Why Choose Social Media Training Course Program?

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Advantages of Social Media Course

₹ 2,50,000+

Average Salary per Annum in India

$ 50,000

Average Salary per Annum in USA


Job Vacancies across the world


Digital marketing Certified in the world and the demand is increasing day by day

Why Choose Social Media Training Course Program?

Talking about career prospects in India, digital marketers have become one of the most sough-after individuals in the job arena. Digital marketing courses are amongst one of the most boomed and hyped in the market. However, a true digital marketer is someone who is an all-rounder and has knowledge about all the aspects of digital marketing. Thus, while hundreds of institutes out there providing digital marketing certification course program that claim to provide you with the best knowledge about digital marketing, Grras is the one which will help you become an all rounder for maximum benefits and career exposure. Our course exposes you to the whole digital marketing package and provides you basic knowledge of web development and soft skills training as well, making you a master of all.

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About Social Media Course

The inclination towards online means of purchasing has led the businesses into realizing that in order to survive in the cut throat competitive world they have to take the aid of digital marketing. This is especially more true for businesses that are breeding in the bigger cities throughout the country.  So marketing through SMO is the way to promote your products, services or your brand through online mediums especially through Social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, etc. in order to extract maximum benefits from it. While many people are aware of only a couple of ways of digital marketing, there are dozens of ways in which you can promote your product and services through organic as well as Paid Promotions Marketing techniques.

Tracks Regular Tracks Full Day(Fastrack)
Training Duration 60 hours 60 hours
Training Days 30 days 7 days

    ● What is Social Media?

    ● How we do Marketing over Social channels?

    ● Benefits of S0ocial Media  over Traditional Marketing

    ● Social Media platforms and Strategies

    ● Defining Social media Goals

     • Social Media Marketing plan (working in groups)

       • Creating a Facebook page

       • Visual identity of a Facebook page 

     • Types of publications

     • Exercise: Making a Facebook page (working in groups) 

     • Business opportunities and Instagram options 

     • Optimization of Instagram profiles 

     • Integrating Instagram with a Web Site and other social networks 

     • Keeping up with posts

     • Business tools on LinkedIn

     • Creating campaigns on LinkedIn

     • Analysing visitation on LinkedIn 

  • Creating business accounts on YouTube
  • YouTube Advertising 
  • YouTube Analytics 
  •   • Social Media Post creation
  •   • YouTube SEO

    •Social Media Marketing plan 

    •Creating a Facebook page

    •Visual identity of a Facebook page 

    •Types of publications

    •Exercise: Making a Facebook page (working in groups) 

    •Business opportunities and Instagram options 

    •Optimization of Instagram profiles 

    •Integrating Instagram with a Web Site and other social networks 

    •Keeping up with posts

    •Business tools on LinkedIn

    •Creating campaigns on LinkedIn

    •Analysing visitation on LinkedIn 

    •Profile creation

    •Wall posting 

    •Event creation 

    •Page creation 


    •Group sharing 

    •Creating  Facebook ad manager

    •Creating campaign 

    •Control Budget

    •Creating relevant Audience 

1.Hubspot Social Media Certification
2.GRRAS Social Media Certification

SMO Manager:

SMO manager and Social media marketing heads  are high in demand in the the digital world and every comapny needs a team head for  professional working under him who can continue to handle all the social media marketing of an organisation and show up with optimised results with his ideas and optimisation.

Digital Marketing Executive/Managers:

People who handle SEO , SMO , Blogging , Blog posting , Email Marketing, affiliate marketing, Team Handling and Running Ads for the organisations are collectively hired as Digital Marketing Executive in companies who are then promoted on higher positions as Digital marketing Managers.

SMO Executive & Expert :

smo executive are high in demand in the the digital world and in today's world,every company needs a professional who can continue to handle all the social media accounts of an organisation and show up with optimised results .

  • Placement Assistance
  • Live Project Assessment
  • Lifetime Career Support
  • Lifetime Training Membership (Candidate can join same course again for purpose of revision and update at free of cost at our any center in India or you can solve your query by online help)

Enrollment For Social Media


  Digital Director or Digital Marketing Manager

The highest position one can enjoy after having completed digital marketing training is that of a Digital Director or a Digital Marketing Manager. In order for somebody to get to this position, they must hold experience of 5-7 years in similar arenas.


2.     Web Designer or Web Developer

If you get your hands polished in coding along with digital marketing, then you will become an in dispersible asset to your company.


3.     Social Media Manager & Social Media Executive

If you are a digital marketer with a creative flair, then you can become a social media manager or a social media executive.


4.     Content Marketer

With impeccable English and grammar, you can become a content marketer after your digital marketing training.


5.     SEM/PPC Expert

The work involves providing suggestions for graphic and ad copies generating reports, splitting ad groups, PPC keywords, etc. 

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Q: What is SMO?

SMO is Social Media Optimization. This is used by a company or a business to promote themselves, their products or services via leading social media platforms organically. Thus, no money is spent on promotion.

Q: What will I learn in this course?

You will learn about the various techniques and tools of social media optimization. This will help an organization in growing organically via social platforms instead of spending money on promotions.

Q: What are best social media platforms for marketing.

Top social media platforms for marketing include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and YouTube.

Q: Who is SMO course suited for?

This course is best suited for digital marketing enthusiasts, graduates, and beginners to wish to earn by working on social media.

Q: How can I earn money after this course?

After this course, you can either work with any company that has a digital marketing team or begin working as a freelancer. You can also learn AdSense or affiliate marketing to start earning while sitting at home.

Q: How is SMO different from SEO?

SEO is Search Engine Optimization and is used to generate traffic and footfall on the company’s website using search engines such as Google. SMO is Social Media Optimization and involves using social platforms to generate awareness about the brand and its products and services. Both involve growing organically.

Q: What is ORM? How is it connected to SMO?

ORM stands for Online Reputation Management and SMO plays a big role in maintaining that. Using social media platforms, a brand can stay true to its beliefs and showcase that to its target audience.

Q: What are the job opportunities open for an SMO expert?

There are many job opportunities available for SMO experts out there including going for titles including SMO manager, SMO expert, SMO trainee, SMO specialist, SMO analyst, SMO executive, etc.

Q: What is SMO course duration?

The course duration for this SMO program is 60 hours. You can either choose the regular track and complete it in 30 days or go for the fast-track one that completes in just 7 days.

Q: Are there any certifications attached with this course?

The certifications attached with this course are Grras Social Media Certification and HubSpot Social Media Certification.

Q: How can I get in touch with you regarding this course?

To get in touch with our guidance counsellors or experts, you can mail us, call us or fill the form of enrolment.

Q: Are you offering an offline class well now?

Yes. Now that the government has loosened COVID restrictions, we are back with our offline classes.

Q: Will you provide me additional sessions to boost confidence?

Since it is extremely important to have soft skills and possess the right kind of attitude and approach, we have been providing soft skills and personality development classes to our students for a long time now.

Q: Can I enrol even if I do not have any experience in the field?

This is one of the best courses because it does not require for a person to have any kind of prior experience in the field. So, you can enrol without any hiccups.

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