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Online Btech Summer Internship Training 2020 in Jaipur


As for the 21st century, we can say that technology is ruling our lives, even without trying or anyone feeling odd about it. Every aspect of lives is being analysed and used to bring out the best of the technology we already have. For everything that a person can do manually, there is a technological advancement out there that can do it even better. From the simplest of the things to the most complicated ones, technology has an answer to every human wish and command.

The most compelling thing that makes everyone work harder towards advancements and upliftment is the future. In the coming years, we see the world changing drastically, hopefully in a positive manner. However, amidst the talk about future, the one thing we cannot simply put out of our minds is this extremely imperative question – who is the future.

Talking about our country alone, we can all agree upon the fact that while the power in the present is held by elders, the future will be built on the shoulders of the youth. And the turn these youth, and in consequence the future takes depends upon the quality of education that they come in contact with today and the kind of opportunities they cross paths with.

The youth of this century is fully aware of the importance held by education, knowledge, and skill. The last few decades have seen the emergence of so many different kinds of professions and professionals sprouting up, that it is no surprise as to why so many youths are choosing the path less travelled. The diversity has led to fact no field of education is any longer considered inferior to another field of education.

However, just because you choose a path of less resistance, does not mean your future lacks colours. While there are many new interests and careers people are taking up, it is also important to remember that some of the oldest jobs and careers interests are old concepts because the world would never have been what it is because of them. All the advancements in science and technology would only have been talks and dreams of the distant future if it were not for these ‘old jobs.’

One such job, considered common by some but nonetheless too important is that of an engineer. Yes, we agree that with the changes and advancements a lot of new branches have come into existence, but the essence of the field is still the same, building or shaping something everyone will remember.

As important as it is to choose your field carefully, it is also of great standing to do it the right way. Getting your BTech or Bachelors of Technology degree is no child’s play. You will have to study multiple subjects, appear for hundreds of examinations, sit through and learn from different lab classes, but one thing is for sure, when all of this is done, your life would never be the same.

Internships also tend to be an inseparable aspect of your engineering days. However, just like one should be extra careful in choosing their college, they should have the same hawk-eye when choosing the best place for BTech Summer Internship Training in Jaipur. These can truly make all the difference in the world.

Jaipur is the capital city of Rajasthan and thus is known as one of those cities in this state that holds and bears a lot of potential for the youth. Be it in terms of education, training, certifications, internships or jobs, Jaipur has something for everyone who holds latent and is ready to work hard.


Before we get onto anything else, let us take a moment to understand Why Choose Summer Internship Training.

There are a lot of pros associated with enrolling for a BTech Summer Internship Training in Jaipur. Companies, now more than ever are searching for individuals who are not just brilliant in one aspect but are an over-all package. They are looking to hire those who have not only knowledge and skills, but are driven to make the best of their career in the field, along with having prior working experience in the job level.

It is this summer internship training that helps in giving you this working experience the companies desire, even when you are straight out of college. However, these are not the only things making BTech Summer Internship Training in Jaipur so important. Here is a list of some of the reasons you will find driven towards:


  • Makes your Resume look Stronger –

Resume is the first form of contact you have with a potential company. Every time you drop of your resume or mail it to a company, you are showcasing not only your education, but how you have spent the last two decades of your life. It gives them the chance to glimpse into your past to decide whether you have a future with them or not.

Thus, your resume should be ultra-polished and always show your best side. Companies are always inclined towards people who have past working experience, whether or not they are actively stating it or not. Having the experience of a Summer Internship Training will make your resume look stronger and better.


  • Higher Chances of Landing your Dream Job –

Almost every company, big or small, is looking for people who are fantastic from every angle. They are looking for people who have not only skills and in-depth knowledge about the subject, but are also one with practical experience on the field. A BTech Summer Internship Training in Jaipur will help you have the experience companies are looking for.

There are a lot of reasons as to why they prefer individuals with some experience. While some internships last for 30 days, some for 45 days, and some might even go up to 6 months, the value of an internship cannot be undermined. Every company knows that interns are made to do every sort of work to make them teach the practical aspect of working on field and thus, your internship is worth more than you even realise.


  • You Gain Confidence –

Confidence is the key to lead you through the way of success when it comes to leading the ladder up your career. As stated above, the right BTech Summer Internship Training in Jaipur will draw much needed attention towards your resume. The internship will make your resume look stronger and thus will give you more chances of landing in the job of your choice.

All these factors, mixed with how well you will learn everything, from the theoretical aspects of the job position to the practical ones by working on love projects to the point where you will get attuned to the culture that prevails in the office will bring out a heightened sense of confidence in you.


  • Learn from the Best –

The one thing about summer internship training is that you should choose them after thinking deep and hard. You just don’t find a place and you hook it. it takes a lot more than just saying yes to any internship you come across. You should always go for the one place you feel will prove to be the most beneficial for you.

Grras Solutions is that place for your BTech Summer Internship Training in Jaipur. With us, you will get trained from the very best trainers in the town. There is nothing the experts won’t do to make you feel at ease with the environment and you will learn everything you have to in order to become in the subject yourself.


Having gone through why you should choose BTech Summer Internship Training in Jaipur, let us get to know Why Choose Grras Solutions for the same.


Grras Solutions is one of those places you go to when you need to take your career in the right direction. Grras offers trainings, certifications, and internships to BTech, MTech, B.E., M.E., MCA, BCA, M.Sc (IT), PGDCA, and B.Sc (IT) students. Talking about summer internships at Grras, you will find the below mentioned ones available with us:

  • Data Science & Machine Learning
  • DevOps Plus with Cloud Computing
  • Full Stack Web Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security
  • Cloud Computing - Linux + AWS + Azure
  • Python Programming
  • Expertise in AWS Cloud
  • Big Data Hadoop


Along with all these courses we are offering Summer Internship Training in, there are multiple other benefits too. There are a lot of reason why you should choose Grras for your BTech Summer Internship Training in Jaipur. Here are some of the pros that will lure into choosing Grras Solutions:


  • When you complete your internship training with us, you will be given a certification to stamp your accomplishment and credential.
  • You will get the chance to work on live projects, both major and minor. You will get a hand at working on projects that we work on so that you see and feel the truth behind the scenes.
  • Since this year’s BTech Summer Internship Training will be online, we will not let you miss the chance of being assessed. Each class will be followed by online assessment to polish your skills as well as one-on-one guidance by your mentors.
  • Since our goal is to make sure you eventually land the job of your dreams, we help you in resume preparation and development of your personality and soft skills.

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