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As an inspired individual who wants to build a career in the IT sector, we are certain that you must be well aware of all the vogue tech terms and companies that are making a difference and are doing big. Thus, with respect to this knowledge, we assume you must also have realised the importance that is held by certifications.

Getting certified is your ticket to let the recruiter know about your knowledge, your skills and your arena of interest. There are numerous benefits of having certification in your desired field of work and only those who are well tuned with this industry realise there is no better outlet to display what you excel in other than getting certified in it.

But the main question here is that why do companies like CISCO, Red Hat, AWS, Microsoft and Oracle introduce certifications when they clearly are product-based companies. While many people contemplate over this question and many seem to wonder it is possibly to act as added source of income, the conclusion is not true.

These companies that we are talking about here are multi-billion companies that definitely do no depend on certifications as their primary or even secondary source of income. Then again, why do these companies introduce certifications?


Here is why,


Companies like CISCO, Red Hat, AWS, Microsoft, and Oracle introduce certifications because they want to promote themselves. These certifications are pathways for people to learn how their new and upcoming technologies work, so that more and more companies and individuals can incorporate their technology for their benefit. Now, this is how they generate their income, by selling their technology as products.

Now imagine, AWS or Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) introducing new and better products with advanced technology. But what good will these products be if there is nobody who can decode how to make use of these products and work with these technologies?

Thus, the simple reason that companies like CISCO, Red Hat, AWS, Microsoft and Oracle introduce certifications is that so people outside of their primary inventive circle knows how to run their products. When more people know how their products work, more companies will buy their introduced products.


But what are we getting out of these certifications?


Well, it is pretty simple, we get a chance to expand the horizons of our knowledge, polish our current skills to upgrade them, and upscale our chances of landing in jobs that will give us the opportunity to work with the biggest and the best companies that make use of these products.


Here are some benefits of getting certified, because it is always good to be reminded of what a piece of paper can do and how it can shape our career:


  • Better Job Opportunities:

Well, this one is pretty obvious but undoubtedly the most driving factor of going through the process of getting certified. Who do you think would a developing and growing company hire, someone who is well acquainted with the current technologies or someone who is learning and growing themselves with the upgrading technologies? The answer is quite simple, the latter one.

Thus, you need to become the latter one and always keep on upgrading yourself with the upgrading technology.


  • Increased Pay Scale:

While there should definitely be a sense of job satisfaction when you are at a position, the remuneration you receive also plays a big role. With added certifications to add credentials and stars to your resume, you can expect to get increased pay scale as compared to those who do not have the required certifications.

Whether you are looking for a job, are looking for a job change or are planning to continue in the same company, increased pay scale is definitely on the road.


  • Intrigued Interest by Recruiters:

Recruiters know the value of right certifications. Thus, when you have the right training and certification, you can be sure to experience intrigued interest by recruiters. Getting certified is no child’s play. It takes a lot of commitment from your end, you have to study for long hours, some certifications can be expensive, especially if you combine it with training cost and if you are a working professional, then the added pressure of certification is something next level.

All these things are known to a recruiter and they salute your dedication through better job employment opportunities and better pay scale.


  • Enhanced Confidence:

Sometimes a person got to do certain things to ensure their confidence level in themselves remains high and intact. Getting certified is one of those things you can do to make sure your value and position in the IT sector and your field of work remains sought after and increases with time. If you are certified with certifications by companies like CISCO, Red Hat, AWS, Microsoft and Oracle, then you are sure to have intact confidence.




After having read that why do companies like CISCO, Red Hat, AWS, Microsoft and Oracle introduce certifications and how you can make the most out getting trained and certified in through them, there is little room left for second thoughts. If you want to make sure that place in the IT sector remains solid, then there should be no chances taken from your side. Always remain at the top of latest knowledge and keep giving your best to receive the best.

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