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Since the times we are living in are highly competitive, companies constantly find themselves at a war against time, working hard to perform better than they did before, perform better than their competitors, and working hard to get seen by their target audience. In order to achieve this, they need to work on their swiftness and increase their agility. The digital upgradation cannot be ignored and in fact, has played a big role in helping these companies perform better.

Companies today are willing to employ any method or technology necessary to ensure their success and thus, do not shy away from hiring experts and professionals to facilitate to execution too. DevOps and Cloud Computing have proven to be two of the most widely used and incorporated technologies and processes today to aid companies in transforming their ways.

These two are definitely not the same. While they are perfectly workable without coming together, the result is certainly better when these two reconcile. But what exactly is the relationship between DevOps and Cloud Computing? And more importantly, do you need your career to move ahead with training in DevOps and Cloud Computing.

Once we answer all your questions, we will also steer you towards the institute that offers the finest and the most beneficial Linux, DevOps and Cloud Computing Pay After Placement Course in Jaipur. Why? Because big things need big pushes and that is exactly what you will experience as you enrol with this pay after placement program, seizing the opportunity to learn at zero upfront cost and also getting placement guarantee along the way.



What is DevOps?


Let’s take a brief look into what is DevOps to better understand its relation with both Linux and Cloud Computing.

DevOps is a term that has come into being by amalgamating two words – development and operations. So basically, the term DevOps depicts the shared approach or the collaboration between the tasks performed in synch by an organization’s application development department and the IT operations department.

DevOps is not a technology but rather more on the verge of a philosophy that facilitates better collaboration and communication between different teams or departments within an organization. DevOps gives us a scope of about the adoption of automation, maintenance, software development, and programmable infrastructure deployment. DevOps has been used to influence a change in IT tools, services, best practices, job roles and software delivery chain.

DevOps works in various ways. It is a methodology employed to improve the work quality and quantity across the software development lifecycle. The DevOps process is an infinite loop and comprises of various steps including planning, coding, building, testing, releasing, deploying, operating, and monitoring, leading to feedback, which takes us to planning.


What are some of the Benefits DevOps Brings Along?

DevOps is one of the methodologies that brings along a ton of benefits. While it is highly difficult to get all the list of the benefits in one blog, we will still give you a few as to how DevOps helps companies and ultimately why you should be going for this field too.

  • DevOps is responsible for promoting better and smoother flowing conversations and silos between the various IT groups in an organization
  • DevOps leads to lesser downtime
  • DevOps leads to streamlines development processes via code ownership and increased responsibility in the process of development
  • DevOps is responsible for an improvement in the software delivery pipeline via deployment, builds and validations
  • DevOps facilitates faster time to launch the software
  • Since DevOps promotes automation, it means less menial work


How are DevOps and Cloud Computing Related?

When it comes to offering benefits in the world of agile business, both DevOps and Cloud Computing are solid contenders. Now that we know what DevOps is and what is brings to the table in terms of benefits, we can better explore the relation between DevOps and Cloud Computing.

Cloud is used by companies to make sure they have the right access to endless solutions and features at a speed that works the best for them. It is only possible with Cloud that companies get an unlimited kind of access of these functionalities. Similarly, DevOps supports an agile environment for the company to flourish in.

But what is the need to bring them together when they work so find apart as well? It is pretty simple – their strengths are complementary by nature and thus, when put to use together, what they can help a company achieve is simply amazing.

Clouds have been designed in such a manner that they facilitate the optimum and maximum utilization of all DevOps tools. Cloud has multiple tools to offer for centralized deployment and may offer additional support for DevOps built-in.

To better understand how DevOps and Cloud Computing are related, let us take into consideration the build, test and run phases of the software development life cycle –

Build – Complex technology stacks are needed for advanced applications and those require a great deal of efforts for configuration and development. With Cloud Computing, developers get continuous access to all necessary development platforms in mere minutes, as compared to the months’ time that it used to take earlier.

Experiment – With the right DevOps approach, you will need to do all the manual work or rather innovative work at the very beginning, but after that, the entire remaining SDLC falls in automated pipeline.

Automated testing is an essential phase to transform vision into a reality. Test environments that begin to move towards the scope and complexity of production can easily be developed with cloud and that too in a cost- efficient manner.

Run – An additional or new infrastructure is usually required when moving from deploying to production. With cloud, companies get high speed in developing operational environments with additional features of being resource efficient, flexible and scalable.



What is Linux?


Linux, as already known to most of you out there, is an open- source OS (operating system) that allows all its users to view, redistribute and modify Linux systems as per their needs. The advantages offered by Linux are quite a few and here are a few of them –

  • Linux users hardly ever gets malware or viruses
  • It is super light- weight
  • Offers a much higher level of performance when compared with its competitors
  • With hardly any copyright issues, anyone can use it as per their wish



Where go for Linux, DevOps and Cloud Computing Pay After Placement Course in Jaipur?


When it comes to starting a career in the field of Linux, DevOps and Cloud Computing, a lot of students wish to get to the top but know little about how to get there or what path to take to get there. But this blog has got it all covered because not only are we going to tell you about the best institute in Jaipur for your Linux, DevOps and Cloud Computing course, but also where you can get this course completed and perfected at ZERO UPFRONT FEE.

Yes, we know it seems a little hard to believe but trust us, it is possible and is now within your reach because Grras Solutions is offering you their most awaited program – AARAMBH, their PAY AFTER PLACEMENT program.



What is a Pay After Placement Program?


A Pay After Placement program is one where you do not have to pay anything at the time of joining a course. You get trained by experts at FREE OF COST initially and are only liable to pay after the completion of completion of your course and getting a job that pays more than what we promised you initially. The amount? At least 3 LPA.

So, you get the opportunity to learn from some of the finest industry experts in India in the field of Linux, DevOps and Cloud Computing at Grras Solutions and that too at zero cost. Along with this, Grras Solutions offers courses with 100% JOB PLACEMENT GUARANTEE, which states that getting your places is our concern and we will provide that. In case we are unable to do so, you do not have to pay us!

Grras Solutions’ Pay After Placement program offers training in Linux, DevOps and Cloud Computing – which are some of the leading fields today across the entire globe. And what better opportunity to get started and perfected in this field than by those who know it at the back of their hands and offering it at NO INITIAL COST?


How can I enrol?

To enrol with Grras Solution’s PAY AFTER PLACEMENT program in Jaipur to get your hands on the best Linux, DevOps and Cloud Computing course, all you need to do is come to our training centre, have a 15 minutes conversation with our head trainer, appear for a small efficiency test and get started.

This OFFLINE COURSE will help open up a myriad number of doors for you to help you succeed and get all that you need to ensure success. Get trained today for free and pay after successfully getting placed in a leading company that will help you in growing your career. And all this is just a step away at Grras Solutions.

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