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The level of competition is getting higher with every passing day and to be able to stand out in such circumstances, you need to be an all-rounder, the best at what you do. Being a developer is no longer as beneficial as being a full stack web developer.

To help make things easy for you, here is a blog containing everything you need to know about full stack web development Job Oriented course by Grras Solutions.


What is a Full Stack Web Development Course?

A Full Stack Web Development Course is where an individual gets acquainted with the complete knowledge and information about software development as well as various testing technologies including Angular, Protractor, Node.js, Docker and JavaScript.

Upon completion, a person becomes enough knowledgeable and skilful to be able to build a complete application, store data and test & deploy code.

A Full Stack Web Development Course gives you enough knowledge, skills and opportunities to work with front-end, middleware as well as the back-end software development technologies such as quality assurance and testing. Thus, you will become an all-rounder when it comes to developing a website as you will be able to carry out the entire process on your own, without the need of support from another developer.


What is MEAN and MERN?

MEAN and MERN are the similar course but with a slight change.

As suggested by their names, MEAN stands for MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node.js. On the other hand, MERN stands for MongoDB, Express.js, React, and Node.js.

Hence, both the courses are related to Full Stack Web Development but in one, you get to learn about Angular and in the other, you get to learn React. You have the chance to choose either one as per your desire.


Job Opportunities after Full Stack Web Development Course

There is no end to the number of opportunities one can explore after completion of this course. Since we are covering everything you need to know about Full Stack Web Development Job Guarantee Course, we are also going to give you an insight into the job profiles you will have the opportunity to exploring.

  1. Full Stack Developer

A Full Stack Web Developer is someone who holds the ability to develop both server side and client side of a website. In this course, you will learn all the skills needed develop and build a website efficiently and effectively.

  1. MERN Stack Developer

MERN stack is a pack of technologies that helps in rapid application development. Apps developed using MERN stack is majorly done using JavaScript only as the four technologies of the course are all JS-based.

  1. MEAN Stack Developer

To become a MEAN stack developer, you only need knowledge in certain areas and this course will cover them all. You will become a JS-based application developer, which is quite high in demand.

  1. AngularJS Developer

As suggested by the name, you will become a developer specialising in using Angular for development. Since the demand of this technology is quite high amongst companies across the globe, you will get many opportunities too.


About MEAN Full Stack Web Development Training by Grras Solutions

Becoming a MEAN Full Stack Web Developer will help you elevate your chances of a bright future. With the right course, you will be able to seize the best chances possible and that is why you should be going with Grras Solutions.

Duration – With a duration of 160 hours, Grras Solutions offers you two alternatives. The first is a regular track that you can complete in 80 days and fast-track that takes 20 days.

Outline – The course covers HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, JQuery, Advance JavaScript, Typescript & Object-oriented programming fundamentals, Angular, Node.js with Express, MongoDB and Cloud for deployment.


About MERN Full Stack Web Development Training by Grras Solutions

Becoming a MERN Full Stack Web Developer is the best possible choice for your career’s success. Starting your journey with the best will help you experience the most successful tomorrow and thus, Grras Solution’s Full Stack Web Development Course is what you need to choose now.

Duration – The course duration is 200 hours, which can be completed in 100 days via regular track or 25 days via fast-track.

Outline - The course covers HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, JQuery, Advance JavaScript, React.js, Node.js with Express, MongoDB and Cloud for deployment.


About Grras Solution’s Job Guarantee Program

Grras Solution’s one of the biggest KPIs is its Job Guarantee Program, popularly known as a Job Oriented Program.

Upon choosing our Job Oriented Program, along with training and certification, you will get access to our 100% job placement guarantee. Thus, you will not have to worry about having to find a job as soon as you complete your training and certification because this course will give you the chance to get interviews with some of the biggest companies of the sector and work along with them.

Not only this, you will also get your money back in case Grras Solutions is unable to get you a job to help you kickstart your career!



So, what are you waiting for? it’s time to get going in your career with Grras Solution’s Full Stack Web Development Job Oriented Course to be able to make your career a super success in the years to come.

If you still have any more queries, you can get in touch with us via phone or mail!

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