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DevOps needs no introduction, especially to those who are a part of the tech world. Since you are here, investing your time in reading this blog to get to learn more about the top 15 DevOps tools to learn & master for success, we believe it is best to not waste any time in introducing what DevOps is.

In fact, with this blog, we will get right to the point and begin with the top tools to learn. DevOps is a vast field and to able to find success here, you need to become a master in things that matter.

Since DevOps is not a technology you can find finesse in as such, you should aim at mastering the top 15 DevOps tools that will help you in growing your career and lead a successful future.

To begin with, as a DevOps expert, you need to have your mind in the right place. You need to be certain and have an assertive attitude, which is further reflect in the people and processes you manage. DevOps is a big believer of open collaboration.

What is open collaboration, you ask? Transparency has become one of the vital aspects of modern office working. With open collaboration, workflows have become more defined and there is more definitive coordination across teams.

This has led to a transparent workflow, leading to faster and more effective working. With everything out in the open, information and communication flow between various teams has become easier.

Now, getting to the point, let us begin by briefing about what is DevOps tools.

What is a DevOps Tool?

Since DevOps is not a technology but more of a practice, you need the help of a DevOps tool to function better and have a smoother time coordinating teams. DevOps tools are applications that will help you automate the process of software development.

With the aid of various DevOps tools, the collaboration and communication between operations professionals, software development and product management become smoother.

Here is a list of the top 15 DevOps tools to learn & master for success!


Linux is a popular open-source OS used to manage a system’s resources and hardware such as storage, memory and CPU. In order to create a smooth and dynamic software development process, Linux is the most apt to be perused by the DevOps team.


  • Freely available
  • Community-based development project
  • Offers a multiuser system
  • Highly secured OS



Written in Java, Maven is a management and automation tool which aids in building projects in Scala, Ruby, C++ and other programming languages.


  • An expansive repository of libraries
  • New features on fingertips
  • Simple project setup



If you wish to build, run and ship distributed applications anywhere, then Docker is the tool for you. Containers may be managed via an app as a cluster or as a single group. Docker is definitely one of the top 15 DevOps tools to learn & master for success.


  • Works with any stack
  • Features to eliminate conflicts & enhance security
  • All features in one kind of app



Git is an open-source and free version control system which is designed in such a manner so as to handle everything from a to z with efficiency and speed.


  • Empowered collaboration & swifter release cycle
  • Free & easy to use
  • Lightning quick services
  • Easily repeatable tasks
  • Effective management of code



The Jenkins tool is an open-source automation server used to execute multiple jobs. Problems are identified faster and project changes are swifter with the employment of Jenkins.


  • Hundreds of plugins
  • Cyclic integration & delivery
  • Java based programs that are ready to run
  • Easy to set up and configure



Ansible is especially designed for collaboration. With Ansible, the process of automation can be easily managed, deployed, automated and scaled up, resulting is speeding up of the productivity.


  • Deploy multi-tier apps
  • Amazing at managing systems
  • Simple, consistent & reliable for configuration management
  • Helps mitigate risk



For IT infrastructure monitoring teams that face infrastructure-related issues, Nagios is definitely amongst the top 15 DevOps tools to learn & master for success. It is stuffed with features of log monitoring, server management and broad network.


  • Free to use
  • Scale & manage thousands of servers and hosts
  • Detect potential security threats faster



Puppet is a free, open-source DevOps tool that guarantees all the configurations are evenly applied across developing software. Hence, for managing multiple servers, Puppet is one of the top DevOps tools you should learn.


  • Free to use
  • Works for hybrid applications and infrastructure
  • Provides client-server architecture
  • Supports several platforms
  • Supports various OS



Kubernetes, which is also known as K8s, is an open-source system that helps automate, scale, deploy and manage containerized applications into logical unites, resulting in easy discovery and management.


  • Scale up web servers without expanding ops team
  • Runs on most hybrid, on-premises and public cloud hosting services
  • Scale mobile and web applications


Prometheus is an open-source, free system that helps in alerting and monitoring toolkit based on the time-series data model. Cloud companies and a lot of DevOps teams utilise the monitoring process on a wide basis.


  • Free for use
  • Easily customizable
  • Flexible query language
  • Keeps simultaneous tabs on hundreds of micro services
  • Features Node Exporter



QuerySurge offers one-of-a-kind and unprecedented smart data testing solution for unstopped data testing. It is definitely one of the top 15 DevOps tools to learn & master for success.


  • Continuous testing with seamless integration
  • Verifies large data quickly
  • Robust API



Embold is a leading software analytics platform used to analyse source code and uncover problems that can impact robustness, maintainability, security or stability. Since it is better to fix bugs before deployment, Embold is the tool to learn and master.


  • Various plugins for detecting vulnerabilities
  • Unique anti-pattern detection
  • Integrates seamlessly with other tools
  • Faster checks for 10+ languages



If you wish to build and manage virtual machine environments in a unified workflow, the Vagrant is the best DevOps tool for you to learn and master. It focuses on automation by offering super easy workflow.


  • Lowers development setup time
  • Integrates well with existing configuration management tools
  • Offers ideal development environment



To achieve scale, consistency and speed, Chef is one of the most suitable DevOps tools. With Chef, you will be able to complete complex tasks with ease.


  • Manage data centres effectively
  • Manage multiple cloud environments at the same time
  • Maintains high availability



Capistrano is one of the most popular remote server automation tools used by DevOps teams. It is most commonly used for executing arbitrary tasks and supporting scripting.


  • Deploy web applications to multiple machines
  • Automate common tasks
  • Various Host and Role filters



This list of the top 15 DevOps tools to learn & master for success will help you make a name for yourself in the tech world. Since the field is always growing, success is not a distant prospect for you with these DevOps tools. Grras provides cloud computing job oriented training for better carrier.

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