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Beginning a career in the tech field is not an easy task. However, once you take the aid of the right certification, many new wonderful future endeavours will open up.

Almost 75% of all the global organizations employ containerized applications in their production and that is why Kubernetes is the field you should pick to have an established career.

However, Kubernetes has a few certifications to offer. Which Kubernetes Certification is right for you – CKA, CKAD or CKS?

What is Kubernetes Certification?

Kubernetes is an open-source network playing a huge role in easing manual processes such as scaling, controlling and deploying a containerised application.

A containerised application helps in eradicating the necessity to formulate a virtual machine in order to manage multiple distributed apps.

Containerization is a virtualisation method that helps in the smooth functioning of different apps by eliminating the scope of latency.

Portability of one of the biggest pros which comes in through containerization. Also, you do not need to cipher another code to be able to operate the application container in any system/ cloud, given that the operating system (OS) is same across different networks.

What Kubernetes does?

There are many pros of employing Kubernetes and here are a few examples of what it does.

  • Kubernetes controls automated app deployment via its extensible and portable features.
  • Kubernetes manages the app’s operations, guaranteeing that the installed app rules according to the customer’s discretion in an error-free manner.
  • Kubernetes is a platform which is a cluster of different components, working in unification to help apps run and workloads seamlessly.

What are the Top Kubernetes Certifications?

The top certifications offer by Kubernetes are CKA, CKAD and CKS.

But do you know that which one is right for you and in which of these should you be getting trained and certified? Here are some details about each of these which will help you in making up your mind of them.

CKA – Certified Kubernetes Administrator

A CKA or Certified Kubernetes Administrator exam aims at testing the individual’s skills and knowledge in all the field and aspects of Kubernetes cluster concepts.

With this exam, the candidate’s knowledge and skills on operating and managing Kubernetes cluster is also put to test, including troubleshooting.

Why choose CKA Certification?

  • You will get extreme advantage over those professionals who are non-certified
  • Kubernetes has become a part of all major companies and domains now and your future is going to guaranteed bright
  • You will get recognition on a global level for your experience, skills and knowledge
  • The job prospects are great and the salary packages are amazing
  • The IT sector is full of job opportunities for CKA certified individuals


What are the prerequisites?

While you do not need any prior certifications, basic knowledge of Linux commands will help you adjust to the exam faster.

CKAD – Certified Kubernetes Application Developer

CKAD or Certified Kubernetes Application Developer exam tests the candidate’s skills in app development in the field of Kubernetes.

Hence, in CKAD, the main focus is on the management and deployment of apps to the Kubernetes cluster.

It also ensures that a Kubernetes Application Developer can monitor, troubleshoot, and build scalable apps in Kubernetes by using core primitives.

Why Choose CKAD Certification?

  • Since a lot of major domains and companies are switching their apps towards containers, the need for certified Kubernetes developers is on a constant rise. You can make the most of it today.
  • The only alternative available of a container orchestration framework in the market, apart from Docker swarm is Kubernetes. Hence, choosing CKAD will help you build your career strong and insightful.
  • New apps are being built to be cloud-native and the old ones are being converted into cloud-native apps too
  • There is a huge market gap and thus, the need for certified professionals is on the rise

What are the prerequisites?

There are basically no prerequisites for enrolling with this course. However, if you have some prior experience in software development, it will be an add-on.

CKS – Certified Kubernetes Security

CKS or Certified Kubernetes Security program consists of performance-based certification exam in order to verify that the candidate has the competency, skills and knowledge on a vast range of practices to be able to secure container-based apps.

This is a top certification in the field and anyone who gets trained and certified will enjoy a bright future ahead.

Why choose CKS Certification?

  • Since a lot of top companies are moving their app towards containers, they are always looking for more certified and qualified individuals.
    With CKA certification, your future is only going to get brighter.
  • Companies realise that passing CKS or CKA exam is not an easy task that can be accomplished anytime, anywhere by anyone.
    Hence, they value those with this certification.
  • Your resume is going to look extremely bright with this one.
  • Your salary package will be wow and no matter where you go or relocate to, you will have the confidence that a job awaits you.

What are the prerequisites?

For CKA and CKAD certification, there are no prerequisites. However, in case of CKS certification, you must have a current CKA certification in order to demonstrate that you hold sufficient Kubernetes expertise.

If you wish to get CKS certified, the begin now with CKA certification.

Let’s Wrap Up!

There are many more things that you must want to know about Kubernetes and how you can move ahead in this field. Also, you must want more information on CKA, CKAD and CKS certifications.

If you are looking for the right answers to all your questions and queries, you should begin today by enrolling with the institute that offers quality training and certification in the field – Grras Solutions.

Enrol now Kubernetes Certification with Grras Solutions and you will be able to begin your journey in the field of Kubernetes by becoming an expert soon.

Get the answers to all your questions and get to learn everything necessary about the field in order to succeed.

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