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There are times when students read to two similar words and confuse them for being the same. Two such terms are training and internship. While there are quite a lot of similarities between these two, there are instances where their meanings change drastically.

In this blog, we are going to give you a peek inside what is the difference between corporate training and summer industrial internship.

Corporate training is garnering all the interest right now. Companies of all levels and domains have begun to take the aid of corporate training to help them train their employees for maximum output. Summer industrial internship, on the other hand, is for students. It is when a student realises the need to gain basic working etiquettes and hands-on experience for a good future.

There is a long list of distinction between corporate training and summer industrial internship. To help you fully understand where you fit in either of these, keep reading the blog. Let us begin to understand each aspect one by one.


What is Corporate Training?

Corporate training refers to a set of educational activities offered to the employees of a company. Also referred to as workplace learning, it is mostly free of cost.

Corporate training spreads over a large space of improvement areas and topics. Companies can choose to have their employees become better at role-specific competencies or gain better communication and soft skills.

There are various ways in which corporate training proves beneficial to both the company and the employee. This happens as it builds intellectual capital and reskills or upskills employees. It enhances the employee’s professional as well as personal calibre.

Here are some of the common types of corporate training courses –

  • Technical skills training
  • Onboarding and orientation
  • Compliance training
  • Soft skills training

Corporate training is provided by the company and tags under formal training. It is employee-driven.

Companies that promote a learning culture and are willing to invest in their and their employee’s upgrade are the ones who go for this training. The goal is obvious, equip employees with all the right skills needed to carry out their role related tasks flawlessly. This of course, ultimately benefits the company.


Why is Corporate Training Important?

Corporate training has gained a lot of traction in the last few years. Companies have realised that they need to invest in the skill development and career growth of their employees in order to receive maximum benefit of it in response.

Companies know that they will be receiving the ultimate benefit. Corporate training trainings are all helping the employee streamline their personal growth along the company’s growth.

Here are some reasons why companies are increasingly investing in corporate trainings these days.


  • Equip Employees with Essential Skills

No professional wants to stay stagnant in terms of their job role and career development. However, to make it happen, it is also important that they keep learning new skills and upgrade themselves from time to time.

Such a corporate training from the right institute will render working individuals with more skills and better abilities. This training may also indicate that a promotion is in sight.

Foundational skills empower employees and push them towards performing to the best of their abilities.

  • Invest in Talent & Retain Them

In today’s time, employees are looking for companies that are willing to invest in their growth and polishing. If you are not the one offering them this, then there is going to be another company that offers them this opportunity. You risk losing your employee if you are not investing in them.

The best way to go about it is to offer them growth opportunities that will make them stay hooked with you. And the company is the one that ultimately benefits from the corporate training.

Depending upon an individual’s current job role, the training varies and offers different upgradations.

  • Reduce Skill Gap

New technologies are emerging every day and new things are happening all around us all the time. Whether we talk about learning new digital skills or keeping updated with technological skills, there is a constant skill gap. This skill gap can prove to be fatal for companies if not worked upon.

Thus, companies need to invest in the reskilling and upskilling of their employees if they wish to keep ahead of their competitors and keep up with the demand. For such organizations, corporate training is an investment that they should be willing to invest in.

  • Build a Cohesive Company Environment

When a company puts the employee’s needs at the forefront, they feel a sense of belonging. These can be inclusive workshops, mental health and well-being sessions, or focused technical skills advancement trainings.

When an individual feels that the company is willing to invest in them, they realise the company wants to associate with them for longer. This leads to better performance as they feel valued and empowered.


What is Summer Industrial Internship?

An internship is a limited-period work experience provided by organizations or companies to people. These individuals are generally either pursuing graduates or fresh graduates. Internships generally offer only entry-level exposure to students in a particular field or industry.

An intern, the person pursuing the internship, is made to do relevant jobs and work on related projects. This gives them the chance to learn more about the industry, witness it up close, make relevant industry connections, and develop all essential skills needed to succeed.

In many cases, internships may also turn into full-time jobs.

Internships are generally part-time in nature, giving the student the chance to get a glimpse. Most internships are offered during the break time, thus winter or summer internships.

An internship can either be paid or unpaid, depending upon a lot of factors. However, the key here is to understand that the purpose of a summer internship is not to earn money but to gain exposure.

A summer industrial internship refers to a summer full of gaining experience and exposure. The chance to work on projects to learn more about the people and the general working of the sector is provided.


Why is Summer Industrial Internship Important?

Every summer industrial internship offers a lot of benefits to those who pursue it. Whether we talk about personal development or professional development, this one term garners it all and gives it out manifold.

Here are some of the reasons why a summer industrial internship is important for every student, especially if you are a tech student.


  • Apply Theoretical Knowledge in Practical Settings

Colleges are the ultimate learning experience. But what you learn in a classroom setting is only theoretical knowledge, wherein you are hardly gaining any skills and no experience at all. This theoretical knowledge will only take you so far.

In order to excel in the real world, you need real-world knowledge and that is what you will be gaining with a summer industrial internship. There are internships that vary in time period. You can take your pick as per your college schedule.

  • Develop Professional Connections

Many students tend to undermine the importance of professional connections. However, excelling in any field requires you to get things done and that can happen a lot faster if you have the right people in your vicinity.

An industrial internship gives you the chance to meet a lot of people and professionals at all levels. Not only this, you will be working with people of various departments and that is going to help you widen your network.

Try to find a mentor for yourself during your internship tenure. This one person is going to help you gain much more than what a regular internship would otherwise offer.

  • Give your Resume a Boost

There was a time when internships were looked upon as a bonus. Today, however, keeping in sight the excessive competition, it has become more of an essential item on your resume. In fact, your resume is regarded dull if there is no mention of any related internships.

Companies look at students without any internship experience on their resume as unmotivated. But we are not just talking about any summer internship. You should always go with a name that is known for offering brilliant working conditions, making you job-ready with the right skills.

  • Expand your Transferrable Skills

An internship program renders students with the chance to expand their transferrable or soft skills. Verbal communication, problem-solving skills, personality enhancement, leadership qualities, and team work in general are some of the key skills to have, which you might otherwise not learn in your college setting.

Once you join an internship program, you will uncover the difference between business communication and academic communication quite rapidly.



Both corporate training and summer industrial internship are important for growth. Both play important role in helping individuals upskill, gain more knowledge, and become better fit for their respective jobs.

If you are student, then a summer industrial internship is what you need to go for. Choose the right place to join and that place is Grras Solutions. Become job ready with the best today!

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