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Until a few years ago, only software engineers knew what was truly meant by programming languages and which ones were at the top of the list. Today, thanks to the era of the internet and the changing curriculum, even kids are aware of words such as coding and programming. Non- developers have also started to take a keen interest in the growing programming languages and have felt the need to get their hands on the top ones to ensure smooth movement of their career.

Python is one of the most widely known programming language across the globe and we are talking about amongst both developers and non- developers. It is one of the most widely learnt and chosen programming language because of its ease in learning, but the list of pros it offers does not end there. Python has shown an incredible use for itself in most blooming fields such as numerical computing, artificial intelligence and data mining, which has rendered python with an incredible amount of following.


About Python

Python, as already known to many, is a dynamic, open- source, object- oriented, interpreted and high- level programming language. It is considered to be an extremely easy language to learn and thus, is commonly found in use amongst both non- developers and developers, by both professionals and beginners.

Boasting a string community support and a humongous list of features, Python comes with a wide collection of built- in libraries and modules for multitude of applications. It is highly dynamic and probably also one of the most versatile languages you will come across.

There are definitely too many features it has to offer which leads to the success it has garnered for itself. This blog will give you an overview of some of the most powerful features of Python programming language that makes it so popular, so well- loved and so widely accepted.

The Most Powerful Features of Python Programming Language

Python is a language full of features and they are not difficult to learn or use as well. Developers and well as people from other fields who are looking to a make a career with python know is pretty well that using Python for their everyday life becomes more profitable due to its dozens of features, vast libraries and highly supportive community.

Let us a take a peek into some of the most powerful features of python programming language to better understand what makes it so popular.


  • Easy Coding

When it comes to the list of the most high- level programming languages, you are sure to find Python’s name on the list. However, it is one of the most effortless to learn. Coding with python is a piece of cake for those who learn this language and in fact, can be learned by anyone who wishes to truly learn the language.

That said, if you go ahead to master the advanced concepts of Python, its modules and packages, then it might take a little more time than that. But as compared to other programming languages such as Java, C++ or C, then learning the basic python syntax is quite easy.

Hence, it is said to be pretty programmer friendly.


  • Free and Open- Source

Python is a highly popular programming language and has been developed under an OSI- approved license. This makes its totally free to use, even in commercial purposes. Hence, you can download it for free or even use it for programming without having to pay any fee or royalty.

You can visit Python’s official website and download it from there, along with its documentation and libraries. It can also be re-distributed and modified freely.


  • Easily Readable

A python codes is similar to simple English words, making it one of the most easily readable programming languages ever. Its syntax is super easy. When you write a code in python, you will feel like you are explaining something to a child.

Unlike most other programming languages such as Java, C++, C or others, coding with Python does not require you to take extra care of the closing brackets, the opening brackets, or semicolons. It is dynamically types and mandates indentation (tabs or spaces), which facilitates readability.


  • Interpreted Language

Unlike most other programming languages, python is not compiled all at once, then converted into a .exe file to be finally executed.

Python is an interpreted language, which basically means that coding in python is executed one line at a time rather than being executed all at once. Since languages such as Java or C++ do not fall under the category of interpreted languages, they need to be compiled completely first and only then can be run.

Another benefit that we get with python being an interpreted language is that finding and removing bugs becomes so much simpler.


  • Portable or Cross- Platform Language

Python’s portability stems from the fact that the same code can be used up on various operating systems or machines and without much alteration or twitching. Thus, even if you have to write a Windows specific code today, you will not have to alter it tomorrow if you wish to run it on Linux or Mac. This saves you a lot of time and efforts.

Why and how this happens? The answer is pretty simple. Before execution, python’s code is firstly converted into Bytecode, which is an intermediate form.


  • Extensive Standard Library

Python is extremely famous for its robust standard library, which is openly available for everyone to use and take aid from. This comes in super handy for programmers as they no longer have to write a new code every time for every single thing.

You will find extensive library for unit- testing, image manipulation, expressions, databases and many other functionalities as well. In addition to the myriad of libraries, python also offers an impressive collection of various components, all of which are available in the python Package Index.

Also, these libraries work extremely well with multiple operating systems including Windows, UNIX, Mac, and others.


  • Procedure Oriented and Object Oriented

By Procedure Oriented, we mean that a programming language is more focused and centred on the functions or the code that can be reused. On the contrary, by Object Oriented, we mean that a programming language is more focused on the designs that go around the objects and the data rather than focusing on the logic or the functions.

Since python is both Procedure Oriented and Object Oriented, it has also made it to the list of the most powerful feature of python programming language that makes it so popular. By being both Procedure Oriented and Object Oriented, applications build with python are considered to be highly powerful and efficient.


  • High Level Language

When we say that python is a high- level language, we basically mean that it is one of those languages that can be easily written, understood and interpreted by users. Since the code written is very less independent of a certain machine type, users find it more helpful.

When coding with python, a developer does not have to worry themselves regarding the underlying machine type, the memory management or the architecture.


  • GUI Programming Support

For any programming language to be called highly efficient, it needs to support GUI or Graphical User Interface, via which a user is enabled to perform interaction with the software.

Python is considered such a strong programming language today because it facilitates rapid and easy development of GUI with the help of multiple toolkits including JPython, wxPython, PSide2, PyQT5 and Tkinter. GUI enables the user to interact more fluently with the system and the application.

The multiple GUI libraries render the development of the graphics- intensive software really fast and easy.


  • Highly Extensible

Python is said to be one of the most extensible programming languages out there because it has the ability to extend to another language. In the case of python, it can be written in quite a few other programming languages as well, such as C++.


  • Databases Support

Every application developed today definitely needs a database and then comes Python Database API, more commonly known as DB-API. It offers interface to majorly all the top commercial databases.

Some of the databases that are supported by standard python include PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, Informix, and Microsoft SQL, amongst others. The interface for a particular database needs to be imported to be used.



Python is a highly powerful programming language and it has become so because of the numerous powerful features that it possesses. If you are wondering whether or not python is the right programming language for you to get into today, we hope this blog has helped in better understanding how well python is doing for itself and thus, how well- loved it is.

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