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Product Based Company and Service Based Company

The most life altering choices sometimes seems to depend on the simplest and least insignificant questions. We tend to hover over certain questions that we feel are significant while ignoring those we feel are not the right ones.

These questions that we are talking about are not only for those who are amateur or are freshly starting with their life and career, however they tend to be more pressing at this time, but are also for those who have been in the IT industry for long and can even be called professionals. No one wants to be categorized as the person who took wrong steps, asked the wrong questions and thus had to live with the wrong choices swaying their life.

Thus, for those who want to wish to step into the IT sector, a major question lies ahead, which mostly is ignored by those who are not sure how to treat this question. The central question we are talking about here is that what is the difference between product-based companies and service-based companies.

We are sure you must be wondering that what is the case with this question because it seems to be a pretty simple and straightforward question. Nonetheless, the point here is that we know you know the answer to what each of these terms stands for. But, are you certain which of these companies you should choose to have a better standing in your career prospects and to have make sure you career has the capacity to stand the adversities of life and time?

Before getting along the lines of which type of company should you choose for better career prospects, let us get onto a brief about what is the difference between product-based company and service-based company.


A brief about the difference between product-based company and service-based company


While the terms are somewhat self-explanatory, a little sprinkling of knowledge when broadening the horizons of our knowledge can never be wrong.

A product-based company is a company that sells products to customers. For example, Red Hat, Amazon, CISCO are all product-based companies which make products and get down to the business of selling these products. Once a person buys these products from these above-mentioned companies, they get down to using it on their own.

On the contrary, a service-based company is a company that sells services rather than products. For instance, when you go to a training institute to polish your skills and get knowledge, you are not getting something tangible from them. Thus, they are not providing you with any product but are serving you by providing your knowledge.

Sometimes, it can become confusing whether a certain company is offering products or services. One of the major confusions arises when we talk about restaurants and ice cream parlours. While most would consider both of them to be product-based companies, so is not the case. Ice cream parlours are definitely product-base companies because you go to an ice cream shop and choose from the products that are already there, thus, they are only giving you what is already there. However, a restaurant is a service-based company because when you order something at a restaurant, they employ a person to prepare that meal for you rather than giving you a pre-prepared meal.

As confusing as the two terms can be sometimes, knowing what the difference between product-based company and service-based company is and which one should be choose for your career is important.


Which to choose – product-based or service-based


Whether you are a student who is trying to decipher what is the best for your career or you are a professional who is looking forward to broaden your current horizons in your career graph, it becomes essential to make up your mind and choose one of the either. It is never too late to decide which company will benefit you more or where are there more chances of growth.

While both the sectors are undoubtedly flourishing, there is always a brighter side to the coin. In this case, the side that seems to take over the other is product-based company.


Why prefer product-based company


The world is dynamic and there are changes and alterations happening every second of every day. One change leads to another change and this goes on like a cyclic reaction. When the world is faced with certain changes that are enough to shake and stir up the world a little, it becomes clear why product-based companies are preferred by those who know the working of the IT sector.

When the market crashes, and trust us, it does not take much for that to happen, service-based companies are the first ones to take a hit.

As of today, it is safe to say that are living in the times of corona, a virus that has affected the entire globe and as for now, there seems to be little that can be done to stop it. Talking about the present job scenario, who do you think has taken the greatest hit?

It is the service-based companies. How many people do you see going out and eating food or ho many are going out to watch movies or how many are going to the gym? But it can be argued well that a lot of people are buying things they need to buy.

And if we are to talk in terms of the examples we gave above, how may people do you think are going to their training institutes? But, on the contrary, Red Hat or CISCO or Amazon are still selling their products because they are needed by the companies to run their companies.


How we can prepare for product-based companies


Now that you know what the difference between product-based company and service-based company is and why is it beneficial to choose to work in a product-based company, it is time we get down to the point of how possibly can you prepare yourself to work in a product-based company and make sure you are an inseparable part of the institution.

For this to happen, you have to enrol yourself for training and certification at an institute that is in partnership with these product-based companies. There are numerous benefits of doing the same. Once you are certified in the field of these companies, your value and worth as an individual who knows how to work along these product-based corporations will multiply.

Choosing smart is a choice and the sooner you make it, the better your career graph will be.

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