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The idea of becoming a cloud DevOps engineer might sound attractive to you. This can be happening due to a lot many reasons, the top one being its bright future. We are living in a world where cloud is a part of all of our activities. Whether we talk about individuals, small companies or big corporations, everyone needs cloud.

It is a fast- paced environment and working in it requires you to be something of that sort too. Becoming a cloud DevOps engineer will require you to have a whole lot of knowledge about this cutting- edge technology. And for this very reason, you need to start early. If you are looking for ways to start and stay ahead of your competitors, you will need the help of the best. Hence, the best thing to get started with today is a DevOps and Cloud Computing winter training with 100% job guarantee.

When you pick the right institute for your winter internship in DevOps and cloud computing, you will be able to succeed. Thus, you need to gain the right kind of experience and that can only happen with the best. A winter internship will give you the opportunity to not just learn but also gain practical expertise. This is exactly the kind of knowledge and experience that will help you go the long way.

As per the Accelerate State of DevOps Report of 2021, 55 per cent respondents were found using public cloud, which is 5 per cent more than the previous year. The constant rise that we are witnessing is bound to happen in the coming years too. Hence, a rise is DevOps engineer roles has also been witnessed. As a consequence, you need to start as soon as possible. That is the only way you will be able to get a step ahead of your competition.

Before we get onto more information about the DevOps and Cloud Computing winter training program, let us take a better look at cloud DevOps engineer. Let’s begin our blog with that first.


What is Cloud DevOps Engineer?

A cloud DevOps engineer is someone who holds the right experience and expertise in operating and developing cloud- based services and applications. As a cloud DevOps engineer, your job will include managing and delivering cloud- based services and applications, as well as the infrastructure that supports them.

You also be responsible for working closely with IT professionals, operations staff and other developers. All this is done with the purpose of ensuring the delivery of cloud- based assets is done effectively and efficiently.


How to Become a Cloud DevOps Engineer?

Becoming a cloud DevOps engineer is not something that you can make happen overnight. And that is also one of the reasons why these professionals hold such a highly esteemed position. There are quite a lot of things you require to become cloud DevOps engineer. In this blog, we will give you a brief about the those.

To begin with you will need to possess a strong understanding of both the operations and development processes. Along with this, knowledge of integrating them seamlessly is crucial. Experience of using multiple DevOps tools will come handy, and so will knowledge in automation. Here is a more detailed list of things you should be good at to become a good cloud DevOps engineer.

  • Get Started with the Fundamentals of DevOps

First things first and that means getting started with the fundamentals of DevOps. Since DevOps is all about automation in terms of software development and delivery, you need to ace that part. For this purpose, you will have to learn more about employing various technologies and tools to automate multiple tasks. With the knowledge of these basics, your journey ahead will be fluent.

  • Become a Part of the DevOps Culture

The DevOps culture is all about promoting communication and collaboration between the operations and the development teams. All this is done with the singular purpose of streamlining the process of software development. Hence, everybody has to be on the same page with terms to deployments, testing and code changes.

  • Enrol with DevOps Training and Certification

One of the most crucial aspects to getting enrolled with DevOps training and certification. The problem does not lie in the question why but the question where. Getting started with the right institute is extremely important. For this purpose, winter training by Grras Solutions is also a great idea. This 6- month training will render you will more benefits that you can think of. It is at the right place that you will gain the right knowledge and skills to move forward.


Required Skills & Qualifications

In order to become a cloud DevOps engineer, you will need to ace a long list of required skills and qualifications. However, the most important ones include having a strong understanding of various cloud concepts to implement, manage and design cloud- based solutions. While a lot of employers will only prefer to look at your experience and skill- set, some still prefer for you to have a qualification. Thus, get any degree in tech, such as computer science. At least get a bachelor’s degree.

Here are some technologies you will need to have good knowledge in to get started.

  • Automation technologies like Jenkins or Kubernetes
  • Scripting languages like Ruby or Python
  • Public clouds such as Google Cloud Platform, AWS or Azure
  • Configuration management tools like Chef or Puppet


While technical skills or hard skills are integral to ensuring to get seen, there are other skills you need to work on as well. These skills are called soft skills and if you dream of climbing to the very top, then these are extremely essential. These soft skills are key indicators of how ready a person is to start climbing the ladder. Here are some you should never skip working on.

  • Having excellent communication skills is a must. Work on perfecting both verbal and written communication skills. After all, how else will you be able to perfect the working between the two departments?
  • Learn the ability to keep reinventing yourself. This is essential because the tech world is highly dynamic and you need the aid of the right flexibility and reinvention skills.
  • Working both collaboratively and independently is a skill, one you need to learn. Segregating when you need to apply which is also something that will take you a long way.


These are requirements are only the beginning of a long journey ahead. As you get more experience and strive to higher- paying jobs, the list of requirements will keep growing.


Job Role of a Cloud DevOps Engineer

There are no two ways about the fact that a cloud DevOps engineer has many job roles to fulfil. While your ultimate job role might differ depending upon your position and where you stand in the team, here are some of the top responsibilities a cloud DevOps engineer picks.

  • As a cloud DevOps engineer, you will be responsible for the design and implementation of DevOps solutions on AWS
  • You will decide and put into practice the quickest and the safest methods to get code from development to production
  • Your job responsibility will include monitoring capacity utilization and system performance
  • As a cloud DevOps engineer, you will be working with the QA, operations and the development departments for the automation of deploying, testing and building processes
  • Creation and maintenance of infrastructure as code and deployment pipelines


DevOps and Cloud Computing Winter Internship Training by Grras Solutions

As mentioned above, it is extremely important to get enrolled with the right place for your DevOps and Cloud Computing winter internship. The main reason is that this place will help you learn what you are about to learn. Only a good place will be able to instil confidence in you and thus, choosing wisely is not an option.

With Grras Solutions to offer you winter internship in DevOps and Cloud Computing, there is nothing to worry about. This internship and industrial training is a 6- month long program designed to help students get started in the right way.

When you set out to search for success, there is no better way to get started than with the very best. For this purpose alone, enrolling with Grras Solutions’ internship and industrial training in DevOps and Cloud Computing is the one. With the help of training from the very best, you will find yourself amid a sea of opportunities. Each of these benefits will take you a step closer to your goal of succeeding in life.

The best way to get started is now. Grras Solutions’ winter internship program is just a click away. To get started, all you need is to get in touch with our experts now. If you are a student who has completed their BCA, MCA, BTech or MTech degree, then this is the program for you. There is no better way to begin your success journey than with Grras Solutions, the experts there and the additional opportunity of working on live projects. Get started now!

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