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Have you completed your college and are wondering how to move ahead? Not sure how to move about in your career? Are you facing difficulties in deciding which future path is the best for you? Are you not ready to put any more financial burden on yourself or your parents?

Well then, there is nothing better than this blog for you right now! We know you must be wondering what we have in store for you. What makes us so confident? Well, it is the knowledge that we have about a blooming course in India.

So, which program is it? We are talking about a Pay After Placement Program. Yes, we know that you do not know about it yet. But worry not because this blog is going to give you all the information you need to excel with it. And not just that, we are also going to give you all the details about the best Pay After Placement course in India for all tech students.

Without beating around the bush, we are going to dive right into it. Why? Because we have a lot to tell you about and for that, we need this entire blog. Before we even begin with why you should enroll, we are going to give you a nudge towards the institute you should enroll with – AARAMBH by Grras Solutions.


AARAMBH by Grras Solutions

The reason we have begun with the name of the best Pay After Placement course in India is to help you find connections. Everything that a Pay After Placement should do is being offered by Grras Solutions. Hence, you will be able to connect what you expect and what you are getting.

Grras Solutions is a leading institute in India. For the last 14 years, this institute has helped hundreds and thousands of students find their tech calling. No matter which tech domain you wish to conquer, Grras Solutions is there to help you out.

Being a seasoned institute, Grras has a lot. This place has witnessed a lot of capable students not moving ahead with their desired course because of financial constraints. Founders of Grras always wanted to help and thus, came up with their 100% job guarantee courses. But that was not enough.

With time, the desire and zest to help students get what they deserved grew stronger. Hence, they came up with an even better idea. Thus, was born AARAMABH – a Pay After Placement program.

Everything you can expect such a program to offer you is being offered here. In fact, way more. Everything Grras does is crystal clear. Students are never left wondering what they have opted for or whether they will get what they wanted. Grras has always been a student-centric institute and has earned its goodwill because of the same.

Now, let us move on to under what a Pay After Placement course is.


What is a Pay After Placement Program?

Pay After Placement, more commonly known as PAP, is basically a financial arrangement between a student and an institute. The borderline of the entire course is that the individual getting the training only has to pay to the institute after they get placed as a result of the course.

If we are to speak in laymen terms, then - NO UPFRONT FEE!

And no, there are no hidden charges!

As a student, you will not be asked to pay any money before beginning or even during your course. It is only after you secure an employment that your ISA (Income Share Agreement) will activate. (More on that later in the blog!)

In India, not a lot of institutes offer this kind of training. The reason is pretty simple, it is not exactly a beneficial arrangement for institutes. The student is the only receiver of the initial benefit. The institute has to put in their time, resources, efforts, and money into training individuals who have not yet paid them anything. Thus, the institute takes it as an investment in their students.

We know you still have a million questions on your mind. And we are going to answer them one by one. But it might have to get into touch with an expert for that. After all, nothing can beat the assurance level of a face-to-face communication.

However, we are going to give you all the details we can. And for that, we are going to begin by uncovering everything that is being offered to you at Grras.


Who Can Enroll?

The first question that holds weight here is that who can enroll. After all, this course is strictly for someone who wishes to have a future in the tech field.

  • BTech
  • MTech
  • BCA
  • MCA

Any fresh graduate with any of these degrees can begin with this course. If you have completed your graduation/ post-graduation less than 2 years ago, only then you are eligible to get started here.


What is the Intended Course?

Grras Solutions has decided to begin with the leading course in today’s world – DevOps and Cloud Computing!

If you know anything about the tech world you would know that these two names are bringing about an unprecedented level of change. Anyone who has knowledge of these two together can also change the world. A bright future comes to those who decide upon the right course today. So, it is on you to make a wise choice.

Additionally, this is an offline course in Jaipur as of now. The idea is to keep students under close observation of the trainer. It is going to be beneficial for the students if the trainer personally knows them. Face-to-face interactions are imperative to keep individuals motivated to do better.

However, we do intend to diversify in the future, both in terms of courses and availability.

If you wish to learn DevOps and Cloud Computing from Grras experts today but are not in Jaipur, then we still have some good news for you. While you cannot enroll with this Pay After Placement program, you can choose 100% job guarantee course in DevOps and Cloud Computing. This is an online course that will offer you same learning capacity!


How Does This Program Work?

In order to enroll with the best Pay After Placement course in India, you need to follow these simple steps –

  • Enroll
  • Selection
  • Training
  • Start work
  • Pay After Placement


What is the Admission Process?

Enrolling with Grras Solutions’ Pay After Placement program is not a cakewalk. After all, we only intend for serious students to become a part of the project.

This selection criteria and admission process serves a certain purpose. The goal is to keep likeminded people in the room. When you are driven, your drive should motivate the other person. Hence, an admission process is essential.

The batch strength is kept super low. Again, the intention is to ensure the trainer is able to personally interact with every individual. Whatever you are learning or wherever you are finding yourself stuck, you should be able to communicate without feeling unheard.

  • Attend an expert session. This will be conducted by one of the founders of Grras Solutions as well as the lead trainer of the course. The aim to help you better understand the course.
  • Once the session is over and you wish to move further, you will be directed towards a 30-minute program specific competency test. The test is for us to better understand your current knowledge and skill spectrum.
  • After you clear your competency test, a host personal interview will follow. This is will give the trainer a better idea about you and your future goals. This one-on-one session will help us get a better insight into how you wish to move ahead in your career and life.
  • After everything is done and settled, the last step is document verification and submission. This step is exceptionally crucial to build a trustworthy relationship between us. It also includes signing the ISA.


ISA or income share agreement is basically an agreement that states all the details about the program. Everything you need to know for future reference is already mentioned in the agreement. It has details about what the course entails, payment details, when and how the fee needs to paid, and both of our obligations as well.


100% Job Guarantee Included

Aside from offering you DevOps and Cloud Computing training at zero upfront fee, you will also get the confidence of 100% job placement.

Thus, placement experts will work their manage and find the right kind of job for you. This job will come with a salary of at least 3LPA. Hence, even as a beginner, you will not have to roam about for the right job.


Payment of the Fee

Once you get this job as promised, only then will your fee payment structure be activated. All the details will already be provided to you personally as well as mentioned in the ISA.

As you begin your job, the fee payment schedule will begin. But not all at once. You will be required to pay your fee in easy installments, knowledge of which you will already have.



Beginning your success story with the right institute is crucial. Thus, all you need to do is enroll with the best Pay After Placement course in India for all tech students and that is AARAMBH by Grras Solutions!

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