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Data science, data analytics, and big data are some of the most commonly and widely heard names today. These are technologies that are changing the world and have been only able to do so because of all the data that the world is sprouting out. The number is as wild as 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every single day!

Yes, we are not kidding you!

Now that you have a rough idea about the amount of data that is being produced every day, some of which is definitely contributed by you as well, someone needs to manage it or else, the overflow would be quite a disaster. Data scientists or data engineers are amongst the most sought- after professionals across the globe today and these numbers are enough to tell us why.

Data science is a realm of its own and there are no two ways about whether the future is bright looking or not because with the quantity of data that is already out there and increasing, its only obvious for companies to tap into this field. Data scientists are need for a lot of processes related to data which includes building, maintaining, testing and growing data architectural systems.

With this blog, we aim to offer you a quick yet efficient guide to Data Science opportunities. Also, we aim to be your guide to unlocking top Data Science jobs in India. Let us begin uncovering leaf by leaf about this super hyped job profile of a Data Scientist.


What is Data Science?

Data Science is one of the most rapidly growing fields in the tech world today and involves elaborate study of information available within an organization’s repository in the form of data. Data Science is a bit complex because the field is evolving continuously and thus, there are quite a lot of things that come under this umbrella term as of now.

However, to give you in brief, Data Science involves an amalgamation of algorithm development, technology and data inference, all of which come together to unsolved the mystery of complex analytical problems. The data is always raw and unstructured but it is with the aid of Data Science that meaningful insights can be obtained successfully from it.

A lot of students and well as professionals prefer to go with this course because of the increasing demand for such experts in all leading organizations in all top domains across the globe. Every business that wishes to succeed needs to the aid of certified, knowledgeable, and skilled experts and we are going you let you in on the name of the institute that can help you become the best effectively and efficiently.


Why are Companies choosing Data Science?

There is no single reason why companies are choosing to go with Data Science but rather a whole lot of reasons that have together to have carved this field into such an important one. But the answer to why companies are choosing Data Science is quite simple.

  • Data Science has significantly helped in shrinking the horrors of uncertainty for organizations. Businesses are no longer dependent only on their gut feeling or the age- old means of estimating the growth and success rate. Data is the new means of power- driving them.
  • In this age and era of digitization, it comes as no surprise that even some of the biggest names such as Amazon and Netflix are highly dependent on Data Science to bring them insights related to consumer behaviour and patterns. Data mining and data sorting are being used highly and quite effectively to bring about information related to their user’s identity and interest and also play a role in notifying them timely.
  • Data Science has also proved to be quite useful in helping organizations solve their problems in a quick and object manner. The solutions are brought about easily and are implemented with greater effectiveness.
  • Data Science is not limited to a single area of work space. Be it any domain, any company size and any department within, Data Science has come to find a use for itself and help an organization sustain and grow in every way possible. Whether we talk about recruitment or marketing or development, Data Science is needed everywhere.
  • Data, as already mentioned, is raw and unstructured. However, with Data Science, it can be managed quite skilfully and without wasting in too much of time or proving to be too costly.


What are the Key Concepts of Data Science?

As mentioned about, Data Science is not an easy term to explain, especially since it is consistently evolving and changing. However, there are certain key concepts of Data Science which you need to know about before stepping towards Data Science career opportunities. Also, it is a major step in your quest to unlocking top Data Science jobs.

  • Big Data – This refers to the volume of both structured and unstructured data (from mobile devices, social networks, sensors, etc) that all kinds of businesses have to deal with every day.
  • Business Intelligence – The ability that allows the transformation of data into information and further into knowledge is known as business intelligence. This ensures the decision- making process is optimized.
  • Machine Learning – It refers to the process through with systems develop pattern recognition. It is also referred to as the ability to lean continuously and make predictions on the basis of data.
  • Data Analytics – The main objective of data analytics is to facilitate the improvement of operation efficiency, customer experience and business model.
  • Artificial Intelligence – It is the quest to create systems that are capable of reasoning and learning like humans, which can learn from experiences, find specific solutions and carry out logical tasks.
  • Data Mining – It is a set of technologies and techniques that facilitate the exploration of humongous databases both semi- automatically and automatically in order to find repetitive patterns to explain the data behaviour.
  • Deep Learning – It is an aspect of artificial intelligence and a subset of machine learning majorly used to automate predictive analytics.
  • Statistics – The major function of statistics is to collect and group data for the purpose of building statistical reports from a quantitative view point.
  • Data Cleaning – Thorough cleaning of data is one of the key steps in ensuring that the results obtained are beneficial and right.
  • Text Mining – Important and useful information from humongous data collections (emails, magazine articles, web pages, social media, etc.) is extracted by identifying patterns.
  • Data Warehouse – It is a system that is used for the generation of reports and for data analysis as well.
  • Data Manipulation – The process of standardizing incomplete raw data to be able to easily access, consolidate and analyse it is known as data manipulation.


What are the top Data Science Career Opportunities?

Data Science is a vast field and includes dozens of jobs, all of which can help you in establishing a successful career for yourself. Here is a list of some of the top Data Science career opportunities which are known to be growing with passing time.

  • Data Scientist

A Data Scientist is one of the most highly valuable assets to any organization that relies on their data to move ahead effectively. A Data Scientist is given the job of extracting consumable information from both unstructured and unstructured data with the aid of computer programming processes and tools.

  • Data Engineer

As a Data Engineer, you will be given the task of studying data, developing data set processes, preparing models and building algorithms. It is with the aid of these that stakeholders will be able to easily consume raw data. You will also need strong communication skills as a Data Engineer.

  • Data Analyst

A Data Analyst has quite a few things in their bag of work including analysing data to be able to identify the trends. On the basis of this, a predictive model is created. Maintaining data systems and databases is also done by Data Analysts.

  • Data Architect

A Data Architect’s job role includes centralizing, protecting, organizing, maintaining and collecting an organization’s data. They also ensure that the data that is being used to create the blueprint of a certain project is secure, stable and available for all the stakeholders at all times.

  • Project Manager

A project manager is responsible for overseeing and guiding the execution of a project since it involves a lot of tasks including data analysis, data mining, data testing, data application, and data extraction amongst others.

  • Data Mining Engineer

One of the top tasks of a data mining engineer revolves around extracting data from extensive databases and then analysing them.

There are many other data science career opportunities but listing them all here is quite a hefty task. However, we know just the place that you need to get started with for your data science certification and training and that name is Grras Solutions.



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