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Know About AWS Certification and Exam Cost in Ahmedabad

AWS Cloud Computing certification is a well-known and followed certification in India. With the increasing and expanding IT sector, and the obvious quest of covering the entire  country and take over the title of the sector providing the most number of job opportunities.

This post is solely dedicated for those who are starting young and fresh. This blog is all you have to go through in order to understand AWS certification Training and exam cost in Ahmedabad. By the time you finish with this blog, you will have enough knowledge at your disposal to just go to GRRAS and enroll yourself for a lifetime of experience.

Let us get into some details you will need to get your mind settled into choosing AWS Cloud Computing Certification and training over the multiple other courses.


AWS Cost in Ahmedabad City

Grras Solutions is the most trusted training institute in Ahmedabad. With over 10 years of experience, Grras has carved for itself a special plane in the hearts of those who have had their training and certification from Grras.

While AWS certification and training cost in Ahmedabad is generally supposed to be high and over the top by a lot of people, the case is not truly the same. Whether you are a professional who is looking forward to getting trained and certified to broaden your career prospects or you are a students or a beginner looking to make a name in the wide world of IT, getting AWS certificate is one wise choice.

Similarly, it is important to get your training and certification from an institute that is highly respected. Grras will do the job for you. At Grras, you can get trained and certified in AWS at only Rs 14,999.

Now, chase your dreams, without bearing hefty costs.


AWS Exam in Ahmedabad

In order to get an AWS certification, you have to appear for and clear the AWS Examination.

According to Amazon, jumping right into AWS examination is never a good idea. Amazon suggests you to have your hands full with knowledge and relevant hands-on experience regarding all the services and products of AWS before you enroll yourself for AWS certification Exam in Ahmedabad.

This preparation that you need to pass AWS exam will be given to you by Grras Solutions, the most trusted and respected training institute for AWS training. With the experts teaching you and their perfect curriculum, you will face no difficulties in passing AWS exam in Ahmedabad.


AWS Certification in Ahmedabad

There are three basic levels of certifications in AWS. Here is what you need to know about them:


  • Foundational Certification:

With the Foundational Level Certification, you will become a Cloud Practitioner. Six months knowledge about industry and AWS Cloud is needed to get through Foundational Certification.


  • Associate Certifications:

Under Associate Certifications, there are 3 further skill levels which can be explored as per the interests and the knowledge of an individual. Here are the three bases:

  • Solutions Architect
  • Developer
  • SysOps Administrator


  • Professional Certifications:

If we are to talk about the third level of AWS certifications, then we get to Professional Certifications which is further bifurcated into two parts. Here are the two bases:

  • Solutions Architect
  • DevOps Engineer


AWS Associate Certification

With individuals who are at the role of performing development tasks and have acquired hands-on experience ranging between a couple of years in the arena of maintaining and developing an AWS based application can go for AWS Associate Certification.


Here is a list of all the recommended experience and knowledge:

  •  You will need to have basic understanding of the uses of the core AWS services.
  • You should have the ability to make use of AWS CLI, SDKs, and APIs to write applications.
  • You should have knowledge about shared responsibility model.
  • You should know how to use a CD/CI pipeline for the purpose of deploying applications on AWS.
  • You should know how to write codes by applying understanding of Cloud native applications.
  • You should have core knowledge about minimum one programming language of high level.
  • You should be proficient in developing, debugging, and deploying applications with the help of AWS.
  • You should have the ability to identify the main features of AWS services.


AWS Developer Certification

When we talk about Associate Level Certifications by AWS, one cannot simply miss the importance of AWS Certified Developer – Associate.

If you are somebody who has the required knowledge or skills and has keen interest in performing developmental roles, then this is the perfect choice for you. An individual should have experience in similar arenas of at least a couple of years.




While there is probably no reason to state all the reasons why you should choose AWS Cloud Computing, it is always better to have complete knowledge about what you are stepping your foot into. For any more details on AWS Certification and Exam cost in Ahmedabad, you can simply choose to visit the best training institute for AWS training, i.e. GRRAS SOLUTIONS.

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