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Become a Linux PRO: RHCA Training with 100% Job Guarantee

Did you ever a thought about what powers the websites, applications and the increasing digital services we encounter or use daily? Spilling the beans, it’s the power of an operating system, which ensures the stability, security, and flexibility of applications. The answer is Linux. 

Linux is a versatile and powerful platform that runs on all devices, from personal computers to huge servers, to smartphones and supercomputers! It is the most trusted open-source operating system in the industry. 

The dependency of industries on Linus has been constantly increasing, and this is the reason the demand for Linux-skilled professionals who can work on this operating system is also increasing. Companies, from every industry, are looking for a professional who can handle their operating system departments, handling the maintenance, setup, and troubleshooting of the Linux system and applications. 

Since the demand for professionals is increasing, we bring you the best course to specialize in Linux, which is RHCA (Red Hat Certified Architect) certification. And to solve your query of the best IT institute providing the course, Grras Solutions is your answer! RHCA is a globally recognized certification course that reflects expert knowledge and practical skills in designing, implementing, and managing Linux. 

Grras Solutions is a renowned IT institute in Jaipur, Delhi and Ahemdabad. It offers the best comprehensive RHCA certification course in India. RHCA Certification course for Linix expertise at Grras Solutions is designed to equip you with expertise from experienced professionals, ensuring 100% job placement at the end of the certification!
Connect with the expert now to know more, and let’s get into the details about the RHCA Certification course in the sections below to explore more! 


What is the RHCA Certification?

RHCA (Red Hat Certification Architect) is known to be a respected and renowned certificate in the IT world, which shows that the individual has expert knowledge and skills in Red Hat technologies. RHCA is primarily designed for professionals who have the basics cleared for Red Hat and are looking for an add-on to upskill their knowledge and skills in the existing system administration, architecture, and engineering in the Red Hat environments. 

Having an RHCA certificate is the symbol of expert ability in deployment, design, and managing complex systems with Red Hat solutions. 


Prerequisites and Eligibility Criteria for RHCA 

In order to get the RHCA Certifications, the candidate must first have RHCE (Red Hat Engineer Certification) or RHCSA (Red Hat Certified System Administrator), depending on the certification and RHCA concentration they opt for. There's no strict order in which you must complete the exams, but a solid foundation in Red Hat system administration or engineering is essential. Specific prerequisites may vary based on the RHCA track selected, as Red Hat offers different concentrations to align with various career paths.

RHCA Exam Details

  • Format: The RHCA certification process involves passing several Expertise exams, each focusing on different technologies and solutions within the Red Hat ecosystem. The exact number of exams required can vary, typically around five to six, depending on the chosen RHCA path.
  • Duration: Each Expertise exam duration varies, generally lasting 2 to 4 hours.
  • Cost: The cost for each Expertise exam also varies, typically ranging from $400 to $600 per exam. The prices may further vary based on the location and certification. 
  • Registration: Red Hat website registration for the exam must be done, which can also assist with details about exam information, including study resources, objectives, and scheduling options. 

Key Skills and Knowledge Areas Covered

The RHCA certification covers a broad spectrum of skills and knowledge areas, tailored to the specific track chosen by the candidate. These tracks include Cloud, DevOps, Application Development, Application Platform, Datacenter, and Security among others. Key areas often include:

  • Advanced system administration and automation with Ansible.
  • Deployment and management of Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems.
  • Design and management of cloud-native applications and infrastructure.
  • Implementation of security and compliance standards.
  • Development and integration of applications in Red Hat environments.

Benefits of Obtaining the RHCA Certification

  • Career Advancement Opportunities

The RHCA certification opens up higher-level job opportunities in IT, allowing professionals to take on senior roles and lead significant projects, showcasing their advanced Red Hat skills.

  • Increased Earning Potential

RHCA Certification opens the door for higher salaries. This is all because of increasing skills and demands in Red Hat expertise, which also reflects the value of employers in their industry. 

  • Recognition as a Linux Expert

Having an RHCA Certification status also rewards global recognition in Red Hat Technologies and Linux, which also uplifts the candidate’s reputation in open-source communities, and specifically in IT industry. 

  • Competitive Edge in the Job Market

RHCA Certification also differentiates professionals in the existing IT job market, highlighting their commitment in Red Hat masters. 

RHCA Training Program at Grras Solutions 

Grras Solutions is a renowned training provider that specializes in RHCA certification and other IT certifications, connecting learners with top IT companies worldwide. With a strong emphasis on bridging the gap between education and industry requirements, Grras Solutions offers a dedicated placement cell, striving to onboard more companies and enhance career opportunities for its students.

  • Course Structure and Delivery Methods

The RHCA Training Program at Grras Solutions offers a 200-hour curriculum, divided into two options - 

  • Regular Track over 100 days
  • Full Day (Fast Track) spanning 25 days. 

The course can be opted for online, classroom, or hybrid format, accommodating diverse student’s needs. 

  • Curriculum and Topics Covered

Grras Solutions' RHCA Training Program curriculum is comprehensive, starting with foundational Red Hat certifications (RHCSA and RHCE) before advancing to any 5 Certificate Of Expertise (COE) Modules. The program also covers - 

  • Datacenter,
  • Cloud, 
  • DevOps, 
  • Application Development, 
  • Application Platform. 

It prepares students to manage and deploy extensive infrastructures in enterprise environments.

  • Hands-on Labs and Practical Exercises

Grras Solution prioritizes the practical application over theoretical knowledge. They facilitate this through hands-on labs and practical exercises during the RHCA Training Program. This approach helps understand the practical scenarios, and real-world challenges, and equips students with the practical knowledge and confidence required to tackle daily challenges. 

  • Instructor Qualifications and Experience

The RHCA Training Program at Grras Solutions is provided by experienced IT professionals with over 10 years of experience in the field. These instructors’ experience bring a wealth of knowledge and practical insights, which ensures that students receive education that is not only about current industry practices but also enriched by real-world experiences.


The 100% Job Guarantee for RHCA Certification at Grras Solutions 

Grras Solutions offers a unique Job Oriented Program that guarantees 100% job placement upon completion. This program is designed to make candidates job-ready by equipping them with both technical and soft skills demanded in the rapidly evolving IT and digital industries. The guarantee underscores Grras Solutions' confidence in their training quality and their extensive network within the IT sector.

Terms and Conditions

The job guarantee is contingent upon the candidate's skill set at the time of program completion. Grras Solutions commits to a minimum package only after a thorough evaluation process. The job placements offered range between salaries of 3 Lac to 18 Lac, depending on the candidate's performance and the job role. The money-back-guarantee is also provided under specific terms, ensuring candidates are placed in relevant sectors.

Career Support Services Provided

Grras Solutions' Job Oriented Program includes comprehensive career support services to ensure candidates are fully prepared for the job market. These services include:

  • Assistance in making a professional resume that highlights the candidate's skills and experiences.
  • Training on how to present in interviews, including mock interviews and feedback sessions.
  • Using Grras Solutions' vast network of associates, partners, and a bunch of companies to secure job placements. The organization also assists with the candidate's preferred job location.

Job Profiles for RHCA Certified Professionals

  • RHCA Consultant - RHCA Consultants are sought after for their expertise in delivering open-source solutions like virtualization, middleware, cloud services, and storage in large infrastructures. They may work on a consultancy, contract, or permanent basis.
  • Team Leads and Managers (RHCA Level) - These professionals guide IT teams and organizations on the best Red Hat solutions for their unique needs. They play a crucial role in building skilled IT teams and ensuring the organization's IT infrastructure aligns with its goals.
  • Cloud Architect - At the RHCA level, Cloud Architects advise on developing executable cloud strategies for organizations. They are key in planning cloud migration, management, and monitoring both front-end and back-end platforms.

Grras Solutions' Job Oriented Program with a 100% job guarantee represents a significant opportunity for aspiring IT professionals. By combining top IT certifications with essential soft skills training and live industry experience, Grras Solutions ensures that candidates are not just trained but truly job-ready. Their extensive experience and network in the IT field make job placement a certainty for their candidates, fulfilling their promise of launching successful careers in IT.


RHCA Course Enrollment and Pricing at Grras Solutions 

The RHCA Training Program at Grras Solutions is meticulously designed to cater to aspiring Red Hat Certified Architects. For detailed information on course fees, interested candidates are encouraged to contact Grras Solutions directly through the provided contact details. Grras Solutions offers flexible payment options to accommodate the financial needs of all students, ensuring accessibility to this premier training program.

Available Discounts or Promotions

Grras Solutions periodically offers discounts and promotional offers to make the RHCA Training Program more accessible. These offers may vary by season or occasion. Prospective students are advised to inquire directly with Grras Solutions or check their official website for the most current promotions available.

Enrolment Process and Schedule

Enrolling in the RHCA Training Program at Grras Solutions is straightforward:

  • Submit an Enquiry: Interested candidates can start by filling out an enquiry form with their name, email address, mobile number, and a message. This form is available on the Grras Solutions website.
  • Contact Information: For more direct communication, candidates can reach out via email at trainings@grras.com or through the following phone numbers: +91-8448448523, +91-9983340133, +91-9001997175.
  • Job Oriented Program: This unique program offers a 100% job guarantee upon completion, emphasizing the production of job-ready candidates with the necessary technical and soft skills. The program spans 200 hours and can be completed in either 100 days (Regular Track) or 25 days (Full Day/Fast Track).
  • Lifetime Membership: Grras Solutions provides a lifetime membership allowing candidates to revisit their course for revision and updates at no additional cost, either in-person at any center across India or online.
  • Placement Assistance: The program includes comprehensive job assistance, from soft skills development and resume writing to interview preparation, leveraging Grras Solutions' extensive network for placement in relevant job profiles.

Prospective students are encouraged to apply now to take advantage of this comprehensive training program designed to elevate their careers in the IT industry, particularly in roles such as RHCA consultant, Cloud Architect, and Team Lead or Manager at the RHCA level.


The RHCA Training Program by Grras Solutions is a special course that teaches you everything about Red Hat technologies, which are important for IT jobs. By finishing this course, you're almost guaranteed a good job because it's designed to make you an expert and ready for work.

It's perfect for anyone wanting to get ahead in IT, especially working with Linux systems. The course is flexible, offers help with getting a job, and even lets you come back for free updates.

If you're interested in boosting your IT career, signing up for this course could be a great move. It's a chance to learn a lot and get help landing a great job in the field.

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