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Advantages of Content Writing Course

₹ 2,50,000+

Average Salary per Annum in India


Job Vacancies across the world

$41k - $102k

Average Salary after Content Writing Course in USA - Per Annum


Content Writer In the world and the demand is increasing day by day

Why Choose Content Writing Training Course?

Talking about career prospects in India, digital marketers have become one of the most sough-after individuals in the job arena. Digital marketing courses are amongst one of the most boomed and hyped in the market. However, a true digital marketer is someone who is an all-rounder and has knowledge about all the aspects of digital marketing.  And to become expert in Content Writing, you need to have a command over your grammar and vocabulary in English, use of keywords to get the best output during SEO, how to write blogs, its posting, etc. and especially how they can be used for Social Promotions and Marketing. Thus, Grras’ Content Writing Training will help you become an all rounder of SMO for maximum benefits and career exposure.  Our course exposes you to the entire digital marketing package and provides you basic knowledge of web development and soft skills training as well, making you a master of all.

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About Content Writing

The inclination towards online means of purchasing has led the businesses into realizing that in order to survive in the cut throat competitive world they have to take the aid of digital marketing. This is especially more true for businesses that are breeding in the bigger cities throughout the country.  So marketing through content is only possible when the content is unique, informative, catchy, and effective. Hence, Content writing training by Grras will help you write unique blogs, articles, and postings is the way to promote your products, services or your brand through online mediums especially the Social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, etc. in order to extract maximum benefits from it. While many people are aware of only a couple of ways of digital marketing, there are dozens of ways in which you can promote your product and services through organic as well as Paid Promotions Marketing techniques.

Tracks Regular Track Full Day(Fastrack)
Training Duration 30 hours 30 hours
Training Days 15 days 5days

    ·Content Writing and Marketing

    ·Professional Blogging

    ·Keyword Analysis

    ·Competitors Analysis

    ·Blog Posting

    ·Article Submissions




    •Phrasal Verbs 




    •Implementation of Grammar in sentence formation



    •Building Vocabulary

    •Writing skills

1.Hubspot Content Marketing Certification

2.Grras Content Marketing Certification

Blogger :

You become a blogger earn with many ways like- freelancing, blogging, reselling of  content.

Content Writers /Bloggers:

People can also persue a separate field if they have good command on language, their writing skills are apt and from the point of view of SEO ,they can write well. Such people can apply for the posts of Content Writers in various organisation who have this post in their Digital Marketing Team.

PRM( public relationship manager):

Content writers who have skills in writing with unique content and can manage particular social media accounts of celebrities/ organizations/ product pages etc and do personal branding and image building can turn our to be good PR MANAGERS.

  • Placement Assistance
  • Live Project Assessment
  • Lifetime Career Support
  • Lifetime Training Membership (Candidate can join same course again for purpose of revision and update at free of cost at our any center in India or you can solve your query by online help)

Enrollment For Content Writing


  Digital Director or Digital Marketing Manager

The highest position one can enjoy after having completed digital marketing training is that of a Digital Director or a Digital Marketing Manager. In order for somebody to get to this position, they must hold experience of 5-7 years in similar arenas.


2.     Web Designer or Web Developer

If you get your hands polished in coding along with digital marketing, then you will become an in dispersible asset to your company.


3.     Social Media Manager & Social Media Executive

If you are a digital marketer with a creative flair, then you can become a social media manager or a social media executive.


4.     Content Marketer

With impeccable English and grammar, you can become a content marketer after your digital marketing training.


5.     SEM/PPC Expert

The work involves providing suggestions for graphic and ad copies generating reports, splitting ad groups, PPC keywords, etc. 

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Q: What makes the writing effective?

Useful content makes writing creative. When we give information to users and it is fed to the audience, that makes content perfect and effective.

Q: Is there any age limit for the content writing course?

No, there is no age limit for this course. Anyone who can create good quality and informational content, can join this course and make beautiful content.

Q: Why do industries need a content writer?

Any company in any industry that wants to take their website to the top position on Google needs to hire a content writer. A content writer can optimize website content so that search engines easily can crawl it. With the aid of a qualified writer, any brand can get seen by its target audience and get conversions.

Q: What are the types of content?

There are many types of content like blog posts, informational articles, landing pages, social media posts, etc.

Q: How long does time a content writing course take?

The content writing course takes 30 hours or 15 days.

Q: What are the steps that should be used in the content writing process?

There are a few steps we should take for effective content writing- * • Prewriting * • Revising * • Editing * • Publishing * • Promoting

Q: What are the career opportunities after completing the content writing course?

There are many job opportunities like SEO content writer, Blog writer, Web content writer, Social media writer, etc.

Q: What is the duration if I choose the fast-track route for the content writing course?

It takes only 5 days if you choose the fast-track route.

Q: Does Grras Solutions provide content marketing certification?

Yes, we provide certification after the completion of this course.

Q: How should I pay for this course?

We accept all the payment modes like cash, cards, UPI transfer, etc.

Q: Is this course useful to grow my career?

Yes, all industries write content for generating leads. This field is growing rapidly so your future will be bright ahead.

Q: What are the skills is required for a successful content writer?

There are some skills you require for a successful career- * • Strong research skill * • Communication skill * • SEO skill * • Social media understanding etc.

Q: What do you cover in this course program?

We cover professional blogging, content marketing, Blog posting, keyword analysis, article submission, etc.

Q: What content writing tools are used by a content writer?

You can use many tools including Grammarly, HubSpot, Google trends, Keyword planner, Canva, etc.

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