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  • Blog timeJul 30, 2018
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Grabbing the placement opportunities after completing RHCE

How to grab placement opportunities after completing the RHCE certification?

First of all, entering into the league of Red Hat Certified Engineers is itself an achievement as there are, to date not more than sixty thousand (Approx) certified professionals. Now post clearance the first question that rises into our mind is, what’s next? Either we can pursue to study further certifications or we can opt to enter into the job market.

So if we opt for the second option then how shall we proceed can be discussed here. To get a job you need to build your portfolio and add skills that you have learnt during your training. Under the guidance of your mentor, work upon a live project that can be added to your portfolio. Update your resume on various job portals available on the internet across. Updating your LinkedIn profile is also a good option and asking for recommendations on it can increase your credibility. Also joining open source forum and communities can be a good option to interact and update your knowledge.

As we all are aware of the fact that finding better job options in metro cities are simpler than non-metro cities and companies also generally give preference to non-outstation candidates, so in this case we advise you not to get disheartened but prioritize your location preference and mention it clearly that you are ready to relocate in your e-mail, job application or resume. This would help you in not getting rejected at the first place at least. Rest is your talent, technical skills, communication skills in nailing that job right. Considering you a fresher is giving a mere excuse to yourself as chances of your selection are primarily based on your technical skills and communication skill in the ratio of 20 is to 80. Yes, you read it right! 80% of the role is played by your communication skills. Having knowledge is good but if you are unable to communicate that knowledge to another person would get you nowhere.

Last but not the least update your knowledge as per market trends and industry demands as you are aware of the fact that the IT industry is ever-growing and dynamic in nature. So in order to sustain one must have updated knowledge and skills.

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