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Data Science one aspect of technology that helps people to understand numbers and take decisions based on their pattern. Data science training in Jaipur has become one of the most hyped courses in the market. This is blog is your answer to why your should choose data science training as opposed to any other training course that is making mark for itself in the IT industry.

What is Data Science?

Data Science is a perfect putting together of business acumen, algorithms, machine learning techniques, mathematics, and tools in order to unveil the hidden patterns and insights in raw numbers and data. These newly discovered patterns are then used to make predictions for business success and future pattern.

Both structured as well as unstructured data are dealt with in data science. Predictive analytics is also a part of algorithms used in data science. Hence, data science becomes a meeting point between the past and the future. The history and recurring pattern in the numbers is used to make assumptions for the future of the company.

A good knowledge of all the aspects and tools of data science is needed to fully unlock the potential these numbers and data hold.

What is the need to learn Data Science?

With the ever increasing number of people on this planet, growing details and activities has led to a vast increase in the data that is found in the world now than a decade ago. This data is bound to grow and increase with time. Thus, the need to tame and use all this data purposefully has amplified.

Data Scientists are in demand. People who have completed their data science training in Jaipur are in a lot of demand these days. Multiple domains, be it marketing, IT, finance, Retail or bank are all looking for individuals who are knowledgeable and certified to handle their data.

The job of a data scientist has been declared as the trendiest job of the 21st century by IBM. These stats are not just locally, but on a global level. One of the main reasons why becoming a data scientist has become such a sought after training in Jaipur is due to the fact that any person belonging to any background can enrol themselves for a data science training program and build a career in the IT sector for themselves.

What are the skills required to become a Data Scientist?

There are three core skills one requires to become a data scientist. The main skills are:

  1. Tools:
  • Python Coding – Since has a good number of packages and libraries, Python coding is deemed as a necessary tool to entirely understand mathematical concepts and models.
  • Hadoop Platform – Big data applications are processed and stored using Hadoop platforms.
  • Technology – Multiple web servers and APIs are used to access all the unstructured data out there.
  • In-depth Knowledge about R – Multiple uses of R include using it for data analysis, for data visualization, for statistical analysis, and as a programming language.
  • MS Excel – This is the most basic knowledge base one should be aware of.
  • SQL Coding – SQL Coding is used to extract and prepare datasets, search behaviour and detect fraud, among others.


  1. Techniques:
  • Processing Unstructured Data – With all the plethora of data that is produced every day around the world, in the form of comments, search history, images, tweets, etc can be categorized as unstructured data. After having completed your data science training in Jaipur, your demand as a data scientist will reach up to greater heights.
  • Mathematical Expertise – Being a data scientist requires the person to work on multiple machine learning algorithms. All the ML algorithms require the data scientist to have high knowledge in the field of advanced mathematics.


  1. Business Understanding:
  • Business Acuity – Business knowledge will help you to be more agile and comfortable in your job as a data scientist.

What are the job roles that you can take after data science training?

While there are plethora of roles you can take up after completing your data science training in Jaipur, here are the 6 job roles that are the most looked for and opted for positions by those with data science training and certification.

  1. Business Intelligence Professional:

Data visualization tools such as Power BI, Tableau, etc are used to analyse the trends in numbers and data to bring the company to a conclusion for future projects and decisions.

  1. Big data Analysts:

Your job position as a big data analyst will require you to get into interaction and collaboration with data architects and data scientists in order to streamline your next moves for the company and execute processes.

  1. Marketing Analytics Professionals:

The main role of marketing analytics professional is to assess the success rate of their marketing tactics and initiative. The most common of achieving this is by measuring performance.

  1. Business Analytics professional:

Data is everywhere and there is abundance of it. This data is processed to generate insights which will in turn help the business to grow and learn. Management and manipulation of data are big aspects of being a business analytics professional.

  1. Data Scientist:

If you are interested in playing with numbers in huge amounts, then you should take the path of a data scientist. Machine learning models are built and deployed by data scientists.

  1. HR Analytics Professionals:

There is a lot of data about people and their information. This information is used and analysed to increase employee retention rate and hire more capable employees.


Data science training in Jaipur is one course which is on a constant rise when it comes to demand. The IT world is looking for more and more certified and experienced people who are ready to take the IT world by storm. Whether you are a student or an IT professional, taking this data science training will open your doors to the tech world, far wide and open.

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