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In this article we will share with you some top RHCE interview questions with answer.

So, let's get start......

It requires a person to have a perfect balance of hard skills and soft skills to be able to crack an interview. At Grras Solutions, we help you ace in both and this blog gives you a better chance to pass that interview with flying colours.

The demand for trained, qualified and certified system administrators and engineers is increasing. To get to hired in a top firm of your choice, you need to have strong subject knowledge and high level of soft skills.

Since a lot of people are getting trained in the same certificate as you are, you need to have an added edge over them and that comes across when you choose the right institute to get trained and certified with.

Upon choosing Grras Solutions for your RHCE training and certification course, you will get trained under experts, work on live projects, get to choose your classes as per your own schedule and get proper interview preparation classes.

This blog will help you gain a great amount of knowledge about the top RHCE interview questions with answers for freshers.


What are the top RHCE Interview Questions?

The interviewer has hundreds of questions at their disposal that they can ask you.

While covering each of those is impossible, we aim to bring you the top RHCE interview questions with answers for freshers to help you prepare better for your interviews to come.

Let’s begin!


1. What do you understand when I say Linux Server?

Based on Linux Kernel, Linux is amongst the most highly and widely used operating systems. Since it is an open-source server, it is used on a high number of hardware platforms.

Companies or individuals looking for a well-functioning server in their budget prefer Linux server. Also, it entails a user-friendly interface.


2.How can I verify my Linux server’s uptime?

The uptime command will help in finding out how long it has been since the last check and display the time duration for how long it’s been running.

Additionally, the top and w commands allow the uptime to be checked


3. How can the User Password be changed?

To change the user password, we have to use the command “passwd”.


4. How can I rename a file in Red Hat Linux?

First, we need to open the Red Hat Linux shell command line. After that, we can navigate the original and fresh files by using the “mv command”.


5. What is the functionality of a puppet server?

Puppet server is a business application best suited to manage configurations, while running on a Unix-like OS.

It is an open-source and completely automated application which can be utilised to perform various operations including installing new software, validating file permissions, and upgrading user accounts.


6. Tell me about the different run levels?


One of the stages of setup in Linux, run levels are used to effectively define and outline which system services are available and their types.

There are seven run levels in the Linux system and each of them serve a specific purpose.

  • System of halt
  • A multi-user option but no NFS
  • Mode of single users
  • Multi-user mode (text-based)
  • Multi-user mode (graphical user interface)
  • Unused
  • Restart the system


7. What is the job of the Load Balancing Cluster in Red Hat?

As the name suggests, the Load Balancing Cluster’s job it to balance the load across all the cluster nodes.

Since multiple nodes can be designed in a manner to meet the load needs, low-cost scalability is enabled. In case any node fails, the cluster’s job is to notice this outage and take the appropriate request to other nodes.


8. What is LVM in the Red Hat Cluster?

Acronym for Logical Volume Manager, it is a storage management method enabling Red Hat Linux System Administrators the ability to divide a hard drive’s capacity into Physical Volumes (PVs).

These PGs are then divided into Volume Groups (VGs), which are further broken down into Logical Volumes (LVs).


9. Which command comes to use to format a partition with file system?

To format a partition with a file system, we need to use “mkfs” command.


10. When a Linux system starts, which is the first process to run?

Upon starting a Linux system, the first process to run is the init process.

This is also the parent process to all the following Linux system daemons, processes and services needed to run the Linus system.


11. What will happen if an administrator accidently kills a core process?

Killing a core process might result in a system crash as a lot of critical services are relying on these core processes.


12. Why do we use the “MD5” options on passwords?

Considered a top encryption method, the MD5 option is used to encrypt the password prior to saving it.

This option offers high security by creating hard-to-break passwords which are also easy to remember at the same time.


13. Give me any three general password rules needed to be followed for a user account.

There are quite a few general password rules that needs to be followed.

  • The password should have at least 8 characters
  • Avoid using dictionary words
  • Avoid incorporating significant dates


14. Where is PPP most commonly used?

The most common use of PPP is to help in the creation of point-to-point connections.


15. What do you understand by tar?

To create tape backups, tar is used. It is an archive utility.



When you sit in an interview, you never know what question will be thrown your way.

However, what you do know is that you have completed your training and certification from a trusted source and thus, the knowledge and skills you possess will help you make to the other side of the interview.

There are a lot of essential soft skills, along with these hard skills that you need to learn to be able to get selected in your top company.

With Grras Solutions, you will be able to enhance your interview skills and take your game a notch higher.

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