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Linux is a famous operating system and has carved a special place for itself in the tech world. The hype for this OS has been humongous so far but is it worth all the hype?

Let’s find out about the advantages of learning Linux and the top features of Linux Operating System in this blog.

An Introduction to Linux

Linux is an open-source, free and community-developed OS. Created by Linus Torvalds as a hobby in 1991. It is since only gotten more famous and bettered itself with time. Within a short span of time, this OS became one of the most-used operating systems available on the public internet servers.

An OS is the interface that stands between the hardware and the software. At the beginning, Linux was more of simply an operating system, but gradually, it has become more of a platform to also run servers, embedded systems and desktops. It has a lot of variations as well as distributions.

Top Features of Learning Linux

When you set out to get an IT training and certification course, then one of the best to pick is Linux. Every growing industry is looking up to this OS and thus requires experts of the arena.

There are quite a few top features of learning Linux and here are some:

  1. Versatility & Speed

Approximately 99% companies that make it to the list of Fortune 50 are using Linux based applications because of its versatile nature. Most of the professionals who use this operating system claim it to be the fastest of all the ones in the field and that is a huge thing to say.

The entire internet architecture is based on Linux and runs overs a huge variety of devices seamlessly. Thus, companies do not need to invest on different platforms based on different devices.

  1. Highly Secure

When compared to other leading operating systems such as Windows, Linux has proven to be much more secure and safe, majorly because of being open source.

The chance of a virus multiplication or a hacking attack becomes much less a probability for the same reason. It has also been stated as a one of the safest OSs.

  1. Supports Most Major Programming Languages

Linux automatically becomes a bliss for programmers because no matter which programming language a programmer works with, Linux supports most of them. Along with its support of the various languages, Linux also makes available a wide array of libraries, programming functions and tools.

  1. Open Source

Linux is an open-source platform that is famous across the globe for the numerous advantages it offers to those who use it as well as to those who learn it. Companies, especially the budding ones, find it useful because of the economic benefits that tag along due to it being free of charge as compared to other operating systems.

Its source code is free to use for all and that makes it one of the most widely used operating system throughout the world.

  1. Regular Updates

Linux is famous for its frequent updates and while some might it view it as a headache, it is actually a boon because the changes mean an Up To Date operating system. It helps in the system being quick with better deliverables and tools.

  1. High Reliability

As compared to other operating systems, Linux has a higher reliability rate and is more highly stable. This system has an extremely low chance of getting slow and thus shows less crashing.

  1. High Community Support

For Linux users, the community support offered is super high and extensive. For whatever problem a programmer or company faces, they have a great amount of community support to help them out. This makes the life of a programmer much easier.


What are the Advantages of Learning Linux?

Every student who completes their Linux course will feel blessed because the quantity and the quality of the opportunities that will come their way will be sheer brilliant. A lot of benefits are obvious and here are some of them.

  1. Super Interesting

Anyone with a penchant for learning and making a career in the tech world with this operating system knowledge and skills knows that just how interesting this field is. You get to work and create some of the best things on the internet.

  1. Wide Job Opportunities

Since the top companies in all the leading domains are using Linux in their everyday working, it comes as no surprise that they would need as many Linux experts too. Once you complete your course, you will find yourself with the ability to get a job anywhere in the world and that too with droolworthy pay checks.

  1. Great Community

What plays a big role in determining how well to take to something is who you move along. With Linux, you will get access to a great community that will be there to support you and to help you no matter what problems you are facing.

  1. Great Scope

When we talk about great scope, we are not just talking about working for a big company but also getting access to wonderful growth opportunities and great salary packages.


Every career choice can be a success when you tick all the right boxes. With your Linux career as well, you need to keep in your mind about choosing not just the right certification but also the right institute to get trained and certified at.

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The reasons to choose Grras Solutions are too many and would take another blog of its own. However, you can visit our Linux training page to understand better as to why you should be enrolling with Grras Solutions now.

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