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BTech or Bachelor of Technology is a highly esteemed and widely chosen qualification in India. It comes with various specialisations and thus, has come to be known as one of the most well- loved undergraduate degree courses amongst students in our country. This 4- year long course is being offered by various colleges across the nation and some of them are very well- deemed too.

But there is always a lingering question about which certification or courses to go to after your engineering. If you too are wondering after courses after engineering for high salary in India, then this blog is just where you were supposed to be to enjoy a bright future ahead and get started with some of the finest opportunities out there.

So, what to do after BTech? Which courses after engineering for high salary are known across the nation? What premium jobs can be chosen to pick after completing my BTech? The questions are too many but worry not, we are here to help you out in establishing your career in the field. Let’s dive right into some of the best courses after engineering that will ensure you get paid what you deserve and need to live a satisfactory life.


What to do After BTech?

If you are a recent graduate, we are certain you must have a thousand questions on your mind. Since the field of technology is a wide one, it is pretty common for beginners to feel a bit lost and out of the way, at least in terms of what needs to be done and moved ahead with.

There are quite a few pathways you can choose to take but obviously, it is easier said than done, especially for those who do not have the right kind of guidance to help them tread with confidence. With this blog, we aim to help you find the right path you can take.

Recent graduates can choose to continue their studies and move ahead to complete their MTech (Master of Technology), which will further help you seal your area of expertise and follow a more refined path to success. However, if you are someone who is not exactly keen on continuing your education in terms of a degree, then the best alternate to go ahead with is to get certified.

Certifications are the new- age degrees but something can be completed in a short span of time and render you will more specialised skills, knowledge and abilities. Thus, you can go ahead and get started with a training and certification course after engineering for high salary, brilliant jobs and better opportunities.

However, instead of giving you a broad view of courses you can choose, allow us to take you a journey of one of the best institutes in the country for all top IT trainings and certifications their new- era training program - AARAMBH.

Aarambh – Your Career, Our Mission

Grras Solutions is a well-known name in the world of trainings and certifications amongst students, parents and hiring companies alike. Everyone who has ever completed their course from Grras Solutions or has hired an employee from this institute knows just how well they prepare their students for all real- life working and circumstances.

With 14+ years of being in the field, Grras Solutions has perfected the art of providing training to students and helping them grow to become valuable assets to the company they work at. And they have been able to achieve this with the aid of the amazing trainers they have hired, each of which is an industry expert, a professional in their area of expertise. Thus, students get a lot to learn from them and not just related to the field.


So, What is Aarambh?

A dream project of the founders of Grras Solutions, Aarambh began with the dream of enabling all students with potential to begin with the best. In all these years, the founders came across a lot of students who had the potential and the calibre to do something big and achieve something great but did not have enough money to enrol with any course.

Hence, was born Aarambh.

But what is so different about Aarambh that will help the students to learn and grow equally, without the barrier of money and resources?

Aarambh is a PAY AFTER PLACEMENT PROGRAM wherein the students get to train in the offered course at ZERO UPFRONT COST and only have to pay after they get a job as promised by Grras Solutions.


About Aarambh

Aarambh is one- of- a- kind training program offered by Grras Solutions to students who wish to study without getting pressured under having to pay for their course without having earned anything yet. Thus, this course is designed to help students maximise their potential and bring out the best in them without having to pay a single penny.

Grras Solutions is offering this program majorly in DevOps and Cloud Computing – two of the most cutting- edge technologies of today. These are the two fields that are flourishing are a brilliant pace and, in the times, to come, they are only expected to get better and grow wider. If you already have an inclination towards making your career in this field, then enrolling with Grras Solutions’ Aarambh program is what you need to do today.


Key Features of Aarambh by Grras Solutions

Grras Solutions has introduced one of the finest programs of the decade and that too in courses that are ruling the tech world and are expected to do only better with time. And we know that you are getting inclined towards enrolling with this course and establishing your career in cemented success. Thus, we bring to you some of the top features of Aarambh by Grras Solutions to help you decide faster.

  • Aarambh by Grras Solutions is one- of- a- kind program wherein your get to start with zero upfront fee. Thus, you will not have to pay even a single penny before starting your success journey because that is what the entire concept of the program is all about. Hence, no worrying about having to pay the fee without any future guarantee.
  • Aarambh by Grras Solutions is a one- year long hands- on training program. Thus, in the one year that you give you this program, you will get trained in the field and gain the much- needed working experience to help you get better accustomed to the real- life working environments.
  • Aarambh by Grras Solutions offers you training in DevOps and Cloud Computing, which are two of the leading names in today’s tech world. Getting trained in these two leave no room for you to not find success because these are the blooming fields of the tech world.
  • Along with Aarambh by Grras Solutions, you get 100% job placement guarantee. This means that you not only get the chance to get trained at zero upfront cost, you will also be getting full support in getting the job of your dreams that will help you start right and move ahead with confidence and a great success trajectory.
  • With Aarambh by Grras Solutions, focus will be divided between getting your technical skills strong as well as enhancing your soft skills and overall development. This is a crucial aspect of winning and succeeding today which many people fail to focus upon and as a result, their career success suffers. However, we prepare you all ways for the future, interview skills and resume writing.
  • Regular assignments and assessments are an integral part of every learning and that is exactly what is offered to you with Aarambh by Grras Solutions. You will be getting all necessary work jobs to be done to ensure you have all your concepts clear.
  • More than theoretical knowledge, it is practical knowledge that comes handy and help you in completing your job well. Thus, we prepare you for the best in Aarambh by Grras Solutions by giving all our students the chance to work on live projects and gain exceptional working knowledge to ensure you feel well- prepared to step into any job. This exposure to real- world working will help you get ahead of your competition because what you will have might not be possessed by the other person.
  • You will get the additional benefit of getting to meet our hiring partners. This will help you in getting motivated to do better and put in all your zeal in learning and growing because we have a lot of leading companies on the list.
  • Every condition and norm stated in Aarambh by Grras Solutions is crystal clear. Thus, you will not find anything hidden or being manipulated. What you see is what you get and that is about it. Thus, you can be relaxed. Also, our contract states everything you need to know and works well in your favour too.
  • Since we offer a pay after placement program, you will not have to worry about paying just after the completion of your course. Even then, we have pre- determined, easy instalments to help you relax upon any burden you might feel related to paying. This ensures you have enough to help you through.



If you are looking for a job with high salary after your engineering, then there is no better place to begin than Aarambh by Grras Solutions. For more details, we are always here to help!

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