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Prerequisites to Learn Data Science


Data Science is the extraction of insights of raw data by carefully studying and analysing them. The demand for data science is increasing every year and as a consequence, the demand for data science experts is on the rise too. After all, who else who carry on the task for such exceptional technology if not for experts and professionals?

However, irrespective of the rising need, many aspirants face problems while learning data science. Each year, the number of job openings for data science and related positions is increasing, but aspiring individuals continue to face problems in getting the job they truly desire and heed to be necessary for their future benefits and endeavours.

If you too are someone who aspires to make a career in the field of data science by getting trained and certified by experts, here are some prerequisites to help you understand the process better and make it easier for you to join:


  1. Educational

The profile of a Data Scientist is different in different sectors. So before moving into this field, you must have knowledge for different profiles in different sectors and then move according to your interest. Before beginning the training and certification for data science, one must know the requisites required in job profile.


  1. Mathematical

Data Science field is not only for people from technical background, but also for those people who are from different backgrounds like Economics, Finance, Engineering, Banking or Research. They must have basic knowledge of mathematics probability and statistics, as the both of them are used in data analysis to understand the behavior of data or in machine learning to predict the future values.

The demand of data science in different sectors is because of its mathematical behavior which helps to find solutions for different problems.

Statistics tests like hypothesis testing, p-value, anova, etc. are also important.


  1. Programming

To have basic programming knowledge is important in this field. One does not need to be a hardcore programmer but the basic knowledge helps in development of the code, widely analyze the data, efficiently explain the problem, find the solution more accurately, to build your own modules, and works with big data. With all these added benefits, you should get into learning basics of programming on your own.

Python and R language are widely used in the data science field. The basic knowledge of python programming language will help you to write code in R language also, which is definitely a plus.


  1. Database Language

Database is used to store large amounts of data. Data Scientists sometimes perform data analysis and visualization from the data fetched from database. Basic knowledge of SQL (Structured Query Language) helps in performing queries with large data.

For a firm, Data Scientists spend a lot of time in writing queries and scripts. You should know its syntax, basic commands (like creating, inserting, deleting, dropping, etc.), group by, joins, creating view, each command application.

It is not necessary for you to gain all knowledge of Data Administration. Data Analysis require a strong foundation which can be retrieved from Database for a Hadoop Cluster as In Hadoop mostly MariaDB database is used which is an SQL database server.


  1. Understanding of Data

Data Science is all about data so one must know what is data. Not only this, they must have a special love for data. Data can be in structured or unstructured form. Raw data is difficult to process. Hence, it is also difficult to understand.

The most important part here is to understand the language of data. Data Scientists work to analyze the business problem root cause or to help in company profit. It will be beneficial for you as an aspiring data science expert to learn data analysis tools like R, Hadoop, Spark, etc. to get your hands set on unstructured data.


  1. Curiosity

Data Science is all about getting insights from data. You should be curious so that you can get different questions from the data. Data Scientists solve the problem of a firm by finding solutions for different questions from firm data. They need to work for their clear goal.

Before you jump into Data Science course, think more about how to create an environment which will empower your fellow data scientists to come with things your never dreamt of.


  1. Communication Skills

Data Scientists need to communicate their analysis to clients, which means that they must know how to convert insights they found into communicational bearings. A great Data Scientist is also a great STORY TELLER. Data Scientists need their audience to trust in their analysis and that can only take root when the person conveying the result is someone great with words.



Being a data science expert is not the easiest thing in the world, nor it something you can just think about one day and get on the wagon the next. In order to truly become a successful data science expert, you must go through each aspect of the kind of future you want thoroughly.


We hope this blog on the prerequisites to learn Data Science help you get one step closer to your dream of becoming one and for this you can take help of Job Guarantee Data Science Certification Training Program. The journey is long and you should be certain, beforehand, which training institute to trust on to help you make right decisions and help you take off your career on the right foot. If you are certain about that, then we are certain nothing stands between you and your success.

The jobs in the field of data science are increasing with every passing day and with the right training and certification, you are bound to taste success soon enough. Just keep going and reach for the stars, all the while believing in yourself. Only you hold the power to change what your tomorrow looks like. All you need is a little will and a little backing up from the right place to get you going.

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