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Amazon is a big name popular across the globe. It is one of the most well-known and amongst the largest corporations in the world. Headquartered in the United States, it has always been ahead of its time. Today, its popularity level is quite high, especially among businesses. Its services have made it a staple in many organizations of the highest levels.

Getting started with an AWS training and certification course is the best way to tread forward. With the right course, you will be able to unlock the numerous opportunities this field holds. To be able to make the most of your training period, you should ensure you are getting enrolled with the very best. But before we get there, there are many things this blog will cover.

Amazon Web Services or AWS is an integral aspect of Amazon. Knowing about these services will help you get a step closer to your dream of making a career in this field. These services can be categorized into IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS. While this blog is mainly concentrated on AWS Infrastructure as a Service, we will still take a brief tour around the other two.

Let us begin to understand the various layers of AWS, beginning with an introduction to it.


An Introduction to AWS

Amazon Web Services, more popular among the masses as AWS is a cloud computing platform. This is one of the most widely well-known and used public cloud platform on a global level. AWS is known to be a pioneer in the field of on-demand computing.

It was launched in 2006 and has since grown incredibly. The pace with which AWS has found itself multiplying is incredible. Today, it is a multi-billion dollar business with branches and roots spread globally. As of this date, AWS offers its customers access to hundreds of services from data warehousing, virtual ground stations, serverless computing, and database management, including others.

You will find various famous companies having had successfully built their infrastructure on AWS. A few of names include Airbnb, Splunk, Zapproved, Bambora, Playauto, Okta and many more.

AWS can either be SaaS, PaaS, or IaaS. Depending on what the needs of a certain company are, one should go for them. In the coming section of the blog, we will discuss about PaaS and SaaS in brief and IaaS in detail.


AWS as PaaS (Platform as a Service)

PaaS is one of the offerings of AWS and quite widely chosen if we are being honest. But what exactly does it entail?

PaaS is a service offering developers the foundation to design apps. Simply put, a third-party vendor provides software and hardware tools to the users over the internet. In consequence, the users only have to handle the application development and design process. All the software and the hardware are hosted by the PaaS service provider, AWS in this case.

PaaS is the one that simplifies the entire process of application development on the web. The developers get the opportunity to access the platform data from anywhere at any time with cloud technology. hence, project development is facilitated on a global level.


Benefits of PaaS

  • A lot of time is saved in developing applications due to the existing cross-platform environments
  • The users are free from worrying about backup services and platform maintenance
  • As per the user’s demand, flexible development is always an option
  • Users save a lot of money and time because of availability of application development environment
  • Users can access the infrastructure immediately


AWS as SaaS (Software as a Service)

The second service offered by AWS is SaaS. SaaS is also referred to as on-demand software, hosted software, or web-based software many a times. It is a software distributed model that has its applications hosted and kept discoverable over the internet for the customers.

A majority a worldwide users go in the favour of SaaS over its counterparts. When a company chooses to embrace this service, they get access to the application in addition to its performance, availability, and security managed by the provider.


Benefits of SaaS

  • All the data can be stored on the internet
  • The same data warehouse can be accessed by multiple users
  • The user can directly use network without the need to install any software
  • Users get quick operation and setup of the advanced applications
  • As long as the user has an internet connection, data can be accessed by them from any device


AWS as IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS is a service that lays intent on offering infrastructure services that are based on cloud computing technology. While there are numerous organizations out there that offer IaaS, but there are no doubts about AWS being the best of them. AWS has clients in over 190 countries!

The driving force being IaaS is to replace physical resources like servers with virtual resources that are both hosted as well as managed by Amazon. Without incurring any additional fees for operation or maintenance, users can run any application or operating system on these leased servers.

With the help of IaaS, businesses can digitize in a quicker way. And all the while, they can integrate their entire data on a single platform. Businesses can also scale up or down as per their current needs. Magento is one of the focus examples of IaaS in AWS.


Benefits of IaaS

  • IaaS facilitates the growth of resources of the server related to functionality and quality

  • Offers separate development environment
  • No extra cost or errors come forth during the upgrading of the system
  • Operating system and hardware specifications for the service can be picked and used by the user directly from the network


Why Choose IaaS?

Every organization wishes to pay for what will help them grow. While SaaS and PaaS are both incredible services by AWS, there are many reasons why organizations go for IaaS. Here are some of the reasons why modern enterprises prefer IaaS.


With IaaS, an organization can provision any number of resources merely within minutes. Additionally, testing and launching of new ideas into the market happens at a faster pace. This gives the user the space and comfort of directing their entire focus on their core business activities.


AWS IaaS offers an environment that is highly reliable and the replacement virtual machines can be predictably and rapidly commissioned. The service paves its way through Amazon’s fata centres and network infrastructure.

Competitive Pricing

IaaS is an incredible cloud computing model, more so for its highly flexible and competitive pricing. The customer only has to pay for the resources that are being used by them. Thus, an efficient IT resource management is encouraged and innovation is promoted as cloud services become more affordable to small businesses.


Cloud providers such as AWS provide geographically spread data centres which can be used by the user to scale up any application in locations that can found physically closer to you.

Backup & Recovery

IaaS providers, especially AWS, gives the user an access to unlimited infrastructure for the purpose of disaster recovery and backup. So, you can duplicate your applications and sync data backups automatically, among other things.


What are the Types of IaaS?

AWS offers various IaaS infrastructure resources to be used as cloud computing services. The infrastructure services can be classified into three broad categories namely


Storage resources are offered in abundance by cloud providers. The storage resources provided by IaaS providers can be categorized into three types –

  • Block storage keeps data stored in blocks such as hard drive or SSD
  • Object storage keeps data stored as objects, it is similar to those in object-oriented programming
  • File storage keeps data stored as files as done in a NAS


There are various cloud compute resources including graphical processing units (GPUs), internal memory (RAM), and central processing units (CPUs) that are all required to perform any tasks. Compute resources are requested by the users in the form of cloud instances or virtual machines. The required capacity is then provisioned by the cloud services, allowing you to run all your planned tasks in a virtual environment.


Many networking resources are included in an IaaS infrastructure including load balancers, routers, and switches. IaaS models run as they virtualize these application’s networking functions in software.



Getting started with AWS training and certification in India is one of the best ways to become a part of this sector. If you are still looking for more insights into AWS Infrastructure as a Service, then you need to get in touch with our experts today.

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