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Are you looking for a lucrative career or job option that can help you with long-term benefits? If yes, this blog will cater to your answers! 

According to Naukri.com, LinkedIn Jobs and other portals, there are around 2,000 job openings for DevOps every month, recording a sharp 30-40% rise in DevOps jobs in the past few months. Moreover, the higher the experience, the higher the DevOps salary package, as experience enhances the working style and use of techniques, practices and philosophies, thereby making individuals' portfolios more attractive and lucrative. 

But why so much hype for DevOps, right? 

For all those wondering about the hype or looking for facts that claim the increasing DevOps job market opportunities, our experts at Grras Solutions will help you with the clarity! 

DevOps (Development + Operations) is all about automation. The primary role of a DevOps engineer is to combine, streamline and automate a company's development and software roles, which helps increase its capability of deliverables, thereby resulting in more profits. 

This blog serves all enthusiasts and learners who plan to opt for DevOps as their career opportunity. In the sections below, we have mentioned what DevOps is, why DevOps and why real-time DevOps training helps graduates with an edge! 

So, instead of juggling between different links for the answers, connect with us till the last heading to get all the clarity. Scroll down to get started! 


What is DevOps and Why DevOps? 

Development and operational team members at a company often complain about being siloed. DevOps eliminates this issue from the companies and combines the software and development department workings through tools, philosophies and technologies, which helps with increased security, speed and efficiency compared to the traditional working mode. Four core DevOps principles that provide the best answers for why DevOps is - 

  • Automating the software development cycle, 

  • Promoting collaboration and improving communication, 

  • Minimizing waste with continuous improvement, 

  • Short feedback loops that focus on user's needs and preferences.

DevOps lifecycle starts from the software development process, including security, maintenance and delivery. DevOps cycle stages are- 

Plan, Create, Verify, Package, Secure, Release, Configure, Monitor, and Govern. 

A DevOps engineer is responsible for these steps and must adhere to the principles and methodologies while building or releasing the software. 


5 Best Reasons Explaining Why Real-World Training Helps DevOps Graduates with an Advantage 

In today's scenario, more than just learning about the course and getting a degree or certificate is required to secure a well-paying job in DevOps or any other field. What a recruiter always looks for is experience and an individual's capability of handling problems, finding out the answers for how the employee can add value or bring business to the company. 

So, suppose you're struggling with a job post. In that case, one of the significant reasons that may hinder your DevOps recruitment process is experience, which learners usually gain through an internship or training programme. Real-world training signifies working and experience on the projects currently in work and to be implemented. For students who have just finished their DevOps certification course, it adds value to their resumes or CVs, keeping them ahead of 60-70% of students who only have theoretical knowledge. 

To help you further with detailed answers and better clarity, here are the top 5 points that reflect the importance of DevOps training for recent graduates - 


#5 - Helps with Real-World Exposure- 

As already discussed, securing just a piece of paper does not justify the proof of knowledge an individual holds. Instead, a piece of paper demonstrating the field experience is more valuable than a degree and certificate. 

DevOps includes working on tools, including Jenkins, AWS, Docker, Chef, Vagrant, GitLab, Bitbucket, Salt, Gradle, Bamboo, GitHub, etc., collaboration of different teams, feedback, regular improvements, automation and other principles. Experience in real-world training helps the individual learn how to collaborate with teams, essential use of the tools, automation principles and other details, which will keep them ahead of inexperienced individuals. 

If we detail the exact scenario of how it will help with the advantages, then-

  • The company will not need to invest much time in your training. 

  • It will be easier for you to adapt to the working process, 

  • You can communicate on initial levels with the team. 


#4- Gives Exposure to Real-World Connections- 

As we move towards the learning path, we are all introduced to networking, which is about exchanging information and fostering a professional relationship. So, what's better than building professional connections during your training course, which will help you discover the selected field's real-world scenario, demands and the job market! 

The following pointers explain the benefits of fostering professional connections during DevOps training, which helps with a competitive edge-   

  • During the DevOps training period, professional connections increase your chances of securing a job at the same company. 

  • The more people you interact with in the same field, the more clarity you will gain about the job market and opportunities, which will help you find your interest and increase your chances of growth. 

  • Working with professionals will teach you how to tackle challenges and difficult situations. Furthermore, showcasing these skills at your new job will reflect your expertise in DevOps. 

  • Since DevOps includes working with different teams simultaneously, training helps individuals with an experience of how to communicate. 


#3 - Allows Individuals to Learn about Themselves 

Every job field and type has pros and cons, which can only be evaluated at the job site. Therefore, training in DevOps allows individuals to assess the advantages and disadvantages of DevOps and find out the minute details that the industry demands. 

This helps find a balance, as individuals will be prepared to face the cons while enjoying the perks. Moreover, it increases the chances of job satisfaction, which is directly linked with the success graph, and may also take a step closer to rewarding team player awards. 


#2 - Evaluate More than Just the Technical Skills 

When we look for jobs, we usually create high expectations with the work and rewards, whereas reality hits differently. DevOps demands technical skills, but personal and professional skills are also demanded to survive in the DevOps job environment or office. 

The most basic example that reflects the same is patience and the ability to work under pressure. Training in DwevOps increases an individual's flexibility to deliver the work with a crisp deadline while maintaining quality, which is one of the smoothest and most effective ways to impress seniors and secure a job position. 


#1 DevOps Training Keeps You Ahead of the 60-70% Crowd 

Last, yet the most important point, which tells the importance of DevOps training, is the competitive edge amid growing competition in the job market. Most students need help finding enough resources to pinpoint the importance of DevOps training and, hence, apply for the job. When an individual with real-world experience applies for the same post, they are given an advantage of first screening due to the benefits already discussed in the pointers above. 

Moreover, it will also reflect your enthusiasm, passion and motivation for the job role, which is more important than just grabbing a degree. 


Job Market Navigation Reports for DevOps Training - 

When planning for an MBA from a top-tier college like IIM or another foreign university, job experience is the foremost demand! If top universities in the world are demanding experiences, then grabbing a well-desired job post with DevOps training is an undeniable fact! 

Let's scroll down to the below-mentioned facts and figures that further claim this justification- 

  • Based on the report by the State of Millenial Hiring, US undergraduates with experience of three or more trainings are more likely to secure a full-time job. 

  • Around 81% of graduates agree that training after certification courses has helped them with better career opportunities. 

  • A 2018 report by Sutton Trust claims that individuals with training experience have more chances to secure a high-paying job. 


Final Takeaway 

To sum up, real-world training in DevOps makes the experience worth the fees paid. If you're looking for an institute that will help you with real-world training in DevOps, along with 100% job placement assistance, Grras Solutions in Delhi, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Gurgaon, Lucknow, Nagpur, Nasik and Indore is the best option. 

DevOps Training and Certification Course at Grras Solutions, designed and led by experienced IT experts, provides live-project assistance, where individuals are asked to work on real-world projects without the assistance of experts. The 200-hour certification and training course helps secure a Rs. 2,50,000 LPA job in India or a $50,000 annual salary in the USA. Detailing about 100% job-placement assistance, it guarantees job after certification courses with top partners like MakeMyTrip, Tata Consultancy Services, Genpact, Digital Ocean, and many others. 

Still confused about the course? Think less and directly connect with our experts to know more! 

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