Why Choose Job Oriented Digital Marketing Course?

Job Oriented Digital Marketing Training Course

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Advantages of Job Oriented Digital Marketing Course

₹ 2,50,000+

Average Salary per Annum in India

$ 50,000

Average Salary per Annum in USA


Job Vacancies across the world


Digital marketing Certified in the world and the demand is increasing day by day

Why Choose Job Oriented Digital Marketing Course?

Digital Marketing is a process of promoting services, products, brands or anything through the digital medium such as website, blog, email, mobile apps, social media & more. It is basically an art of getting customers to your business. Digital Marketing helps in creating & promoting brand awareness through Internet. Some facts -·         Digital Marketing is next big thing in India as India is now 2nd largest Internet User Country in the world ·         People are using Facebook, YouTube, Blogs to find information and entertainment instead of TV, Radio, Newspaper, and Magazine now. ·         Now, Companies are advertising where people engage themselves i.e. online. ·         Digital Marketing is the fastest growing sector in India & lots of job opportunity coming up in this sector in India & companies offering a handsome salary to Digital Marketing Professional for managing online promotional activities.

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About Job Oriented Digital Marketing Course

Digital marketing is the way to promote your products, services or your brand through online mediums in order to extract maximum benefits from it. While many people are aware of only a couple of ways of digital marketing, there are dozens of ways in which you can promote yourself or your business . This JOB ORIENTED program is designed in such a way that a candidate is able to overall develop his skills in this field , also at the same time works in the Digital Marketing Team of ours so that he is able to have a Live Industry Exposure . Overall grooming , along with Softskills and Communication Skills training also plays an important role .

Job Oriented Digital Marketing Course Overview

Tracks Regular Track
Training Duration 500Hrs
Training Days 180 Days

    ● What is marketing?

    ● How we do Marketing?

    ● What is Digital Marketing?

    ● Benefits of Digital marketing over Traditional marketing

    ● Digital marketing platforms and Strategies

    ● Defining Marketing Goals

    ● Latest Digital marketing trends

            · Industry Applications

            · Website planning and creation

            · Domain and Hosting Setup

            · WordPress and Blogger site setup

            · Content Writing and Marketing

            · Professional Blogging

            · Keyword Analysis

            · Competitors Analysis

    Introduction to Search Engines

     ● How the search engine works?

     ● Components of Search Engines 

    Keyword Research and Competition 

     ● Introduction to Keyword Research 

     ● Types of Keywords 

     ● Keyword Research Methodology 

     ● Business Analysis & Categorization 

     ● Google Keyword Planner

     ● Market Research and Analysis 

     ● New Keyword Ideas

     ● Competition Analysis 

     ● Finalizing the Keywords 

    Onpage Optimization

     ● Introduction to Onpage

     ● What is Webmaster Tools

     ● Verification Process in GWMT 

     ● Selecting Target Location

     ● Onpage Analysis Methodology

     ● Fundamental On-page Factors

     ● Website Speed 

     ● Domain name in SEO 

     ● URL Optimization 

     ● Title Tag Optimization

     ● Meta Tags Optimization 

     ● Content Optimization 

     ● Sitemaps Generation

     ● Using Robot.txt in Site URL

     ● Redirecting Techniques 

     ● Canonical Links

     • Social Media Marketing plan (working in groups)

    •Creating a facebook page

    •Visual identity of a Facebook page 

    • Types of publications

     • Exercise: Making a Facebook page (working in groups) 

    • Business opportunities and Instagram options 

    • Optimization of Instagram profiles 

    • Integrating Instagram with a Web Site and other social networks 

    • Keeping up with posts

     • Business tools on LinkedIn

     • Creating campaigns on LinkedIn

     • Analyzing visitation on LinkedIn 

    • Creating business accounts on YouTube

    • YouTube Advertising 

    • YouTube Analytics 

      • Social Media Post creation

      • YouTube SEO

      • E-Commerce Marketing

      • E- Commerce Website SEO

    • Facebook Ads

      •Creating Facebook Ads 

    • Ads Visibility  

      • Google Display advertisement

      • Online advertisement

      • Dropshipping

    • E-mail marketing 

    • E-mail marketing plan

    • E-mail marketing campaign analysis

      • Remarketing 

    • Google AdWords- creating accounts

    •PPC Advertising (Google AdWords) 

    ● Introduction to Paid Marketing 

    ● Google Account setup 

    ● Interface Tour and Billing Settings 

    ● Account Structure

    ● Campaigns settings 

    ● AdGroup setup

    ● Keyword Match Types 

    ● Keyword Research Tools

    ● Understanding Ad Auction

    ● What is Quality Score 

    ● Factors to improve Quality Score 

    ● Types of CPC’s

    ● Bidding strategies 

    ● Ad Formats 

    ● Ad Guidelines 

    ● Ad Extensions

    • Google AdWords- types 

    • Exercise: Google AdWords (working in groups) 

    •How to get freelance projects

    ·Personal Branding

    ·Influence Marketing

    ·Digital marketing Strategy

    ·Keeping up with conversions

    ·Recapitulation: - lessons learned

    ·student satisfaction survey

      ·Digital Marketing Budgeting -

    resource planning

    - cost estimating

    - cost budgeting

    - cost control

    •How to grab Digital Marketing

    works/projects/Freelance projects?

  • 1.You will be doing SEO with Domain Hosting concepts,on page  SEO ,  How to use google analytics , google console personal branding, keyword analytics and image optimisation
  • 2.You will be doing SEO off page work with back linking using article submissions, blog commenting , blog posting ,guest posting , question answering etc .
  • 3.You will be doing SMO for profile creation, wall posting , event creation , page creation , tagging, group sharing etc .
  • 4.You will be doing SMM , How to create facebook ad manager , how to create campaign , how to control budget, create relevance audience etc
  • 5.You will be doing SEM , how to create campaigns , maintain a budget , CPC management , enhancing CTR,How to all analytic and conversion code etc
  • 6.Email marketing through campaigns , contact management, Understand email deliverability, Outlining the design  and Analysis of your marketing email, use of MailChimp (email marketing tool ) 
  • 7.You will be doing Affiliate Marketing , where to apply and how 
  • 8.You will be doing Content Writing , how to write Better Quality Content Which Ranks faster at Search Engines, Picking up right short and long tail keywords, How to write engaging web content , Optimizing content for SEO.
  • 9.You will be doing Whatsapp Marketing , Google Analytic and Google AdSense. 

    SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

    1 ON PAGE 

    A)Structure of website 

    B)Importance of Domain and hosting 

    C)URL structure

    D)website content 

    E)Importance of sitemap.xml

    F)Importance of robot.txt

    G) How to use Google analytic 

    HHow to use Google Console 

    I)Structure data 

    J)Internal linking 

    K)Html Tags 3

    L)Keyword research

    M)AMP Page Optimization 

    N)Image Optimization

    2 OFF PAGE 

    A)Article Submission

    B)Blog Commenting 

    C)Classified Submission

    D)Document Submission

    E)Directory Submission

    F)Forum submission

    G)Guest Posting 

    H)Image Submission

    I)Ping submission

    J)RSS Submission

    K)Video submission

    L)Web 2.0 submission 

    M)PPT submission

    N)Info graphic Submission

    O)Search engine submission

    P)Profile creation submission

    Q)Blog submission

    R)Social bookmarking 

    S)Business Listing 

    T)Question answering 

    SMO (Social Media Optimization)

    A.Profile Creation

    B.Wall post publishing 

    C.Event Creation

    D.Group Creation

    E.Company/Business Page Creation

    F.Tagging of friends

    G.Account Security Points

    H.Group Sharing 

    SMM (Social Media Marketing)

    A.Profile Creation

    B.Wall post publishing 

    C.Event Creation

    D.Group Creation

    E.Company/Business Page Creation

    F.Tagging of friends

    G.Account Security Points.

  • About Yourself Introductions.
  • Grammar & Vocabulary
  • Interview & Types of interview.
  • Different Rounds of Interview.
  • Preparation of personal Interview.
  • Group Discussions.
  • Report & Business Email Writings.
  • Creating Presentations & Presenting Skills.
  • Resume Writing
  • Body Language & What To Wear skills.
  • Telephonic Conversation skills
  • Mock Interviews. 

Certifications play an important role in industry standard validation hence pursuing and achieving Global certifications of Google and Hubspot allows students and professionals to acquire and practice some of the career-readiness skills, such as critical thinking, focusing, and the ability to priority .

These are following certifications covered under our training program .

·         6 Google Adwords certifications

·         Google Analytics Certifications

·         Google Mobile Sites Certifications

·         Google Digital Sales Certifications

·         Hobspot Inbound Marketing Certifications

·         Hubspot Content Marketing Certifications

·         Hubspot Social Media Certifications

·         GRRAS Digital marketing Certification


Seo Executive & Expert :

This is one of the highest demand job in Digital world and in today's scenario every company needs a professional who can continue up the ranking of a website or company in google search.The starting package start from 15-30 k and scaled up according to your capability and efficiency   

Digital Marketing Executive/Managers:

People who handle SEO , SMO , Blogging , Blog posting , Email Marketing, affiliate marketing, Team Handling and Running Ads for the organisations are collectively hired as Digital Marketing Executive in companies who are then promoted on higher positions as Digital marketing Managers.

Content Writers /Bloggers:

People can also persue a separate field if they have good command on language, their writing skills are apt and from the point of view of SEO ,they can write well. Such people can apply for the posts of Content Writers in various organisation who have this post in their Digital Marketing Team.

SEO Executive And Managers:

People who are well skilled at Search Engine Optimization and can rank the websites on google using Keyword Analysis , Google Webmaster, Blog postings, Ad promotions etc . Solely the SEO TEAM takes care of Off-page and On-page SEO so as to generate organic and inorganic traffic for the organisation .

  • Communication skills preparation
  • Lifetime Career support
  • 100% Job Guarantee
  • Live Project Assessment
  • Weekly analysis and reports
  • Live industry training in our company

Enrolment For Digital Marketing Course

Job Oriented Program

Our Job Oriented Program is one of a kind and a unique program that offers you 100% job guarantee right after completing the certification program and training with us. It is one of our renowned programs for producing job ready and experienced candidates with apt technical and soft skill knowledge demanded in the prompt evolving IT and digital industries.

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Q: Why should I choose Grras Solutions?

Grras Solutions has been in the industry for 13+ years. In this time, we have excelled at helping students get trained and certified via industry experts. We offer the finest quality training and knowledge.

Q: Who can join a digital marketing course?

Anyone with fundamental laptop data and a thirst to rock the web promoting world will enrol in this course. The coaching is specifically suggested for college students, business professionals, website homeowners and promoting people that wish to start up a bright career.

Q: Still in doubt where to go for right Digital Marketing Course?

When it comes to find the best institute for digital marketing course students find it tough. Here we provide the best course and training under the expert guidance. Now join hands with Grras Solutions to get trained under expert and to work on live projects.

Q: How qualified trainers does Grras Solutions have?

Grras Solutions continuously have finest and dedicated departments and are well equipped with everything required. Our team has skilled and well qualified trainers who deliver the most effective education for each and every candidate.

Q: What is the future of Digital Marketing Course?

As this digital era is crammed with a lot of enthusiasm and competition, there’s associate degree increasing demand for professionals who are well-versed on the net promoting campaigns. Candidates have several opportunities to even start their own practice, becoming freelancers, or performing on increasing on-line visibility for various enterprises and their shoppers.

Q: Do Grras help its students at the end of the course?

Yes! Based on your performance during the whole course duration and according to your qualifications, you can get a chance to join Grras Solution as a Digital Marketing Intern.

Q: What are the different types of specialisations in Digital Marketing Course?

Digital selling course may be divided into 2 segments. The primary section covers all the first career-specific courses that feature SEO, PPC and Social Media. The second includes Google Analytics specialization, which may be obsessed solely when you’ve got a decent understanding of web site fundamentals and digital selling channels.

Q: Which is the better mode of training - online or offline?

Offline classroom training is always good as you directly interact and communicate with the trainers.But since the pandemic has begun, most of the students prefer online mode for digital marketing training. Grras Solutions provides you the best online training which helps you to share your thoughts and clarify questions with the faculty via interactive, virtual sessions.

Q: Is a digital marketing course easy or difficult?

Yes, you will find it easy. You only require good communication and learning skills.

Q: Do Grras Solutions provide certificates?

Students will be provided with a professional certificate after successful completion of the course.

Q: How important is SEO in digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a huge field and SEO is one of the top aspects of this field. No digital marketer can undermine the value of an SEO expert in their team and wherever there is a digital marketing team, an SEO professional is required there.

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Get training on Linux, Ansible, Devops ,Python , Networking , AWS and Openstack Cloud by Certified Trainers at GRRAS. You would be able to get the best training along with the interview preparation in this course module .

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