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With the world becoming more and more technology driven, the time spent virtually is far more consuming than time spends physically together. The evolution and spreading of the internet like wildfire have led to people making use of it for a multitude of reasons. We are no longer using internet only for professional purposes. Our lives have become undoubtedly dependent on the services provided by the internet.

Advanced Digital Marketing Training Course Certification in Jaipur - SEO, SMO and SMM

Thus, calling internet multiple-faceted can never be wrong. It helps people in gaining knowledge, keeps them entertained, tells the happenings of the world, can be used for rejuvenation, helps people in expanding their business, and makes comparing and shopping easier than it was a decade ago.

If we are to focus on the business aspect of digital world, then it is safe to say that digital marketing plays a humongous role in keeping businesses afloat. While the number of online buyers is definitely high, the number of businesses is no less. Directly proportional, building a career as a digital marketer can also prove to be beneficial for those who are tempted to work in marketing but are not so fond of the traditional aspects of it.

In order to build a career in the field of digital marketing, it is advisable to enrol for an advanced digital marketing training course certification in Jaipur. Jaipur, being one of the biggest and most technologically advanced cities of India, is a good place to get this certification from. With this certification, you will find yourself landing in opportunities that will make building a career in the IT sector much easier than otherwise.

However, before we get into the benefits of being certified with a digital marketing training course and the prerequisites of it, let us get a clear deal in what exactly is digital marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

In more ways than not, digital marketing is similar to traditional marketing. As on the same lines as traditional marketing, digital marketing is also all about promoting a product or a business in order to increase its viewers with the aim of selling more of it. Thus, the end motive of the two types of marketing is same.

However, the difference lies in the mode of marketing. While traditional marketing is all about using traditional means, such as radio, newspaper, bill hoarding, and magazines to get across your message, digital marketing uses modern means that uses internet for the end purpose of selling the product at hand.

What most people fail to comprehend is that digital marketing is a huge umbrella term that shelters a lot of terms under it. Digital marketing, unlike popular belief, also includes offline marketing as well as online marketing. You will learn this and everything else about it with advanced digital marketing training course certification in Jaipur.

There are a number of sub-divisions within digital marketing. These sub-divisions are also referred to as types of digital marketing. While there are at least a dozen types of digital marketing, let us get to know a little more about the most common and most widely advantageous forms of digital marketing.

What are the Types of Digital Marketing?

As stated above, there are multiple different types of digital marketing. While some have proven to be more propitious for businesses, some have not. However, one cannot deny the fact that which type of digital marketing, or rather marketing in general suits best for your business depends entirely upon the type of your business activity and the nature of your potential audience.

It is nearly impossible to state all the types of digital marketing in one post. While this post will only give you a glimpse into the types that come under it, an advanced digital marketing training course certification in Jaipur will tell you and train you in all the vital and trending forms of digital marketing.

Here are some of the most commonly engaged types of digital marketing:

  • Search Engine Optimization or SEO
  • Search Engine Marketing or SEM
  • Social Media Optimization or SMO
  • Social Media Marketing or SMM
  • Content Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Viral Marketing
  • Mobile Phone Marketing
  • Video Marketing

 Here is further explanation of those types that are more often than not a part of marketing through digital means.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) –

Search Engine Optimization is one of the types of digital marketing that should be practiced by every business. More commonly known as SEO amongst marketers, it is a non-paid form of marketing on search engines such as Google.

The right kind of SEO will bring you organic leads with almost no cost. Digital marketers all over the world strongly believe that every shopping begins with a search and a proportion of them are through search engines because it is simply more accessible. For instance, when a person has to search for a nearby bakery store, the chances of them using search engine for gaining the information is higher than them using social media.

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) –

Search Engine Marketing is a lot like Search Engine Optimization but is the paid counterpart of it. Search Engine Marketing, or thoroughly known as SEM is the path that is taken by businesses that want the top position in the search page but have not yet been able to achieve it with the help of SEO alone.

You must been seen links at the beginning and end of the first page of SERPs i.e. Search Engine Result Pages which have ‘Ad’ written in front of them. These links are examples of SEM.

Such marketing can also be labelled as Pay Per Click or PPC. Every time a person clicks on these ads, the business pays a certain amount to the search engine.

  • Social Media Optimization (SMO) –

As the term suggests, Social Media Optimization is about optimizing social media rather than search engines. Thus, it includes social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and more such for promoting and exposing the brand or the products to the target audience.

Which platform the brand wants to resort to is chosen on the basis of the consideration that where are they most likely to find their target audience. This is a free mode of getting returns and selling.

  • Social Media Management (SMM) –

Just like SEM is the counterpart of SEO, Social Media Management (SMM) is the counterpart of Social Media Optimization (SMO). It is the paid version for those who want to increase their foot fall, sales, and turnover through their social media.

It is an extremely effective type of digital marketing for those businesses that are dependent on those audiences who spend a lot of their time on social media platforms.


  • Content Marketing –

Content marketing is a one of the most prolific forms of digital marketing if done correctly. Content marketing has become such a positive forms of marketing because the people now-a-days no longer believe in spending their hard earned cash on things they have no idea about.

With the right kind of content, you can get across your message to your potential audience. Give them glimpse into what your brand, product or service is. Promotion of content can be organically through SEO or through paid marketing.

  • Email Marketing –

While some might consider it an oldie, Email Marketing is definitely one of those digital marketing techniques that bring in great results for the business. When most people depended on emails to get across their business message, it yielded great results. Now, while many claim email marketing has obsolete, it is definitely not the case.

Depending upon the nature of your business and your audience, email marketing can fabricate unmatched sales. It is a not-so-expensive way to keep your audience updated about the latest in your business.

  • Affiliate Marketing –

 Affiliate marketing is not known to many. But those who know all about it know that it probably one of the easiest ways of earning money, once you have settled the basics. With affiliate marketing, you pay a certain sum of money for every click or every sale to the person who is putting your link out there.

Somehow similar to influencer marketing, affiliate marketing is about putting your links at the right place for the right kind of audience to buy from you.


While the above mentioned types of digital marketing are the ones most often divulged into by companies and brands, there are many more that work just fine. There are a lot of factors that play a role in deciding which type is chosen. The nature of your business, the location of your business, the location of your target audience, the nature of your target audience, the demographic of your potential, etc. are all factors that aid in finalizing the decision related to the mode of digital marketing used.

In order to completely learn about all the types and modes of digital marketing, it is recommended you opt for an advanced digital marketing training course certification in Jaipur.

Now that you know what digital marketing is and what are the types that can be found under digital marketing, here is time to get to why.

Why should I go for Advanced Digital Marketing Training Course Certification in Jaipur?

The reasons you should go for this course certification can never really justify the why. There are a plethora of benefits that come along with this certification. However, mentioning all of them in this post will not be possible.

Thus, we are going to stick to the main points of benefits which hopefully will the message across the table as to why you should not shy away from this course.

  1. Digital Marketing is an in-demand course:

As of 2019, there is no denying the fact that advanced digital marketing training course certification has made it to being one of the most sought after certifications in Jaipur. Recruiters in the IT world are constantly looking for individuals who are certified in digital marketing and hold the capability of ensuring profits for a business through marketing digitally.

Thus, we can undoubtedly say that digital marketing is an in-demand course and you are more likely to benefit from this certification.

  1. Digital Marketing adds Career Options:

Being an in-demand course means it is pretty obvious that a lot of companies are looking for certified digital marketers. Thus, with advanced digital marketing training course certification in Jaipur, you will be able to get into a job in any of the big brands since digital marketing has become an indispensable part of brand promotion and sustenance.

  1. Digital Marketing offers you higher pay scale:

Since the need for certified digital marketers is high while the availability is low, higher pay scale is obviously in order. It is not surprise that added certifications means getting the chance of getting offered higher pay scale to stick to your existing company. For professionals, it also means that a chance for landing a job in a bigger firm comes into prospect. For beginners, this certification leads into higher chances of getting employed in your choice of company.

  1. Digital Marketing is a Versatile & Agile Profession:

With the ever changing marketing tactics, it is no surprise that being a digital marketer is considered as a versatile and agile profession. Since the changes in technology are consistent and ever persistent, your job is all set to become a lot more involving than you would have thought at first. You will continuously learn more and get a chance to work on the latest technologies and software.


  1. Digital Marketing lets you be Creative:

The prospect of working at a job position merely for the purpose of paying bills no longer please the youth. Toda, we enjoy challenges and being able to experiment and being creative. With advanced digital marketing training course certification in Jaipur, you will get the liberty to mingle your creativity with your job role to bring out higher profit and sales ratio.



With the ever expanding world of technology and the unprecedented number of technological advancements in the country, it comes across as no bolt from the blue that the youth is resorting to making use of these advancements for securing a successful career. The number of career-oriented individuals in increasing and the need for jobs is also going high. However, the high need does not guarantee justified job placement.

If you want to make sure your career is always with the upward face, you have to have certifications and degrees that matter. As of now, advanced digital marketing training course certification in Jaipur has become a significant and impending certification for those who have keen interest and inclination towards the IT sector.

Now that you know what digital marketing is, what the types of digital marketing are, and how digital marketing course can alter the course of your career, it would be nonsensical to wait for further signs. Get enrolled for this course and watch your career take marvellous turns towards ultimate job satisfaction.

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