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Website Development (PHP) Training & Certification Course

According to various recent studies about 49% of all small businesses don’t have their websites. Website Development can do wonders for any business as in this technological era it’s important to have web presence and developing your website offers you multiple benefits like helping you more to get leads, prospects, increase visibility, increase sales and enhance your brand name in the market.

Website development plays vital role in the total development of any organization. It has become best alternative for online business expansion. A website has a purpose for which it’s been produced and its development demands huge quality of expertise, talent and professional website developers who can provide you the exact master piece that you want for representing your business.

Website should be designed in such a manner that it can attract the target audience towards you, the journey to create a website and terms involved to understand it includes:

Web Browser: Browser are the software application that help to access information on the World Wide Web. Web Browser is essential in order to connect and display website on your device.

Programming Languages: A programming language is a language that includes a set of instructions which can be used to produce different types of output. Programming language is a way to communicate to computer, in general it consists of instructions for computer. It is used to create programs using specific algorithms. There are different types of languages like Javascript, Coffeescript, Python, PHP, Ruby, Go, Swift, Java, Objective-C, C# etc.

HTML: HTML is a markup language which provides the structure of a website that enables web browser what to show.

CSS: CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) is a language for describing the presentation of web page as it enables the web designer to change colors, fonts, animations, and transitions on the web.

Frameworks: A framework is a platform for software developers to develop software applications, it is built to create programs for a specific platform. Frameworks usually take difficult and repetitive tasks in creating a new web application. There are different types of frameworks like WordPress, Drupal, .NET, Ruby on Rails, Django, Angular.js, Backbone.js, Foundation, Cordova, Ionic, Bootstrap etc.

Databases: Database are electronically stored organized collection of data typically managed with the help of folders filled with files. There are mainly two flavors SQL and NoSQL, where SQL provides more structure which helps in creating data correct and valid. NoSQL helps in providing flexibility for building and maintaining applications. Some of them are MongoDB, Redis, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server etc.

Front-end: Front-end include HTML, CSS and JavaScript which include converting data to graphical interface for user. It shows how the website will be shown to user.

Back-end: Back-end include server and database, it is that portion of application which remain unseen.

API: An API (Application Programming interface) is a software intermediary that allows interaction between two applications.

Do you have small business? And do you want to expand it?

In this technological era, you need a website to promote and expand your business, you must be thinking why people visit the website? Basically now days one or the second person search online solutions for their problem or need and here comes the role of your website which facilitates you in sharing your information. Website works as a tool to create your online presence over the Internet.

Benefits of having website for Small Business:

Expand your Business : With the growth of the Internet, website came into popularity when people recognize that it’s working as a marketing and informative tool. Well website more likely work as brochure in which it shares whole information about business- what you offer, share stories about your achievement, get more clients, helps in building your team etc.

Business Creditability: Small business invest in website as just being online, your business can gain creditability. Example whenever we google search for specific requirement or service we find specific website for that requirement and according to reviews of that website we decide to opt that service from that company or not. It simply helps in creating your company goodwill and creditability.

Website act as Sales Tool : A website act as a sales tool, it helps in informing, engaging, and converting the online visitors into your customers. It helps in making your company brand name and making your goodwill in the mind of your prospective customers as well as existing customers.

Provides social proof to your customer : Customers always want content related to their need online, it is expected by customers for proof against brand value of your company. According to one survey 90% of consumers influenced to buy a product because of online reviews.

It is a time-saver for business: Usually people worry that having a website will increase their task but in actual it is a time saver as it provides buyers and visitor report in minutes so that you can find how many people visited your website, how many reviews you got, which product demand is high in the market, what are your customers likes and dislikes etc.

Are you still not sure how having a website will help you to grow?

A website gives you the opportunity to prove yourself at global platform, wondering how to go for it and how it will help you to grow. We at Grras Solutions Pvt. Ltd. ready for your help anytime, to know more about it and how we can serve you best call us today on 8448448523 or please visit us on www.grras.com. Grras Solutions offers web development training in Jaipur, Indore and Ahmedabad locations. Let us help you to develop effective and attractive website solutions for your business.

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