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A Python certification is one of the top skills needed to make it big in the field of programming.

But how does this blog help you? We bring to you the top Python interview questions and answers for freshers in 2022!

Learn about the top questions an interviewer can ask you for that Python position. If you are a fresher and have little to no experience in how to conduct yourself during an interview, then it can become highly intimidating. However, with the right knowledge and skills, your confidence level is bound to go up and help you ace that interview.

Prior knowledge about things that can be asked will help you in preparing yourself better and in a more streamlined manner. Hence, this blog is what you need to read to be able to understand the questions because we are certain that you must already know the answers to many after your training. So, let’s begin the journey now!

Question. Is there any difference between tuples and list in Python?

Tuples are immutable, which means that they cannot be edited. On the contrary, lists are mutable and can be edited. Also, tuples are must faster than lists.

Question. Why do companies prefer Python?

Since Python is an interpreted language, the need to compile it before its run is not present. It is a dynamically typed language and exceptionally fit for object-oriented programming. Writing python code is swift and it is used in various spheres including big data applications, scientific modelling, automation and web applications.

Thus, the benefits are too many to pass or overlook.

Question. Python is said to be an interpreted language. Please elaborate.

Python is said to be an interpreted language because any programming language that is not in machine-level code prior runtime is an interpreted language. Since this applied to python, it also comes under the tag of an interpreted language.

Question. How many namespaces are there in python?

Python has 4 types of namespaces. The first is built-in namespace, second is global namespace, third is enclosing namespace and the fourth one is local namespace.

Question. Tell me about the common built-in data types in Python.

There are quite a few common built-in-data types in Python.

  1. Numbers
  2. List
  3. Tuple
  4. String
  5. Set
  6. Dictionary
  7. Boolean

Question. What is pep 8?

An abbreviation for Python Enhancement Proposal, pep is a set of rules specifying about how to format the python code for enhanced readability.

Question. What are keywords in this language?

Reserved words that hold special meanings in python are keywords. These are not to be utilised for function or variable names. There are 33 keywords including and, not, for, as, pass, or, and else, including others.

Question. What is a literal in Python?

A literal in python signifies a fixed value for primitive data types. There are five literal types namely string literals, character literals, numeric literals, Boolean literals and literal collections.

Question. How is memory managed in this language?

Memory management in Python is handled by Python Memory Manager. The manager allocates the memory in the form of private heap spaces, where all the objects stored are private.

Question. Tell us more about Scope in Python?

The relevancy of Python objects is determined by a block of code, which is known as scope. Objects inside a program are identified in a unique way by Python Namespaces that also follow a predefined scope as to where their objects can be used.

Question. What is the LEGB rule?

The LEGB rule is followed by the scope resolution in Python. L is for Local, E is for Enclosing function, G is for Global and B is for Built-in.

Question. What do you understand by Decorators in Python?

When a user wishes to add a new functionality to a pre-existing object and that too without modifying its structure, a decorator comes into the picture. It is a design pattern and need to be called upon prior to defining a function that needs to be decorated.

Question. What is the role of Lambda in Python?

An anonymous function, Lambda’s main role is to accept a large number of arguments while holding a single expression.


Interviews can be pretty easy when you have the right attitude and confidence to move ahead, and that can only come from having the knowledge and skills in a particular field. With this blog covering the top Python interview questions and answers for freshers in 2022.

As India is an expanding ground for all tech developments, it is only beneficial that you pick the technology that the world cannot do without today. With Python training and certification from the best institute and this blog, you will be able to get a job anywhere across the nation.

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