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Boost up your career with DEVOPS Ansible Automation Course

Ansible is an open source IT automation tool that provides automation for cloud provisioning, configuration management, application deployment, intra service orchestration and many other IT requirements. This tool is quite simple and best suited to automate multi-tier architecture. As we all know development and operational work is integrated in Devops, and this integration is very significant for modern test driven application. Here, Ansible provides a stable environment to integrate both operations and development. In Devops the system administrator coordinates with the developers to improve the development pace and give more time in performance regulation, experimenting and getting things done. Hence less time spent in fixing problems.

How Ansible automation helps :

Ansible provides the scalability, uniformity and reliability to your IT environment. It can automate the configuration of system and devices like databases, network, storage devices, Firewall and many more.

  • Accelerates feedback loops
  • Identifying the bugs sooner
  • Reduce the risk of ethnic knowledge
  • It provides faster, coordinated and more reliable deployment
  • What can Ansible automate?

    Before using this tool, one need to learn a lot about Ansible. Even though it is quite simple tool as compared to other IT automation tools. Ansible is used to automate three types of tasks.

    Provisioning :

    Ansible configure the wide range of servers that are needed in your infrastructure.

    Configuration Management:

    Ansible provides and perform a wide variety of configuration tasks. It can install or update application, implement a security policy or change the configuration of application.

    Application Deployment:

    It helps in automate the deployment of internally developed application to your production system and make the Devops easy.

    Future of Devops Ansible Automation

    Devops is the trend in the IT industry and if one has trained in Devops Ansible automation, there are lot of job opportunities that are opened for the qualified and trained candidates. If you really want to set up yourself as Devops Engineer you need to take experience and grow knowledge by taking various online courses and training.

    Devops Trainining

    There are so many Devops Ansible automation courses available online like Ansible Hand-On Devops and Devops foundation course that teaches you the fundamentals of Ansible.

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