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Either you are someone who has involved in the Mac vs PC fight or you are someone who has witnessed it. Either way, we believe the conversation intrigued you enough to come here to read more about operating systems. Well, honestly, the preference, we believe, is personal and thus, you could be a fan of either of these or any other, since there are quite a few out there.

But which operating systems (OS) are used the most in the market? As we said above, there are a few and when it comes to deciding which one is better or why someone prefers a certain name over the other, there is a lot of hullaballoos. With this blog, we will give you a brief on the most used operating systems in the market and then leave it on you to decide which one you wish to move ahead with based on your needs and work.


What is an Operating System?

After it is loaded into a computer with the aid of a boot program, an operating system is responsible for managing all the remaining application programs in a computer. The operating system is used by the application programs by making service requests via a defined API or application program interface.

Also, the user can directly interact with the operating system via a user interface, including a graphical user interface (GUI) or a command- line interface (CLI).


What Role is played by an Operating System?

The key function of an operating system is to manage all the applications and the programs that is run by a mobile device or a computer. Thus, an operating system manages the device’s both software and hardware functions.

Some of the top roles played by an operating system include –

  • Memory Management – Along with controlling and coordinating the computer’s applications, memory management feature helps in allocating space for programs.
  • Data Security – It is the indication of a good operating system to keep your data safe as well as your computer programs secure. A wide variety of security features are instilled to keep unwanted cyber attackers far away.
  • Process Management – Your operating system is designed in such a manner that it manages multiple processes at the same time and allocating resources to multiple computer processes. It enables the processes in sharing information, synchronizes them and protects them.
  • Printing Controlling – Similar to another feature of every operating system, with printing controlling, your operating system manages all the printed connected to your computer, along with the materials that are to be printed.
  • Booting – The simple process of turning your computer on and powering up the system is booting.
  • Loading and Executing – Your operating system will load a program, which is then executed so that it opens and runs.
  • Disk Management – All the drives installed in your computer such as optical disk drives, flash drives, and hard drives are managed with this feature. Also, this feature helps in dividing and formatting disks, amongst others.
  • Device Controlling – Your operating system will give you the facility to open or block access to removable devices such as data transfer devices, CD/ DVDs, USBs, etc.
  • User Interface – This feature allows the user to give or receive information via codes, typed commands or other formats.


Which Operating Systems are used the most in the Market?

Now that you have a basic idea about what an operating system is and what are some of the top roles played by an operating system, it is time to move on to the part that you came looking for. In this blog, we will give you the names of five main operating systems that are being used across the globe and are experiencing a great growth rate.

These operating systems are commonly used across your phones, computers and other devices such as tablets. Each of these are full of features and offer a wide variety of benefits to those who use these. Hence, the rate at which they are growing is immense. Also, if you are hoping to get a career started in the field of tech, then you should have knowledge of operating systems. With this blog, you will be able to decide which one you wish to move ahead with and can get started in that path easily.

So, without further ado, let us begin to learn about the most used operating systems in the market today!


Microsoft Windows

One of the most loved and popular operating systems across the globe, Microsoft Windows now comes preloaded in most of the new PC hardware. Microsoft Windows has been around since the 1980s. it has quite a few versions and updates including Windows Vista, Windows 95, and Windows 7/ 8/ 10, etc.

Every new release and update by Microsoft means that the audience will now get more features and better usage quality. Microsoft is one of the leading names and is consistently working of improving its hardware, software and user’s experience. This all leads to Windows becoming more accessible and easier to use.

Microsoft Windows consists of a desktop, desktop assistant, event viewer, a control panel, disk clean- up and more. A lot of computer programs runs best on Windows because most of those are developed by Microsoft.


Google’s Android OS

Companies such as google and many others run their Android mobile smartphones as well as tablets on is majorly based on Linux as well as other open- source software. The Android operating system is the first choice for Google devices including tablets and smartphones.

With its exciting new features and updates, Android has become one of the most chosen operating systems across the globe, especially as an alternate to Apple’s iOS.


Apple macOS

When we talk about a competition to Microsoft Windows, the name that pops up in our minds and searches is Apple macOS. Both Windows and macOS are samples of proprietary operating system, which basically translates to them being conceptualised, developed, designed and sold by the companies. Hence, they are not be made changes to or tampered with.

Apple products are loved by their users because of the class they exude, along with the ease of use that comes along. They are continuing to work hard on their products to increase the user experience, which is why Apple has garnered a loyal clientele. Since the operating system offers a great lack of bugs and keeps hackers at bay, it has become a favourite amongst many.


Apple iOS

Apple iOS is a mobile operating system which is exclusively for iPhone alone, which enjoys a leading position in the smartphone market globally. iOS integrations offer new expansions to software, consistently offer new and improved features for users and offer regular updates, even for those who own older devices.

iOS offers one of the easiest usable user experiences with its touch gestures. With this operating system, it all easy connectivity to other Apple devices.


Linux Operating System

Linux stands a bit different from some of the other leading operating systems such as Apple and Windows in the sense that it is not a proprietary software. Instead, this one belongs to the family of open- source systems. What we mean by open- source is that any user is free to distribute and modify this operating system as they please, even for monetary purposes.

While Linux is least known on the list and still not very highly popular amongst developers, but it is free, easily customizable and available in multiple open- source versions. If you have knowledge of working on an operating system, then moving ahead with Linux is a great choice, especially considering how it saves a good amount of cost by being free. Also, if you are thinking about making your career in coding and back- end work, then there is no choice better fit for you than Linux. Grras Solutions is the best institute for all Rehat Linux Training and Certifications one can eroll to make best career.


Are there other Operating Systems?

We talked about five top operating systems in the market right now but if you think that Microsoft Windows, Google’s Android operating system, Apple iOS, Apple macOS, and Linux operating system are the only ones, then you are highly mistaken. In fact, this is just the tip of the iceberg and there are many many more out there.

Linux is the free one we talked about here but there are other free operating systems as well including Syllable, ReactOS, and Chrome OS, amongst others.

As the technological advancements keep on happening and we keep in becoming more dependent on these technologies for our everyday work, we are bound to find a growth in the sector. Hence, the best thing you can do for your future is to become a part of it and benefit from it all.



Now that you know that Linux operating systems are used the most in the market, its time to decide whether you want to become a part of this field or not. And if you do, then the best way to begin is by enrolling with the right institute in the country and that name is Grras Solutions.

Get started now!

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