exhibit information in KPIs, dashboards, metrics, and reports
  • Learn to analyze current & historical data
  • Write your own queries to extract data from a database

Descriptive Statistics

Data Types, Measure Of central tendency, Measures of Dispersion,Graphical Techniques, Skewness & Kurtosis, Box Plot


Random Variable, Probability, Probability Distribution, Normal Distribution, SND, Expected Value

Predictive Statistics and Testing

Sampling Funnel, Sampling Variation, Central Limit Theorem, Confidence interval, Hypothesis Testing, Hypothesis Testing (2 proportion test, 2 t sample t test), Anova and Chisquare Correlation

Introduction to Excel

Getting Started with Excel, Workbook Protection & Security, Data Formats, Data Formatting & Alignment, Hands on Practice on Short Keys, Conditional Formatting, Advanced Conditional Formatting techniques

Excel Basics

Graphs & Charts, Data Tools- Filtering, Sorting, Remove Duplicates, Data Validation, Grouping, Absolute and Relative Referencing Concepts, Case Studies on Absolute and Relative Referencing, Specialized Functions/Formulas

Advanced Excel

Lookup Functions, Vlookup & its Limitations, Hlookup, Index Match, Hyperlink, Indirect, Offset, Transpose, Vlookup Case Studies, Vlookup General Problems, Vlookup with Match Function, Vlookup using (*) , problems, Vlookup using Running Countif, Nested Vlookup,Text Formulas , Logical Formulas , Mathematical Formulas like Sum, Sumif, Sumifs, Count, Countif, Mod, Product, Sumproduct, Roundup, Array , Pivot Reports, Dashboard, Pivot Table & Pivot Charts

Sql Basics

Popular DBMS Software,Concepts of RDBMS, Tables,Tuples ,Attributes, Normalization Normalization,NoSQL Databases, Types of NOSQL, Comparision,Types of SQL Commands,Data Definition Language, Create, Drop, Truncate, Alter and Rename Objects,Data Query Language, Select Statements, Data Manipulation Language, DCL and TCL, Grant, Revoke and transaction statements, SQL Data Types, Numeric, Date and TIme, LOB Types , DML Commands,Insert, Update and Delete Statements,DDL Commands,Create and Drop Databases

Sql Integrity and data management

Types of Constraints, Relational Integrity Constraints, Key Constraints, Domain Constraints, Referential Integrity, Primary and Foreign Keys, Application of Indexes,Checking Constraints,Alter Tables, SQL Transactions, ACID Properties, TCL Statements, Start, Commit and Rollback Statements, Auto Commit, SavePoints, Identifier, Rollback and Release, Database Objects, Tables, Creating, Altering and dropping tables

SQL Advanced Concepts

Views, Creating and Dropping Views, Indexes, Types of Indexes, Creating and dropping Indexes, Stored Objects, Types of Stored Objects, Stored Procedures, Create, call and drop stored procedures, Repeat and Leave Statements, Operators and Functions, Joining Tables, Inner Join, Left Join, Right join, Advantages of Procedures, Database Triggers Accessing Database From R and Python, Triggers, Triggers v/s Stored Procedures, Configuration Information, Python Database Access, Read Operations, Insert, Update and Delete, Performing Transactions.

Getting data and data preparation

Power BI Introduction, Power BI Components, Getting Data using Power BI, Power BI Transformations

Data Modeling and Analysis

Creating Data Models, Power BI Charts, Power BI Filters, Power BI Visualizations, Exploring Data in Power BI, Power BI and Excel, Power BI Publishing and sharing, Power BI Integration with Data Sources, Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)

Advanced Functions and Report Publishing

SUMX & Calculate Function, Related Function, All Function, Aggregate Functions, Date Functions, Logical Functions, String Functions, Filter Functions, Trigonometric Functions, Time Intelligence Functions, Reports – Objects & Charts, Formatting Charts, Report Interactions, Bookmarks, Managing Roles, Custom Visuals, Desktop vs Phone Layout.

Understanding the Data and Charts

What is Data Visualization?, Advantages & Disadvantages of visualizations, Why Data visualization Important, Different data visualizations, Tableau –Data Visualization Tool, Introduction to Tableau, What is Tableau?, Overview Of Tableau Tool (Servers , data , visualizations), Tableau Architecture, Advantages & Disadvantages, Different Products of Tableau, Tableau Desktop, Tableau Public, Tableau Prep, Tableau Online, Tableau Server, Tableau Analytics, Extensions in Tableau, Features of Tableau Desktop, Tableau-Joins and Data Pane, Tableau Data Pane, Pivot Table and Split Tables in Tableau, In built Charts in Tableau, Basic Charts, Text Tables, Highlight Tables, Bar charts, Stacked Bar, Line Graphs, Dual axis, Pie chart etc., Maps in Tableau, Data Interpretation

Working on Data

Creating Calculated Fields, Attribute functions, Quick table calculations, Creation of calculated fields, Aggregate and disaggregate functions etc. , Logical Functions, Case-If Function, Understanding Case Statements, Applications of case statements, ZN Function, Ad-Hoc Calculations, Understanding different string functions etc., Pre-Defined Analytics, Expressions , Functions, Groups, Filters, etc, Dashboards Hands-On in Tableau, Understanding concept of Dashboards, Building Interactive dashboards, Dashboard actions, etc., Animated Visualization, Tools for Sharing Information, Publishing our Workbooks in Tableau Server

Basics of Python

Installation of Python, Python Datatypes & Python Loops,Python Strings, Python Lists, Python Tuples, Python Dictionary, Python Date & Time, Python Operators, Python Functions,

Advanced Implementation

Python I/O Functions,Debugging & Python Database Access – MySQL, Working with CSV & Excel Files, Advanced Data Types, Deque in Python, Python Dict, Python Tuples, Python Frozenset, Difference between List, Tuple, Dict, Set, FrozenSet, Python Comprehensions, List Comprehensions, Set Comprehensions, Dictionary Comprehensions, Set Comprehensions, Numpy, Pandas, Data Analysis & Visualization in Python, Web Scrapping

Introduction of R

Data Types, Data Structures, Decision Making Statements, Conditional Loops

Advanced Functional Programming

Flow Control Statements, If Statements, For loops, While Loops, Built Functions in R , Base, datasets, dplyr and ggplot.

Our courses are designed in such a manner that doubts disappear as soon as they occur. However, if you still find difficulty in understanding something or wish to recall a certain point, our experts are just a call away.

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Duration 4 Month
No. of sessions 50+
Timings 218 Hours
Batch type Online/Classroom
Batch size 150
Placements 100% placement record

Course learning difficulty level:

• Easy to learn
• One of the best programing languages for beginners and experienced programms.

Industry Projects

Learn through real-life industry projects that simulate actual projects in top companies across industries.

Business Analytics Certification

Our Business Analytics Specialisation Course Certification is accredited and industry recognized. It verifies your proficiency in Data and Business Analytics and also demonstrates that you have undergone a rigorous training program and have the ability to solve complex data and business problems.

  • Transform your career as a Certified Data/Business Analytics
  • Gain access to lucrative employment opportunities.
  • Be on top of the ever-evolving analytical industry.
  • Build strong skills that add to your experience.
  • Have an edge over other analysts - since you would have mastered the tools to a very high level.
  • Progress to high-end technologies like Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and more.

Get Recognition With Our
Data Analytics Certification Program

Stand out in your profession with Grras Business Analytics certification program, which uses state-of-the-art resources and is taught by experienced trainers. You will only receive a certificate after you have submitted your work and it has undergone a fair evaluation. Our trainees are always welcome to chat with experts in the company for tips and assistance. We make sure to provide you with the best information, skills, and experience so you can be well-prepared for interviews and future job roles. After finishing the course, you can also enroll in global certifications like Microsoft Certification for PowerBI Data Analyst or Tableau Certification programs by GRRAS.

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What Next After Your Data Analytics Certification?
Multi-faceted Job Opportunities

The Business Analyst or Data Analyst role is becoming increasingly complex, involved, and high in demand. In recent years, the demand for data analysts (DA) and business analysts (BAs) has grown significantly and is said to continue growing exponentially, to the point that they are required across an organization, from entry-level teams to senior leadership.

You Can Apply For The Following Job Roles

  • Analytics Consultant
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Visualisation Analyst
  • Finance Analyst
  • Sales Analyst
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Risk Analyst
  • Statistical Analyst
  • Associate Product Manager
  • Data Scientist
  • And others

Who Can Enrol In Our Business Analytics Course

  • Financial and Accounting Professionals
  • Any Graduate from Science, commerce or arts streams
  • Freshers with good analytics skills
  • Professionals from BPO and KPO domains
  • Students who are interested to move in Data science field
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You get 100% job or placement assistance after completion of certification. We have partnered with top companies, IT firms, organizations, and start-ups to ensure you are interviewed by the best.

Exclusive Access to GRRAS Job Portal

We have a dedicated portal for job seekers where you can apply for job interviews. You gain industry and inclusive guidance on job searches and how to apply for roles that best align with your career goals.

Rigorous Preparation

After undergoing rigorous practice interviews with technical experts, you will receive feedback that you can use to improve your skills. These skills will help you gain confidence and prepare you to ace the interviews.

1:1 Career Mentorship

During your 1:1 sessions, our mentors will help you build the skills and attitude required to score your dream job. They'll consider your education and experience when deciding which approach best suits you so that you can walk away with long-term career goals in mind.

Career Focused Sessions

In these live, interactive sessions, throughout the course with an industry expert, you will gain the knowledge and experience you need to build skills that are expected by hiring managers. These guided sessions will help ensure that you stay on track with your goals.

Resume & Profile Building

Learn how to create a world-class resume and Linkedin profile with help from our career services team. Grab the attention of hiring managers at the shortlisting stage and increase your chances of being hired!

Frequently Asked Questions

Business analytics is a helpful method to understand businesses better by looking at past data and statistics. It can be extremely beneficial to any organization or industry, as it provides an idea of which model could be best for improving your business. Career opportunities in this field are on the rise as the business world becomes more reliant on data analysis. Don't worry about job security if you enter this profession--data and business analytics is only going to become more popular with time!

Business analysts are key in helping businesses analyze data sets. A Data Analyst is responsible for collecting and interpreting data, analyzing results, and reporting findings to the corresponding team. They also work on identifying patterns and trends within data sets while collaborating with orgs or management teams within the business landscape to communicate business reqs, define new processes of data collection/analysis--ultimately adding value back into the company.

Our Business Analytics Specialisation Course is designed for both, beginners and working professionals who want to foray into this lucrative and high-demand domain. It is also perfect for people who are keen about analytics and want to build a successful and rewarding career in this field.

A data analyst position typically requires a bachelor's degree in any related field, though some employers may prefer candidates with a graduate or Master's degree. Data analysts and business analysts use data to make decisions, but the primary difference between the two roles is what they do with that information.

A data analyst's job is to collect, clean, and examine data to help business decisions. If you want to work in this field that is increasingly popular, GRRAS is where you should start to help you:

  • Gain foundational education in this field.
  • Build your technical capabilities and skills.
  • Work on projects with real-time data and scenarios.
  • Develop a portfolio of your work.
  • Practice how to present your findings.
  • Get an entry-level data analyst job to kick-start your career.
  • Get industry-recognnized and relevant certification in Business Analytics.

You can check our course and tools & process sections in this website to get in-depth details of our course offerings and the tools that you will master when you do the course with us.

Getting in touch with one of our professionals is as simple as calling the number provided below. They will help you find the right path to success. You may also submit an application or fill out the enquiry form and we will get back to you at the earliest.

Yes, once the course is completed and the certificate requirements are met, students can get their course completion certificate. You should participate in our complete training on a regular basis as well as religiously complete your class assignments and submit them on time.

Yes, you will have doubt-resolution assistance. Although you may have questions, this course is designed such that all lectures will answer them, and you will have access to class and Q&A recordings. You can rely on our Teams community for help when you need it- simply post your concerns and one of our experienced mentors will be more than happy to provide assistance. If you have any questions during your online sessions, feel free to ask them openly too.

We give 100% placement assistance after the course is completed. We will share all the requirements of the companies with our students and share the resumes of our students with employers as needed. We have a Placement Success Rate of 100%

Students and professionals alike who are aspiring to become analysts or preparing for any data-related position.

Grras Solutions provides backup lessons if you miss a class or want to go over something again. We'll reschedule your session as needed.

Data and Business Analytics offer the technology and tools to create a world of big data from unstructured sets. With these, companies can use all available data to streamline their processes by making decisions based on data-driven insights. Banking, government, securities, and media/entertainment are a few of the industries where rapid demand for analytical solutions and tools has been witnessed.

Here are the top industries that need data and business analysts very prominently.

  • Banking And Securities
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Pharma & Healthcare
  • Education
  • Manufacturing
  • Insurance
  • Transportation
  • Government
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Retail & Wholesale

Data and Business Analytics are needed in almost every industry and sector. Positions you can apply for after completing Grras Business Analytics Courses are- Analytics Consultant, Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Data Visualisation Analyst, Finance Analyst, Sales Analyst, Marketing Analyst, Risk Analyst, Quality Analyst, Statistical Analyst, Associate Product Manager, Data Scientist, and many other similar-asking positions. Anyone who successfully completes GRRAS Business Analytics Specialisation Course will benefit greatly and get started with achieving their career goals in their line of work.

Only those who cancel their registration in the first three days will receive a refund. Within 72 hours of cancelling, every registration is eligible for a full refund. FULL Refunds will be issued within 15 days after demand for a refund is made.

Students can participate in an online learning environment (Microsoft Teams) led by a teacher from their computer, allowing for interaction with one another and access to a variety of educational tools. In an internet-based class, students may log in at the scheduled time to a live learning environment (Microsoft Teams) where an instructor leads them. Students may work together in groups to accomplish tasks, exchange information, view lessons, and engage with instructional resources while doing so. Our instructors employ avast's set of collaboration tools and methods to help you enjoy your online training even more.

All our instructors are analysts and experts in their field with years of industry experience.

We accept most of the payment modes, including cash, credit card, UPI, Google Pay, phone pay, Paytm, account transfer and Netbanking.

We provide a variety of training alternatives to our students, such as classroom sessions, live LED instructor online training, one-on-one training, and customised training sessions.

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