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CCNA Training & Certification in Indore

Are you searching for CCNA Certification course and classroom training in Indore? So now you are at right place because Grras solutions Pvt. Ltd. Is one of the best institute in Indore, which provides you Cisco networking certification course training for your better future.

Grras Solutions offers CCNA Training Program in Indore which is completely Practical Hands On Based Training .This is an associate level of training and this course can actually excel you beyond the basic networking skills. CCNA Training and Certification will not only prepare you with the updated skill set required for the Network Administration but also we make you prepare you for Industry working on next generation technologies.

Why CCNA Certification is important in networking or IT field?



CCNA is the first step and it is virtually a gateway to networking as it explains fundamental concepts clearly. Cisco is a well-known vendor of networking devices and most companies use Cisco devices in their network. In Cisco’s five level programs, CCNA certificate is the first entry level certification . So, Cisco CCNA Certification proves that you’ve got what it takes to create and maintain a small scale network.



Scopes of CCNA Training and Certification?


Network professionals are in high demand and so are the jobs of Administrators . The HR professionals not only checkout for the overall performance in the HR Round but also filter them on basis of CCNA Certification that one has earned. Certification becomes so important that once you are certified you definitely get an added advantage over those who have equivalent level experience this field. Certifications actually speak up for you that you stand out in crowd amongst those who have the same amount of knowledge . With this certification you achieve theoretical and practical knowledge be it in Routing- Switching, Security, Wireless Technologies.

How much is covered in CCNA Course?




CCNA-CISCO CERTIFIED NETWORK ASSOCIATE covers Networking which basically includes communication using internet and which connects devices like mobiles and computers using routers and switches.



CCNA covers all the basic of networking, routers, switches configuration and troubleshoot a medium-sized enterprise network, including the ability to ensure security of the network. So it can help you grasp of concepts like Network Virtualization and Automation which are in huge demand these days.

Course Content


What you learn after doing CCNA?

• You can easily build a Simple Network
• You can establish Internet Connectivity
• You can manage Network Device Security
• You can Introduce IPv6 Medium-Sized Network
• You can Troubleshoot Basic Connectivity Wide Area Networks
• You can bulid an EIGRP-Based Solution


How CCNA certification is helpful in your profession?



CCNA is a big achievement , not only the training part but also if you have got its Global Certification . If you want to grow in your existing company or if you want to switch to other company , a CCNA certification proves to be important for successful professional career in IT- Networking field . It adds weight to your profile and resume both. A certification shows the employer that the person has the capability of handling and managing the networking work rather than having just the basic knowledge of it.

Some Popular Job Profiles in Networking –




You can work in the IT companies having huge network setup and where there is the need of the person who can handle that huge network . Profiles which are generally open in various companies for CCNA Professional are –

• Network Administrators
• System Engineers
• Network Managers
• Network Specialist
• Network Support Engineer
• Network Security Engineer

So what is the next step?





If you really want to go in this profession or want to know more about how to do CCNA certification, exam, syllabus, duration etc. Just call on 8448448523 or visit our CCNA training in Indore

Grras Solutions Pvt. Ltd. always helps you to fulfill your dream and attain your dream job



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