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AWS Certification is hands down counted as one of the most prestigious certifications in the IT sector. With cloud computing, Amazon Web Services has given a new and well wised route to companies, giving them a greater success rate.

Have you ever wondered that who uses these Amazon Web Services? Since you are thinking about getting certified in AWS and building a career based on this certification, it is only understandable that go through the process of looking which companies work with AWS so that you know where are you most likely to get a job offer from it and when you submit your resume.

Companies can be mostly and broadly divided to be falling into three kind of categories. These categories are companies with large infrastructures and structures, companies with medium infrastructures and structures, and companies with small infrastructure and structure.

Of these three kinds, AWS is mostly used and preferred by those companies which either have large or small infrastructures and structures. Therefore, ones with medium sized infrastructures and structures are not generally the ones that use AWS or any other cloud provider for that matter.


Now that you know with which companies you have a better chance of working with if you get AWS certified, it is important to see why system administration knowledge is important prior to AWS Training and Certification.


Now that we have the right question here, let us sieve through an answer. For starters, as a training institute that has experts teaching all their students and have been in the business for over 12 years, here is a pattern we have seen and understood the most.

First, while we agree that getting system administration knowledge is important before one gets to AWS Training and certification, it is not a necessity. Thus, you can get AWS Certified without having to get system trained.

Second, if you are a professional who is already working in the IT sector and are looking for certifications that will broaden your horizons in your field of work, then only getting AWS certified will also work. This is because you have already carved for yourself a position in the sector and you are going through the process of extra certification because they open new and better doors. Thus, in your case, system administration knowledge is not important prior to AWS training and certification.

Third, if you are a fresh graduate or are in your 3rd or 4th year of studies andare looking to build a strong portfolio with the right certifications, then the case might be different for you. In such a case, we strongly recommend you to understand that yes, system administration knowledge is important prior to AWS Training and Certification. Since you do have a strong footing in the IT world, you should choose a system administration course before getting AWS certified. The chances of survival and flourishing will grow manifold.


Grras Solutions is the place where you get answers to all your questions. At Grras, we do not consider ourselves just a place for people to get certified. We are a training institute that serves more than just certifications. We have a team of counsellors whose main aim is to guide you successfully through the process of finding the best suited career prospect for you.

We do not just give you classes that you want, but also classes that you need. Communication and soft skills training is also a part of our program that was commenced with the aim of helping you ease better into your personality and have more confidence when you start looking out for jobs.

Also, our programs give you 100% job assistance. This means that you are not forgotten as soon as you complete a training with us. We help you land a job of your dreams which you further aid you in solidifying your footing in the IT sector.

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