Why Choose DevOps with Azure Certification Training Program?

DevOps with Microsoft Azure Certification Training Course

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Advantages of DevOps with Microsoft Azure Certification Training Course

₹ 2,50,000+

Average Salary per Annum in India

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Average Salary per Annum in USA


Job Vacancies across the world


Azure Professional in the world and the demand is increasing day by day

Why Choose DevOps with Azure Certification Training Program?

A DevOps with Microsoft Azure Training and Certification Course will prepare you for a future in in DevOps and Cloud industry. With this course by Grras Solutions, you will learn more about planning smarter, collaborating better and shipping faster using a certain set of modern dev services. This course is conducted by industry experts who have the right experience to help students grow and bloom in the sector. If you are one of those who wish to gain the right set of skills, possess the right kind of knowledge and gain abilities that will help you grow, then there is nothing better than this DevOps with Microsoft Azure course by Grras Solutions.

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About DevOps with Microsoft Azure Training and Certification

If you are looking forward to entering the world of cloud security, then the best way to do so is by enrolling with the right course and that is nothing better to be chosen than Grras Solutions’ DevOps with Microsoft Azure training and certification course. Whether you are a fresher or a professional with less than 2 years of working experience, this course will fit you like a glove. Learn from the best in the industry and get an industry-recognized certificate by Grras Solutions. Learn by working on real-life projects and gain practical skills and knowledge needed to make way in any top company. Start your journey with the best now with Grras Solutions. 

About DevOps with Microsoft Azure Course

Tracks Regular Track Full Day(Fast Track)
Training Duration 80 hours 80 hours
Training Days 60 days 15 days
    • Azure cloud Walkthrough
    • Installation of DevOps Tools in the Cloud
    • Introduction to linux
    •  Introduction to copy command
    •  Introduction to move command
    • Introduction to mkdir command
    • Introduction to Systemctl command
    • Introduction to yum command


    Hands on Exercise

    • Working with copy command
    • Working with move command
    • Working with mkdir command
    • Working with Systemctl command
    • Working with yum command
    • Introduction to azure Global-infrastructure
    • Introduction to azure VM
    • Introduction to azure Storage accounts
    • Introduction to Azure App-Service
    • Introduction to Azure AAD and user management
    • Introduction to RBAC
    • Introduction to Application Gateway
    • Introduction to Public DNS
    • Introduction to ACI
    • Introduction to AKS
    • Introduction to Azure Vnet


    Hands on Exercise

    • Creating a VM
    • Creating an azure Storage accounts
    • Creating User and Group in AAD
    • Creating a Application Gateway
    • Creation of Public DNS
    • Working on RBAC Roles
    • Creating an Azure App-Service
    • Creating an ACI
    • Creating an AKS
    • Creating an Azure Vnet
    • What is Software Development?
    • Software Development Life Cycle
    • Traditional Models for SDLC
    • Why DevOps?
    • What is DevOps?
    • DevOps Lifecycle
    • DevOps Tools
    • What is Version Control?
    • Types of Version Control System
    • Introduction to Github
    • Introduction to Git
    • Git Lifecycle
    • Common Git Commands
    • Working with Branches in Git
    • Merging Branches
    • Git Workflow

    Hands-on Exercise

    • Git Life cycle Commands
    • Pushing Code to GitHub
    • Creating, Deleting Git Branches
    • Reverting a Push to GitHub
    • Merging branches using git merge
    • Introduction to Docker
    • Understanding Docker Lifecycle
    • Components of Docker Ecosystem
    • Common Docker Operations
    • Creating a Docker Hub Account
    • Committing changes in a Container
    • Pushing a Container Image to docker Hub
    • Creating Custom Docker Images using Docker file Hands-on Exercise
    • Common Docker Operations
    • Creating a DockerHub Account
    • Committing Changes to a Container
    • Pushing container to DockerHub
    • Creating Local Image Repository
    • Building an Image using Docker file
    • Introduction to Continuous Integration
    • Jenkins Master-Slave Architecture
    • Understanding CI/CD Pipelines
    • Creating an end-to-end automated CI/CD Pipeline

    Hands-on Exercise

    • Creating a Jenkins Master-Slave on AWS
    • installing Plug-ins in Jenkins 
    • Creating Jenkins Builds
    • Creating Scheduled Builds
    • Triggering Jobs using Git Webhooks
    • Using the Pipeline Plugin in Jenkins
    • Introduction to Kubernetes
    • Docker Swarm vs Kubernetes
    • Kubernetes Architecture
    • Deploying Kubernetes using Kubeadms
    • Alternate ways of deploying Kubernetes
    • YAML Files
    • Creating a Deployment in Kubernetes using YAML
    • Services in Kubernetes
    • Ingress in Kubernetes
    • Case Study – Kubernetes Architecture Hands-on Exercise
    • Setting up Kubernetes using kubeadm
    • Installing Kubernetes using kops and GCK
    • Creating a Deployment
    • Creating Services
    • Creating an Ingress
    • Demonstrating the use of Ingress, services, and deployments together
    • What are volumes?
    • Types of volumes
    • Persistent volumes
    • Introduction to secrets
    • Taints and tolerations
    • Introduction to Federation
    • Kubernetes Monitoring

    Hands-on Exercise

    • Creating volumes
    • Creating Persistent Volumes
    • Creating and working with secrets, Taints, and Tolerations
    • Controlling cluster from the outside
    • What is Infrastructure as a code
    • IaC vs Configuration Management
    • Introduction to Terraform
    • Installing Terraform on AWS
    • Basic Operations in Terraform
    • init
    • plan
    • apply
    • destroy
    • Terraform Code Basics
    • Deploying an end-to-end architecture on AWS using Terraform Hands-on Exercise
    • Installing Terraform
    • Initializing Azure Terraform Provider
    • Creating an VM instance using Terraform
    • Updating changes to VM using Terraform
    • Destroying VM using Terraform
    • Deploying VM inside a custom Vnet using Terraform
    • Introduction to Azure Boards
    • Introduction to Azure Repos
    • Introduction to Azure Build Pipelines
    • Introduction to Azure Release Pipelines
    • Introduction to Azure gates

    Hands On Exercise

    • Creating Issues on Azure Boards
    • Creating Azure Repos
    • Creating Azure Build Pipelines
    • Creating Azure Release Pipelines

This course is followed by Microsoft Azure Certification. The validity of the certificate is one year. A person can take up to 5 retakes in the case of non-clearance. 

Azure Solution Architect:

An Azure solution architect’s most important task is overseeing the deployment and the structure of cloud environments, along with taking specifications from end users to create solutions to meet the requirements. It includes a wide array of tasks, all of which will become easier with the right training.

Azure Administrator:

With excellent grip on virtualization, SQL database, disaster recovery, backup and high availability techniques, an Azure administrator works in installing, monitoring and configuring daily functions and ensuring smooth running of tasks.

Azure DevOps Engineer:

A DevOps engineer expert is someone holding the ability and skills to combine technologies, processes and people to consistently deliver the finest quality services and products, resulting in supreme customer satisfaction rates. 

Azure Security Engineer:

An Azure Security engineer is responsible for the implementation and configuration of security policies and controls to manage the access to data and closely watch threats for added safety. 

  • Placement Assistance
  • Live Project Assessment
  • Lifetime Career Support
  • Lifetime Training Membership (Candidate can join same course again for purpose of revision and update at free of cost at our any center in India or you can solve your query by online help)
  • Exam Scenario Preparation Included In Training(CKA, DCA and Ansible)

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