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A Complete Guide to RHCSA and RHCE Training Course in Jaipur

If you are looking to build a career in the IT world, then starting by acquiring the best IT certification can never go wrong. Every IT industry professional knows the value of the person holding a RHCSA and RHCE certification in terms of their knowledge and skills.

The top most reason why professionals love this certification so much is because neither RHCSA nor RHCE certificates are acquired after only having theoretical knowledge. In order for a person to get certified in Red Hat, they will have to have their practical skills and knowledge polished.

Due to this certification being based on practical training and examination, the value of the person holding a RHCSA and a RHCE certification grows manifold. Your Linux career gets an astounding kick start as well as adds to your market value.

Both RHCSA and RHCE certifications are based on RHEL. Here is your complete guide to RHCSA and RHCE training course in Jaipur which includes individual definition of these certifications and what is the core difference between the two as well.

However, before we get onto RHCSA and RHCE training course in Jaipur and what the difference between them is, let us take a look at all the different certifications in Linux; right from the entry level ones to the advanced certifications.

  1. RHCSA: Standing for Red Hat Certified System Administrator, this is an entry level certification, needed to acquire more Linux certifications.
  2.  RHCE: With an RHCE certification in your hands, your value as an asset in the Linux world is definitely going to take a major leap.
  3. RHCDA: Standing for Red hat Certified Data Centre Specialist, the certified will be able to handle mission critical data centre with the aid of Red Hat.
  4. RHCA: Standing for Red Hat Certified Administrator, it is a master level program. This is for those who are at a senior level in Linux, having experience and knowledge.
  5. RHCSS: Standing for Red Hat Certified Security Specialists, people certified in this scenario have knowledge and experience in dealing with security skills.
  6. RHCT: Standing for Red Hat Certified Technician, it is for those who are beginners in the Linux practices.


What is RHCSA?

RHCSA stands for Red hat Certified System Administrator. RHCT or the Red Hat Certified Technician certification was replaced by RHCSA in the year 2010 and this certification has been more hit than the previous one in more than one aspect. In spite of being comparatively new in the market, the importance of RHCSA as an IT certificate cannot be ignored.

Being an entry level certification, RHCSA is certainly more important than the ones that come beyond and after. This is like the stepping stone for those who wish to make a career in Linux. RHCSA training and certification is a prerequisite for higher training and certification in Linux.

As for the examination, one has to have knowledge of system administration, which includes having hands-on knowledge of installing and configuring operation systems of Red Hat Linux. EX 200 is a hands-on lab exam that lasts for about half a day, clearing which will land you with RHCSA certification.


What is RHCE?

RHCE stands for Red Hat Certified Engineer and is an advanced level certification course in Linux. As compared to certifications that come before it, RHCE covers a vast range of syllabus, giving you the green signal to move forward in your IT career prospects.

Being RHCSA certified is the only pre-requisite that one has to fulfil in order to enrol for RHCE training course. The examination is basically a two hour long, lab oriented examination that is based on topics like security and installation of networking.

After completing your RHCE training course in Jaipur, you will be able to carry out the below written tasks:

  • Network translation, packet filtering & configuration
  • Shell scripting
  • Setting the kernel
  • Interface initiator
  • Maintenance


What is the difference between RHCSA and RHCE training course?

While both these certifications give a person the validation of being an expert in Linux, there are certain subtle differences that are in evident in these certifications. While the RHCE certification is what will help you land more influential and top roles in the IT world, it is the RHCSA certification that is the basis for you to start your Linux career.

RHCE certification is an advanced level certification and the syllabus it covers is way broader than what is covered in RHCSA training course. While RHCSA is the basic training course, also referred to as the entry level certification, with the RHCE training course and certification, you are more than likely to end up having a promotion in your current job as well as facing heightened prospects of getting a pay hike.



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