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AWS or Amazon Web Services has become an integral aspect of the IT sector. Organizations all over the globe are big fans of the AWS and all this love has made it possible for AWS to top the list of the most widely used and implemented Cloud provider. Imagine being a facet of such a flourishing and elaborate company.

If you have dreams that crawl around you becoming a member of the AWS family, then there is no better time to start than now. Decisions have to be made and all of it should come from you. You have to be driven, passionate, ready to work hard, and give a lot of time into training and learning to be able to certify in AWS. However, another decision deemed as important is to choose the right training institute to get trained and certified from.

Once you join the right place, get trained by experts who give provide you with all the possible knowledge and skills there are to learn, you will be all set to step into the world of IT and start working. In order to feel more confident about it, the one thing you can do is join a training institute that understands the imperativeness of practical knowledge and experience to thrive into the work world and indulges you in the opportunity of working on live projects.

Interviews are never easy. They are long and hard and many a times, once you are finished, they will lead you to question yourself on your abilities. But the one thing you cannot afford to do is break and lose hope. Thus, it is always the best possible idea to be prepared for anything and everything that might come your way. Questions will be asked and the finest trick to not get thrown by them is to know the possible ones and polish your answers.

After extensive and elaborated talks with our AWS experts, years of experience in this field, and being hiring partners with multiple high-end companies, we have curated a list of some of the most frequently, yet catchy AWS Interview Questions.

Once you get your hands on the knowledge listed below, we are hoping your confidence will boost a notch and you will perform unwaveringly better in your interview.


Q1: What is Cloud and why we use AWS even though there are so many other cloud providers in market?


Answer – Cloud computing is the on-demand delivery of IT resources over the Internet with pay-as-you-go pricing model.

AWS more popular because: Flexible pricing model, AWS has a software marketplace with extensive partner ecosystem- Windows and Linux, EBS storage is superfast for big data, machines can be accessed individually and many more reasons are there for popularity of AWS.


Q2: What is a Bastion host?


Answer – Bastion hosts are instances launched in the public subnet. Instances launched into private subnets can be accessed by bastion host. We need to create a security group which allows ingress SSH or RDP only from bastion host and assign this security group to the instances present in private subnet. Instance generally hosts a single application, for example a proxy server, and all other services are removed or limited to reduce the threat to the computer.


Q3: How many ways are there to access AWS?


Answer – There are four ways to access AWS:

1)Console or GUI based

2)SDK based

3)CLI based

4)API based


Q4: To prevent resources, what are different levels of security in AWS?


Answer – There are three types of security in AWS for resource prevention:

1) Security groups (Instance Level Security)

2) Network Access Control List OR NACL (Network Level security)

3) Flow logs


Q5: What is the difference between NACL and Security group?


Answer – Security group is kind of stateful virtual firewall for an Instance which allows a user to control traffic based on Port, protocol and source or destination.

Stateful firewall means an outgoing message is remembered so that the response is allowed through the security group without defining an explicit inbound rule.

By default, all Inbound traffic is blocked & all outbound traffic is allowed.

Whereas, NACL worked on Subnet level, one subnet can have only one NACL but One NACL can be associated to multiple subnets in default NACL all inbound & outbound rules are allowed.

NACL is stateless

NACL don't filter traffic between instances in the same subnet.


Q6: How many IP addresses reserved by AWS in a VPC?


Answer – 5 IPs will be reserved for the following reasons:

For example, you have a subnet with CIDR block - = Network addresses = reserved by AWS for the VPC Router = reserved by AWS, the IP address of DNS server = reserved for future user = broadcast address


Q7: What is the use of key-pairs in AWS?


Answer – There are two keys in Amazon EC2: public & private key to encrypt and decrypt the login information.

The sender uses a public key to encrypt the data and the receiver uses a private key to decrypt the data. Private and public keys are known as key pairs. The public key enables you to access the instance securely and a private key is used instead of a password.


Q8: What are the possible connection issues while connecting to an Instance?


Answer – The following are the possible issues faced by the user:

a) Permission denied

b) Connection timeout

c) User key not recognized by the server

d) Cannot connect using user’s browser

e) Unprotected private key

f) Server unexpectedly closed network connection

g) Cannot ping the instance

h) Server refused host key


Q9: Describe Edge-location in AWS?


Answer – The actual content is cached at the places called edge locations. So, whenever a user searches for the content, he will find the same at the edge locations.

Or we can say "A site that CloudFront uses to cache copies of your content for faster delivery to users at any location."


Q10: Let’s assume, you want to develop a game with single-digit millisecond latency in AWS, which database service would you use?


Answer – We would use Amazon DynamoDB for the same.




The above list of AWS Interview Questions has top 10 questions asked in interviews. While you won’t get all these questions in your interview or you might not even be asked a single one of these, going through the list will give you a sense of positivity and assurance that you are, indeed, ready to take the next step. It is in your own hands how you handle your interview; we can only help you so much and more.

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