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It’s a well- known fact that DevOps and Cloud Computing are in it together for the long haul. Them being joined at the hip has come out to be one of the most favourable situations for tech aspirants and even businesses. A humongous number of cloud development projects take the aid of DevOps and in the coming years, this list is only expected to get longer.

There are quite a lot of benefits of amalgamating DevOps with Cloud projects. This list of benefits is getting more defined with time and include reduced costs for testing, operations, deployment and development, app development speed- to- delivery to stay true to the needs of the multiple business units in a rapid way, and swiftly folding back the user demands into the software.

This blog will take you on a ride to how DevOps and Cloud Computing are coming together to change the face of the tech world. Along with this, you will also get an insight into the top online DevOps and Cloud Computing 100% job guarantee course in India to ensure you get the right beginning to you career. Also, a little incentive to move ahead – this course we are talking about comes at ZERO UPFRONT FEE!! Yes, you read that absolutely right and that is why, you should read till the very end to get the name of the institute that will help you change your life.


Since you must already what DevOps and Cloud Computing are, let us skip that part and jump directly what relationship they share. So, what exactly is the role of DevOps in Cloud when it comes to helping organizations? Let’s find an answer to it!


What is the Role of DevOps in Cloud?

One of the easiest ways of understanding the role of DevOps in Cloud when it comes to helping organizations is to consider the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), along with the role played by cloud solutions at each of the stages of its lifecycle. To help you understand better, let us take into consideration the build, test and run phases.



When we talk about advanced applications, the need for complex technology stacks arises and they require humongous efforts to get developed and configured. Cloud computing has given developers continuous access to a myriad of development platforms in minutes, while earlier it took months to achieve the same. This represents a LAMP stack, which stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP, as well as complex applications ecosystems such as SAP on a one- click basis.

In addition to this, all these gives way to huge savings in terms of time and the on- demand availability reduces upfront investments by eradicating the need to un the system when it is not being used.

One of the highly valuable features is to be able to discover and test new technology components and approaches that emerge from the high accessibility which is deliver by the cloud. While this feature is less tangible, it is an important one nonetheless.



When it comes to understanding what the right DevOps approach is, it is taught that doing all the manual or innovative work in the build phases and following the entire SDLC with an automated pipeline is how it goes. It is extremely important to incorporate automated testing to be able to transform vision into a reality. Also, to end automated testing successfully, it is essential to hold the capability to build and tear down test environments automatically.

Even after all this, the Cloud facilitates seamless capabilities that represent test environments belonging to higher complexity as one moves along the lines of the delivery pipeline. A non- event testing needs to be conducted in an environment pretty similar to production to be able to shift from testing phase to production.

With the aid of Cloud, these test environments which begin to approach the scope and complexity of production can be developed pretty quickly and also in a cost- efficient manner.



When it comes to deploying to production in a frequent manner, new or additional infrastructure is required. It is cloud that offers a great speed for the development of operational environments which are resource efficient, flexible and scalable.


What is the Future of DevOps in Cloud?

Now that we have covered the role of DevOps in Cloud, its time to get started with what the future holds for DevOps in Cloud.

DevOps and Cloud are quite strong in their combination today. While we see other combos today too, the kind of stability and positive change they bring into the working of organizations is definitely unmatched. Organizations are not going to let go of such an amazing, result- driven approach and thus, if you are thinking about getting your training and certification in DevOps and Cloud Computing, then you are already on the right track.

Now, to be able to become good at something, you have to start well and thus, it is essential to begin by enrolling with an institute that will help you get started in the best way possible for you to be able to enjoy your career and future as a DevOps and Cloud Computing expert. And since you are already on the right track, we know that you will want to get started with this program today. Let’s learn more about it!


Aarambh – Pay After Placement Program by Grras Solutions

Grras Solutions is one of the top institutes in India that offer IT course training and certification in all top and well- known courses. This institute has been in talks for the last 14 years and today, you will find certified and trained individuals from Grras Solutions in all top companies across the nation. This is because the kind of opportunities that are provided by Grras Solutions are numerous and will help you pave the path for your successful tomorrow too.

In all these years, Grras Solutions has helped hundreds and thousands of students in getting trained and certified in all leading courses. Every single trainer at Grras Solutions is an expert with the right experience and expertise to help students gain knowledge and skills in the course they have chosen. However, one thing that always bothered the founder of Grras Solutions was the fact that a lot of students with the right potential could not get trained and thus lose the chance to success because of financial issues.

To combat this persisting issue, Grras Solutions has come out with its first ever, one- of- a- kind PAY AFTER PLACEMENT PROGRAM in DevOps and Cloud Computing. But what exactly is this pay after placement program all about? We understand your curiosity and thus, we are here with all the answers that you have been looking for.


Pay After Placement program is just what is sounds. Meaning that as someone who has enrolled with this course, you will not have to pay any upfront fee for your DevOps and Cloud Computing training.

So, when exactly do you have to pay? After you get placed in a company that will help you get ahead in your career as a DevOps and Cloud Computing expert.

But how will you find this right job? Grras Solutions will help you in that too. This pay after placement program comes along with 100% job placement guarantee, which means that by the time you complete your DevOps and Cloud Computing training at Grras Solutions, a good job in a good company will be waiting for you. Hence, you get to save a lot of time as well as efforts that go into finding a job, especially as a beginner with no experience to showcase to the company.

Another important question that arises here is that who are your trainers? As we have already mentioned above, every trainer at Grras Solutions is an expert and the same stands true for your DevOps and Cloud Computing program. In fact, the trainer who will help you get ahead of your competition in this field has experience of almost two decades. Thus, you can be relaxed because who you are getting trained from are absolutely the best in their respective fields.

Then another question you might be thinking about finding an answer to is that who is this course for? the question is super valid and the answer is right here. This pay after placement program by Grras Solutions is for recent tech graduates or post- graduates. Thus, if you have freshly passed out after completing your BCA, MCA, BTech or MTech, then you are eligible to apply for this pay after placement program by Grras Solutions.



We understand that you still have a lot of questions on your mind and thus, you are always welcome to come and visit us to get more details and insight into this pay after placement program in DevOps and Cloud Computing. And if wish to get info first over the phone, then our website has all numbers that will help you get in touch with us. So, what are you waiting for, enrol with our top online DevOps and Cloud Computing 100% job guarantee course in India now!

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