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Our blog on the 15 best online training courses to make your career in 2021 is what you need to read to be able to find out what exactly you should be going for in order to have a successful career.

Here is a list of the 15 best online training courses that will change your future for the better and will give you the kind of career success you deserve.

In order to take your career to greater heights, it is advisable to get a professional certification.

When it comes to developing one’s skills and knowledge and expanding the horizons of one’s career, there is no doubt as to how profitable such certifications can be.

If you want to find yourself a lucrative job offer at a company that will help you have a successful career ahead, you should get onto building your profile with quality training and certification from trusted institutes.

The pandemic has furthered the need to polish your skills and knowledge.

The way the world witnessed millions of people their jobs have made them realise one thing, the importance of a great qualification and certification.

A person’s value in the professional world today is based on what they can do, what kind of certifications they have, and how many years of experience they possess. And you can excel at all these.


Best Online Training Courses to Make your Career in 2021

  1. Best Online Training Courses Of "Data Science"

If you are inclined towards working something on the front of becoming a data scientist, machine learning engineer, business analyst, or data analyst, then you should definitely think about this field.

Certifications in the field of data science are mostly focused on data visualization, predictive analytics, statistics, and big data analytics.

You do not need to have prior coding experience to take full advantage of this field.

  1. Best Online Training Courses Of "Big Data"

If you wish to test deeper waters and get into more diverse roles than is possible with a simple data science certification, then Big Data is the path to tread.

On the basis of your qualifications and experience, along with what you wish to explore as your career opportunities, you can choose amongst the multiple certifications in the arena.

Here are a few big data certifications:

  • Data Engineer
  • Deep Learning
  • Business Analytics
  • Business Intelligence
  • Natural Language Processing
  1. Best Online Training Courses Of "Cloud Computing"

In 2020, the one IT field which saw quite a rise was cloud computing. And the demand is all set to increase with the increasing time, as companies of all sizes move towards dynamic. It is already one of the leading tech jobs and the demand is going to rise.

The job titles you will be able to choose from are Cloud Architect, Cloud Developer, and Cloud Administrator, amongst many others. This is the field that is going to expand in the coming decade.

  1. Best Online Training Courses Of "Software Development"

As the name suggests, you would be developing software but just not that. You will also be taught managing, testing, and designing software applications.

This is one of the 15 best online training courses to make your career in 2021 and one we suggest you take up.

With the increasing dependency on technology for everything and anything, the field of bound to expand.

Some of the job titles you can pick are IT coordinator, systems architect, software engineer, web developer, computer systems analyst, network administrator, and programmer, amongst many others.

  1. Best Online Training Courses Of "Cybersecurity"

With the increasing dependency on the internet, the number of cyber-related crimes, attacks, and frauds has also increased.

In the wake of such instances, an urgent need for quality cybersecurity has taken birth amongst companies of all natures and dimensions.

For those who are interested in pursuing this path, getting certified and trained in the field is the best starting option.

From here, you can see what you wish to specialize in and move in that direction.

  1. Best Online Training Courses Of "DevOps"

The software application is a big unit and to harmonically bring together the arms of development and operations, DevOps came into being. With the need to always be ahead in the game and the competition, the need to have agile methods of software development has increased too.

This is where DevOps comes into the picture, giving companies the much-needed agility, saving time and money.

  1. Best Online Training Courses Of "Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)"

Both of the said names are exciting and evolving technologies of the 21st century. A career in either of these would turn to be very successful because the need for both is on the rise.

People with prior background knowledge in statistical or mathematical fields can step into this field and have a super successful walk ahead.

There are a lot of technologies that are taught within this one field, thus making it amongst the 15 best online training courses to make your career in 2021.

  1. Best Online Training Courses Of "Business Intelligence (BI)"

Are you of those who have got a great numerical prowess?

Well, in that case,

it is best if you choose the path of business intelligence because you will be able to work on real-world business issues and solves problems that arise.

The conclusions you come up with as a business intelligence expert will help companies in operating, strategic management, planning, and product development.

This is one of the most in-vogue certifications of 2021.

  1. Best Online Training Courses Of "Full Stack Development"

When we talk about full-stack development, we are talking about the complete back-end as well as front-end technologies.

Once you choose this certification, you will get training in multiple tools and languages such as Java, Oracle, Hibernate, AWS, Spring, Typescript, Git, and React, amongst many others.

Once you choose this training, you are a one-man army, who will be able to undertake the entire process of development by yourself.

  1. Best Online Training Courses Of "Networking"

In order for companies to become successful, they need to be organized.

Hence, this is where networking and hardware professionals help in building and maintaining computer networks.

Your career is bound to go to the next level as you choose this amazing certification.

  1. Best Online Training Courses of "Digital Marketing"

It is known to all how very far has the need for internet in our personal as well as professional lives gone.

Companies of all natures are using marketing digitally for a wider expansion to their demographics.

Digital marketing is an umbrella term that further incorporates fields like content marketing, marketing analytics, search engine optimization, and social media, among others.

A person with digital marketing training and certification is bound to get to better heights of success in their career because this is the new one now.

  1. Best Online Training Courses Of "Content Writing"

While many believe that content writing is the job of a digital marketer, an entirely different person can do the job.


Because big companies hire different people for each task within the width of digital marketing.

As a content writer, you can earn well, whether you decide to work full-time or become a freelancer.

  1. Best Online Training Courses Of "Red Hat"

When we talk about the leading certifications of the 21st century, Red Hat certifications are most definitely a big part of it.

Your success factor will largely depend on how you carry on which red hat certification you choose.

It is mostly in chronological order and as you climb the ladder of these certifications and training, the better your position in the tech world will be.

You will be able to choose from a myriad of jobs with the highest salary packages.

  1. Best Online Training Courses Of "Kubernetes"

The turn of this century gave us this amazing technology that is making it easier for companies to carry on with their tasks without losing anything in the process.

The certification is one of the 15 best online training courses to make your career in 2021 and you can get on it now for a better tomorrow.

Your career will get the best of the opportunities that it's the way when you have a certification as valuable and expanding as Kubernetes.

  1. Best Online Training Courses Of "Docker"

Another name that paved its way in a concrete fashion in the tech world is Docker. Along with Kubernetes, Docker is another certification you can choose to get trained in for a better future.

This course will open up the doors of some of the most prominent companies and help you get the best salary packages as well.

Your growth graph is bound to be expansive and in the upward direction.


 We hope our list of the 15 best online training courses to make your career in 2021 helps you out in deciding the certification you should choose.

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