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Do you want to know that What is AWS App2Container? 

For those who are professionals of the IT sector are already aware of what AWS is and what is does. Hence, getting on that road won’t be necessary for now. However, what is important as of now is the release of App2Container, which was released by Amazon Web Services (AWS) at the beginning of this month on July 1st, 2020.

Only a couple of days old and the tool has already started showing just how miraculous it is. App2Container is a command line tool that holds the ability to swiftly turn prevailing .NET and Java applications into containerized services and that too without the need for any code changes.

The App2Container tool will prove to be a boon for AWS customers who are searching to adopt software containers by saving them a ton of their time. When a technology becomes better,most commonly, the central motive is to outbid the rival technologies. In this case, the vision seems to be to drive potential enterprises away from contending clouds by rendering is easier for them to wander workloads to AWS.

The choice of technologies supported on launch, i.e. .NET and Java are pretty obvious ones to commence with. On one hand, the .NET framework has been known to be used in web applications. On the second hand, historically speaking, Java is one of Amazon’s foremost choices when it comes to writing business software.

The cloud megastar, Amazon has said that the App2Container tool automates a lot many typically manual tasks which are involved in containerizing an application already in place. To make the fullest use of this tool, the users should install it on the server. This App2Container makes note of all the external dependencies on which the workload relies for running and mapping out network port configurations. After this is done, it packs all the things into Docker images to be installed into containers.

The App2Container tool is free of cost and the only thing users are charged for are the AWS services which they consume in the entire project. With the introduction of this tool, AWS is all hopeful to lure even more companies and customers into leaving their old users (Amazon’s competitors) and joining AWS for the same.

With the coming of this tool, using  AWS for cloud computing is sure to become better for companies. Such a competitive spirit always yields the best opportunities and outcomes for its users because it is, they who benefit the most. Amazon has surely upped their game and pulled up their socks. Their competitor cloud providers have to watch their backs now.

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