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Are you also impressed by the growing popularity of Linux and planning to secure your job position amid this ever-increasing popularity? If yes, this blog will assist you with the best course that will only take 30 days or 60 hours and will secure you a high-paying job. 

The RHCSA qualification certification ensures that the individuals are equipped with the expert skills required to manage Linux systems from Red Hat. Therefore, this certification makes you a valuable professional that companies strive to hire! 

So, whether you're in the IT Industry or a student planning to build your career in Linux, this RHCSA certification and EX200 exam is for you! And the plus point? 

You don't need any special eligibility to enroll in this course! You only need the basic Linux understanding and commands to get started! By becoming RHCSA certified, you can get better job opportunities and a higher salary package.

Scroll down the details in the sections below to explore more about the RHCSA Certification EX200 exam with Grras Solutions! 


EX200 Exam Overview

The EX200 exam is the Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) exam. A performance-based test helps build the skills and knowledge required for a practical and real-world Red Hat environment. In this exam, candidates are presented with various scenarios and tasks, which individuals must complete in the given time.  


Format of the EX200 Exam

When discussing the format, a few pointers will help you understand the structure - 

  • The exam duration is around 2.5 hours. 
  • The exam is available in only one language, English. 
  • It is conducted through multiple-choice questions and performance-based tasks. Performance-based tasks include access to Red Hat's live environment, where users perform live tasks. 
  • Exam score is dependent on the questions completed within the given time frame. Each assigned task carries marks, and the candidate must get a passing score to get the certification. 


Exam Objectives and Topics Covered

This exam covers various topics, such as the administration and management of Red Hat Enterprise Linux Systems. Divided into several domains, each domain is designed to focus on a specific aspect. For more details, here are all the main topics that the EX200 exam consists of -

  • Understanding and Using Essential Tools
  • Creating and Configuring File Systems
  • Deploying, Configuring, and Maintaining Systems
  • Managing Users and Groups
  • Managing Security
  • Controlling Services and Configuring System Daemons


Exam Registration and Scheduling Process

Scheduling and registering for the EX200 exam is more accessible, especially with Grras Solutions. Here are the steps in the registration process when done with the official Red Hat website. 

  • Users need to have a Red Hat account, which allows them to manage their profile, register for exams and access the provided study material. 

When done, they are given an option on the website to select their exam date. Those concerned about the location can schedule the exam at a local testing centre hosted by third-party providers or remotely, where they will be under virtual proctor monitoring. 

When done with the locations, finalising the date you wish to take the test is next. You can browse the provided date list based on the delivery method. 

  • Individual Virtual Exam (IVE): Take the exam remotely, with a virtual proctor monitoring the session. It will also allow you to choose the available exam centre and the slot. 
  • After all the selections, the last step is to fill in the personal and private information, make the payment fee, and finalise the exam. Payment can be made through credit cards or vouchers. 
  • You will get an email with all the essential exam details when you successfully register. Check for the documentation required on the exam day and specific instructions and guidelines. 

Scheduling your exam well in advance is advised for the EX200 exam. This is because you can choose from the wide range of available slots and dates during early registration. Moreover, you can also apply for a date or slot change request. 


How to Prepare for the EX200 Exam? 

Since the exam covers bookish and practical knowledge, it is essential to follow an all-rounded approach when preparing for it. Here are some details that will help you prepare for the exam- 


Opt For Study Resources (Books, Online Courses, Practice Exams)

There are a few course books for Red Hat Linux Certification, which include - 

  • RHCSA Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 - Cert Guide 
  • RHCSA/RHCE Red Hat Linux Certification Study Guide 

These books provide in-depth coverage of the exam courses and details and prepare for the questions, real-life scenarios, and performance-based tasks. 

A few online courses also assist students with video courses, hands-on experience, and study materials. Moreover, some practice exams are provided, which helps students practice with the exam time frame on previous or mock papers. 


Setting Up A Lab Environment For Hands-On Practice

Hands-on practice is essential for the EX200 exam since you'll work on real-world Red Hat Linux tasks. Setting up a lab environment lets you get that practical experience. 

  • One option is using virtual machine software like VirtualBox or VMware to create isolated Linux systems on your computer for risk-free practice. Red Hat and third-party providers like Skillvalue and Kodekloud also offer online lab environments designed explicitly for RHCSA prep. 
  • If you have an extra computer, you can install Red Hat Linux on it for a more realistic lab, but this requires more resources. 

Whichever approach you choose, having a dedicated practice space allows you to apply what you've learned from study materials and get comfortable with the skills you'll need for the EX200's practical exam.


Time Management And Exam Strategies

  • Plan your studies - analyse exam topics, prioritise weak areas, and set realistic milestones.
  • Practice timed mock exams to get used to the format and improve time management skills.
  • Develop a note-taking system to capture essential commands, configs, and troubleshooting steps as a handy reference.
  • Stay calm with relaxation techniques like deep breathing exercises. Ensure proper rest and nourishment before exam day.
  • Consistently review notes, practice questions, and areas you struggle with to reinforce learning and identify knowledge gaps.
  • Seek help from instructors, study groups, or online forums when you need clarification or guidance.

Combining dedicated study resources, hands-on labs, and intelligent exam strategies can significantly boost your chances of earning the EX200 and RHCSA certification.



You need to individually opt for all the above-discussed plans and strategies when preparing for the EX200 exam from the official website. However, the mentor's guidance and assistance are always required to achieve the best results. And facilitating the best advice, Grras Solution is your ultimate destination. 

IT experts at Grras Solutions have crafted a comprehensive Master RedHat Certification Course in 30 Days. In this course, students can skip the exam procedures from the website. All they need to do is enrol with our institute, and after that, our experts will complete all the formalities on the RedHat website. 

So, whether you are an IT graduate, an undergraduate or a professional working in the IT sector, this certification course with Grras Solution is the perfect option to elevate your skills. 

Here are the essential details about the certification from Grras Solutions that you need to be aware of! 

  • Training Duration - 60 Hours (2 Hours/Day) - 30 Days Course
  • Exam Details - RHCSA Certification
  • Exam Code - EX200
  • Exam Duration - 3 Hours 
  • Cost of Certification - INR 16,500 + GST 
  • The training period includes certification exam preparation under the guidance of Red Hat environment experts. 
  • Training for this course is available online and offline. Offline classes are only available in Jaipur. 
  • The examination centre for the EX200 exam can be selected per the city's choice with Grras Solutions. 
  • All the classes will be taken on Microsoft Teams, and recording for each session will be available. 
  • Along with theoretical knowledge, experts will assist with labs and hands-on practice, preparing students for practical and performance-based tasks. 


Exam Topics in EX200 for RHCSA in Detail

  • System and Service Management: Start, stop, and check system service status. Control how services start at boot. Manage running processes and their priorities.
  • Users and Groups Administration: Create, modify, and delete user accounts. Manage passwords and user groups. Set file permissions for users and groups.
  • File System and Storage Management: Create and manage different file systems. Partition disks and set up logical volumes. Mount/unmount file systems and manage swap space.
  • System Security and Firewall: Configure firewall rules to control network traffic. Secure system services like SSH and HTTP. Implement basic security practices like password policies.
  • Automation using Shell Scripting: Write and run simple scripts to automate tasks. Use variables and conditions in scripts. Automate system admin jobs with scripts.
  • System Tuning: Monitor system performance and resource usage. Tweak kernel settings to optimise performance. Manage CPU and memory resources efficiently.
  • Process Management: Monitor and control running processes. Understand process states and priorities. Send signals to processes to control their behaviour.
  • Log Management: Configure system logs and manage log file rotation. Analyse logs for troubleshooting and security. Set up remote logging.
  • Networking in Linux: Configure network interfaces, IP addresses, and gateways. Manage network services like DNS and NTP. Set up network security with firewalls and VPNs.
  • Troubleshoot Linux Booting Process: Understand how Linux boots up. Manage the GRUB bootloader. Troubleshoot boot issues by checking system logs and kernel messages.


Exam Day Tips and Strategies

  • What to Expect on Exam Day: Arrive early, bring your ID, and go through a tutorial. Take a performance-based exam in a secured Red Hat Linux environment with time constraints.
  • Recommended Exam-Taking Strategies: Read questions carefully, manage time wisely, use available resources, review work before submitting, and stay calm and focused.
  • Post-Exam Feedback and Retake Policies: Receive score reports with feedback, retake options with fees, provide exam experience feedback, and challenge any issues formally if needed.



Earning the RHCSA certification proves your expertise in managing Red Hat Linux systems. The EX200 exam tests your real-world skills through practical tasks. Preparing well is crucial, from using study resources to setting up practice labs and mastering exam strategies. 

But you don't have to go alone to it! Grras Solutions offers a comprehensive 30-day RHCSA course with expert guidance, hands-on training, and exam registration support. Their IT professionals will help you ace the EX200 and get certified. Enrol in Grras Solutions' Master RedHat Certification Course today and take the first step towards elevating your Linux admin career.

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