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The IT sector is a continually expanding aspect of service world. A person’s qualifications and certifications are the best medium of calculating the knowledge and skills of the said person. However, the IT sector is huge and ever intensifying and mounting. Thus, it becomes a little difficult to keep a track of all the sub-courses and certifications. For others, it can also become pretty confusing at times.

Here is a post that will guide you through the primary certifications that will higher your eligibility stakes in the IT world, while giving you a more magnified look at AWS Cloud Computing Certification.

What are some of the most sought after certifications in the tech world?

The tech world is huge and is multiple layered. Thus, pointing fingers on one or a couple of major certifications is nearly impossible. However, these certifications are at the crux of the IT world.

  • Python Certification
  • DevOps Certification
  • Red Hat Linux Certification
  • Ansible Automation Certification
  • AWS Cloud Computing Certification
  • Cisco CCNA Certification

What is the need to get certified?

As mentioned above, degrees and certifications are just a way of making the recruiters aware about your skills and knowledge before hiring you. These certifications give the employers a brief into what you are capable of doing and what more can be done proficiently.

AWS Cloud Computing is a ruling certification in the tech world. Having this course under in your accomplishments will only make you more amiable amongst the recruiters in the IT sector.

In 2019, AWS Cloud Computing Certification caught a lot of eyes. It became one of the most sought after certification from the point of view of the hirers. As the hiring staff showed bent towards AWS Certification, more and more people started seeking out the possibilities that would open up after the completion of this course.

Certification courses are like stamps that seal your potential of working in a certain kind of environment. Getting yourself enrolled into a certification program will make give you hands-on knowledge about it. If you take to a well-known and established institute, then you will also be presented with the opportunity of practically working your way through AWS Cloud Computing along with the course.

Since most of the businesses and big firms today are in one way or the other involved with AWS Cloud Computing, getting yourself certified in the same will only give your career worth a boost for good. Even if your job position does not require you to have direct working knowledge of AWS, getting your hands on the skill can never hurt. Since the technological world is changing so abruptly and consistently, it will always be your favour to keep your knowledge ahead of times.

What are the various levels of AWS Cloud Computing Certification?

There are 3 main levels of AWS certification - the foundational level, the associate level, and the professional level.

Here are some details that will help you get a little more knowledge about the levels.

  1. Foundational Level –

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is the only certification that is included in the foundational level. At this stage of AWS, the certification is more to make you well acquainted with the services provided by AWS Cloud and it multiple branches such as support, architectural bets practices, their uses, pricing as well as the global infrastructure.

If your job position does not necessarily require for you to have an in-depth knowledge about the working of the AWS, then getting your certification in this foundational level will be enough.

About Foundational level exam

Number of questions – 65

Time – 90 minutes

Total marks – 1000

Passing score – 700

Types of questions – direct questions

  1. Associate Level –

The associate level is a multi-tracked level incorporating three internal tracks – Developer Associate, SysOps Associate, and Solution Architect. If your job profile requires you to have a deeper knowledge about the subject of cloud computing, then associate level training is what is needed.

While the knowledge required to take onto the associate level is relatively skin deep, the importance of a person who holds the certification is relatively high.

While you can take the foundational level examination without much prior knowledge of AWS Cloud Computing, the associate level examination will need you to have certain basic knowledge.

About Associate Level exam

Number of questions – 65

Time – 130 minutes

Total marks – 1000

Passing score – 720

Types of questions – scenario based

The questions in the Associate level examination are deemed a little more difficult than fundamental level examination because here understanding the design, availability, security, operational implications, and performance is tougher.

IT pros recommend that one should have a minimum experience of 1 year in similar situation with regards to AWS to delve into associate level exams.

  1. Professional Level –

The highest level of AWS Cloud Computing certification is the Professional level. While the knowledge required at the associate level was meagre, the same is not the case for professional level. The knowledge, both theoretical and practical, needed to pursue the professional level is much deeper.

There are three main paths in the professional level – Developer Professional, SysOps Administrator Professional, and Solutions Architect Professional. Which one you want to pursue should be influenced by your current designation and the requirements that follow.

About Professional Level exam

Number of questions – 55

Time – 170 minutes

Total marks – 1000

Passing score – 750

Types of questions – scenario based (more complex & lengthier)

The most common problem faced by examinees is the inability to manage time. Since the scenarios in professional level examination are more complex than those in associate level examination, many find it difficult to fully comprehend the questions within time restriction.

While earlier one had to have an Associate Level certification in the corresponding path, the prerequisite has been removed off late. Now, you can directly go to the professional level certification if your knowledge and skills match the context.

However, IT Pros are of the recommendation that one should have a minimum applied experience of 2 years in the arena of designing as well as deploying cloud architecture prior to appearing for the professional level exam.

  1. Speciality Certifications

There are also Speciality certifications under AWS cloud computing certifications. There are five internal paths under speciality certifications:

  • Big Data
  • Advanced Networking
  • Security
  • Machine Learning
  • Alexa Skill Building

In case you want to get a speciality certification, the prerequisites for the same can be pretty high. For instance, in the case of security speciality, 2 years of applied experience and 5 years of overall experience in the IT security field is recommended.


There are a thousand things to know about AWS Cloud Computing Certification. While these are the basics, you learn as your go forward. The levels are determined on the basis of your knowledge, skills, and experience.

With every progressive certification, your worth in the field of IT goes up. Though the difficulty level accelerates significantly, the pros attached with each of the level of examination cannot be simply overlooked.

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