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AWS something you must already be familiar with if you are a part of the tech world. And even if you are just beginning out with AWS training and certification course, then you must have heard about it. One of the key things before beginning is to ensure you have done your share of research.

With this blog, we are going to give you a peek into the world of serverless applications. How to create serverless applications using AWS Cloud? Let us find out more about how it happens. But before we get to it, details about AWS Serverless Application Model is important.


An Overview of the AWS Serverless Application Model

SAM or the AWS Serverless Applications Model is an open-source framework that is used for building serverless applications. This framework offers shorthand syntax to express databases, event source mappings, APIs, and functions.

Each source has only a few line and can be used to define the applications one want, which can then be modelled using YAML. The SAM syntax is transformed and expanded into the AWS CloudFormation syntax with SAM during deployment. This facilitates the user to rapidly and fluently build serverless applications.

AWS SAM CLI is used for building SAM-based applications. SAM CLI is also used for deploying applications to AWS. Secure CI/CD (continuous integration/ continuous deployment) pipelines can also be created using SAM CLI.

The user’s innovation and agility increase with serverless. This native architecture of the cloud facilitates the user to move many of their operational responsibilities to AWS. Thus, you can build and run services and applications without worrying about servers.

Many infrastructure tasks are eliminated. These include patching, capacity provisioning, cluster or server provisioning, and operating system maintenance. They can be built with almost any type of backend service or application.


More About AWS Cloud Development Kit

AWS released an improved version of the getting started experience in the already widely popular AWS Lambda console in October 2019. The improved version gave users the opportunity to create applications that run along the lines of common best practices by using IaC or Infrastructure as Code. The new release also offers a CI/CD pipeline for deployment.

One of the key terms to know about is AWS CDK or AWS Cloud Development Kit. It is an open-source software development framework. It aids the user in defining the cloud infrastructure in code as well as provisioning it via AWS CloudFormation.

In simple terms, it gives the developers the chance to define infrastructure in previously known programming languages. The languages include but are not limited to Python, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, and C+. One can also make the most of familiar features provided by the languages with AWS CDK. This can include conditions, objects, and loops.

In order to fully understand everything about AWS CDK, you will need to spend some time with experts. Thus, we advise you to get enrolled with the right AWS training and certification course now. But of course, we are not going to leave you hanging. Let us walk you through the process of creating serverless applications using AWS Cloud.


How to Create Serverless Applications using AWS Cloud?

In order to create a serverless application with the use of AWS Cloud, there are a series of steps that you need to follow. Here is what you need to do –

  1. Choose Applications on the left menu
  2. Choose Create Application
  3. From the list of examples, click on Serverless API Backend
  4. Once you are done reviewing the configuration and the setup of the application, click on Next
  5. Configure application settings –
  • Application name: serverless-api-cdk
  • Repository name: serverless-api-cdk
  • Description for application: A simple serverless API application
  • Repository provider: CodeCommit (Note: you can also choose GitHub. But for that, you will have to connect to the GitHub account you have for authorization)
  • Runtime: Node.js 10.x.
  • Permissions: create roles and permissions boundary
  • Template format: AWS CDK
  1. Click on Create

And voila! Your new serverless application has been created from the Lambda console!

The pipeline and all related resources are created by the console. Additionally, the sample application code is also committed with the Git repository. As and when resources are created, they appear in the overview page.

In the next section of the blog, we are going to take a look at the CDK models being used for creating the application resources.


Cloning the Application Repository

When an application is created, a Git repository is created by the Lambda console. This contains the sample application. Here are the steps to cloning the application repository –

  1. Search for your application in the Lambda console
  2. Click on the Code tab
  3. Based on the authentication mode configured by you during setup, copy the SSH or HTTP repository URI
  4. Clone the repository onto your local machine

The repository consists of the CDK models for a build specification, the application code, and the application.


How to Install the AWS CDK in Local Environment?

Once done with creating a serverless application using AWS Cloud, there are still things that need to be done. For instance, installing the AWS CDL in your local environment.

To be able to do it, all you need to know is a simple command.

$ npm install -g aws-cdk@1 .42 .0

If you want to verify CDK’s version number, here is the command to make use of.

$ cdk --version


Serverless Multi-tier Architecture on AWS

AWS follows a multi-tier architecture that enables the application to be developed as well as distributed in multiple layers. How many numbers of layers to get it distributed amongst depends upon the business needs. It is also referred to as n-tier architecture.

The three-tier architecture is one of the most preferred picks. The three tiers are

  • The Presentation Tier
  • The Logic Tier
  • The Data Tier

There are dozens of benefits of making use of serverless services managed by AWS. Here are some to begin with –

  • No risk to app performance by under-provisioning
  • No servers to scale out, secure, or monitor
  • No OS to patch, manage, or choose
  • No risk to infrastructure cost due to over-provisioning


Let us get to know more about each of the three tiers.

Presentation Tier – presentation tier is the one with which users directly interact.

Logic Tier – this is the one that consists of all the codes that interprets the user’s actions into the application’s behaviour.

Data Tier – it contains storage for holding the data that is relevant to the application.


The Right Path to Take

Whenever we talk about making it big in the tech world, there is one thing we cannot ever undermine the value of and that is getting enrolled in the right institute. When it comes to finding success in your journey as a tech expert, it all about getting trained with the right resources and people.

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Additionally, when it comes to courses such as AWS, it is always better to learn while doing. Thus, enrolling with an institute that offers training on live projects can really come handy. This way, you are not just gaining knowledge but also practical skills that will help you become better suited to get hired. Thus, giving you the chance to get seen by potential companies.

With the aid of everything that you will get at Grras Solutions, you are sure to enjoy a bright future ahead. Begin now by enrolling with Grras’ AWS training and certification program.

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