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A huge chunk of the world’s biggest companies today is running a part or the entirety of their software environments in AWS or Amazon Web Services. In addition to this, more and more companies are switching to AWS, which is a big reflection of well this cloud provider is.

And when it comes to such incredible names as AWS, it is understood that they are going to get better with time and thus, anyone who chooses to enrol with an AWS training and certification in India is bound to enjoy an incredible future too. Growing with AWS comes easily. Thus, a lot of students are moving in this direction. If you are someone who is looking to make a career in this field, then AWS is the one for you. The best way to begin is by enrolling with Grras Solutions.

Grras Solutions is a trusted and reliable institute with more than 14 years of experience. In this time, Grras Solutions has helped hundreds of students get trained and certified in various IT trainings and certifications. While AWS training and certification is one, Grras Solutions also offers trainings and certifications in other courses such as python programming, red hat, digital marketing, etc.

If you are looking to grow your career in the IT sector, then AWS training and certification course from Grras Solutions is just what you need. But we are certain you must have a lot of questions on your mind. This is pretty common when diving into anything new. Especially in this case, where we are talking about a life altering course. So, if you are wondering that what are the types of AWS certifications, because there are many, then this is the right blog for you.

In this blog, we will cover all the major AWS certifications you should know about. This will help you not just in the present but will also help you plan your course of action. Once you know the tentative sequence in which you can get enrolled with these certifications, you will get a better idea about the timeline needed to get you to the top.


An Overview of AWS Certifications

Before we dive deep, let us get through an overview of the AWS certifications. AWS is presently offering 12 certifications, which are organized into four categories. These categories start from Foundational, and progresses to Associate, Professional and Specialty certifications. Certifications falling into the first three categories are together referred to as Core certifications and are 6 in number. Similarly, there are 6 Specialty certifications, which hold the power to seriously alter your life.


Types of Core AWS Certifications – A Detailed View

Let us begin to take a deeper view into the types of AWS certification for a better understanding of how you can move ahead in this field.


Foundational Level
  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

This is an optional foundational level step which helps the individual get prepared for the certifications to follow. This AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification will ensure you are equipped with necessary knowledge and skills needed to ace higher level associate and professional level certifications.

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification exam is curated in such a manner that showcases the core knowledge of AWS of the individual at a broad level. The length of the exam is 90 minutes. There are 65 multiple choice questions. The questions will be based on -

  • Essential AWS features and services such as business use cases
  • Deploying services and resources in the AWS Cloud
  • AWS security & compliance fundamentals
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of AWS pricing, support and billing

If you are someone in a non- technical role and needs to get a better understanding of the AWS platform, then this AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification is the right fit for you. As per AWS, six months of prior experience is recommended. This experience can be either in a technical role or a non- technical one.


Associate Level
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

This AWS Certified Solutions Architect certification is a level up from the one prior to this. With this certification, you will get polished in various skills and knowledge pertaining to the AWS platform, including –

  • Identifying cost control measures & measuring AWS costs
  • Selecting the most apt AWS service based on data requirements, database design and security
  • Managing the shifting and lifting of an on- premises architecture to that of an AWS cloud- bases architecture
  • Formulating architectural best practices for AWS
  • Designing data flow across the entire AWS platform
  • Being fluent in the designing and application of data security
  • Deploying and designing highly secure, fault- tolerant, scalable and available AWS systems

The length of the exam is 130 minutes and contains 65 multiple choice questions. In order to get certified, you need the following knowledge how to build and deploy systems in the AWS cloud, amongst others.


  • AWS Certified Developer – Associate

Once you complete your AWS Certified Developer certification of the associate level, you will be able to understand the core of AWS services in depth, as well as the basic architecture best practices. To be able to get certified and pass the exam, you need to have the following lines of knowledge –

  • Identifying techniques essential for coding a cloud solution
  • Working with the multiple Amazon services and tools linked with messaging, notifications, databases and workflows
  • Writing code for performance optimization of all the essential AWS services needed for an application
  • Designing, developing and deploying AWS cloud- based solutions
  • Implementing the right architecture for testing and developing environments
  • Picking the correct AWS services for any given application based on the requirements

The length of the AWS Certified Developer certification exam is 130 minutes and contains 65 multiple choice questions.


  • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate

Before you become eligible to enrol with AWS Certified SysOps Administrator certification, you should have proven working experience of one or more years. Also, if you have experience in following AWS best practices for project lifecycle management and deployment, the it is a cherry on the cake. Once you get AWS training, the following tasks will become quite easy for you –

  • Migrating on- premises systems to AWS cloud
  • Properly selecting the right AWS service for all your data, computing and security requirements
  • Deploying, managing, and operating fault- tolerant, highly available and scalable AWS systems
  • Estimating the costs and identifying the cost controls associated with AWS usage
  • Implementing and controlling AWS data flow

The AWS Certified SysOps Administrator certification exam is 130 minutes long and contains 65 multiple choice questions.


Professional Level
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional

The highest AWS certification, AWS Certified Solutions Architect certification is the right certification to help you alter your life. After the completion of your AWS training for AWS Certified Solutions Architect certification, you will be able to carry out the following duties perfectly –

  • Designing and deploying enterprise- level scalable AWS operations
  • Selecting the right AWS best practices for designing and deploying apps based on the available requirements
  • Mastering the designing and implementing of AWS connectivity
  • Identifying the costs and implementing total cost control strategies
  • Formulating and carrying out strategies for migrating complex multi- tier apps to AWS
  • Designing and implementing multiple networking features of AWS
  • Designing and deploying dynamically scalable, secure, highly available, reliable and fault- tolerant AWS applications

The exam lasts for 180 minutes and has 75 multiple choice questions. As per AWS, possessing 2+ years of experience in deploying distributed systems at scale with the aid of AWS services, best practices and design requirements is highly recommended.


  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional

Once you complete your AWS Certified DevOps Engineer certification, you will get commanding knowledge of AWS accounting, authorization and authentication. AWS recommends the candidate to have minimum 2 years of experience in managing AWS cloud deployments or delivering applications. Along with this, experience with automation best practices is also beneficial.

Once you complete this AWS training and certification, you will become proficient in –

  • The intricacies of routing and subnets
  • Developing and advancing deployment techniques
  • Using advanced cloud formation
  • Become fluent in the administration of group management and advanced roles
  • Gain proficiency in advanced networking using Direct Connect, Jumbo Frames, IPSec and BGP
  • Assessing compliance, governance and cloud risk
  • Knowledge of using the multiple tools offered by AWS for deployment, maintenance and monitoring

The exam for AWS Certified DevOps Engineer certification is 180 minutes long and has 75 multiple choice questions. However, the exam is expected to undergo a change in March 2023.



Starting your career in AWS is not an easy task because beginners are bound to get confused. Thus, you need the aid of the right institute to help you understand what path of the best for you. For this purpose, enrolling with Grras Solutions is what you should do today. Grras Solutions is the best one out there for your AWS training and certification and the hundreds of students who have completed their training from there are a living proof of this.

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