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Python is a globally renowned programming language. Released in 1991, Python is today used for web development, system scripting, software development, and mathematics, among others. There is no one in the tech world who is not aware of what Python is.

Python is considered a highly versatile language. Whether we talk about simple scripts or complex neural network training and machine learning algorithms, Python is the used everywhere. Having said that, many forget that Python is also a great fit as a web server.

If you have a backend that is written in Python, you are going to benefit in a lot of ways. Some of the top reasons why Python is a good choice are –

  • If you are planning to serve parts of your app that are already in Python, then there is no better thing to do than choose Python for the entire thing.
  • Whether we talk about learning Python for a regular language or using it for making a backend, it proves to be quite easy.
  • Python boasts a wide ecosystem of tools and packages. This also includes a great community of developers.

With this blog, we intend to give you a brief on how to build a flask web application in Python programming. Flask, as we all know, is a Python microframework. Of course, there are better and more popular Python frameworks out there including Django. However, Flask has proven to be useful for budding developers. After al, it is all bare bones. Thus, developers can utilize or create components on the basis of their requirements within the app itself.

Now that we have cleared certain things, let us move on to why choose Flask for building a web application in Python programming. We are going to begin by learning more about Flask first.


Introduction to Flask

Flask is a microframework, as we have already mentioned above. It is a lightweight and small Python framework that has a lot of useful features and tools to offer. All these come together to simplify the process of creating web applications in Python easier.

Flask is preferred because it offers developers an additional layer of flexibility. Additionally, Flask is highly chosen by new developers because it gives them the opportunity to build web applications rapidly by using a single Python file. This microframework is also quite extensible. It does not require any specific code prior to getting started.


Reasons to Use Flask for Building Web Application in Python Programming?

We are living in digitally advanced worlds. Everything you wish to do already has answers available to them out there. Thus, developers looking to gain quick results in web application development and website development generally go for standardized web app frameworks. This becomes easier because every programming language has a lot of frameworks in the market available for them. The turnaround time that a developer showcased before has significantly reduced due to these frameworks.

The process of web application development needed to become faster. With frameworks such as Flask, this has finally become possible. According to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2021, Python was third on the list of the most popular programming languages in the world. Its popularity rate was 48.24% back then. Today, as we have moved two years ahead, the one thing you can be certain of is that Python is still a leading name and getting stronger with time.

Amid the dozens of frameworks offered by Python, Flask is one of the top names. But what exactly is the reason that Flask is so highly popular? Why are developers across the globe choosing Flask as opposed to the numerous other frameworks that Python has to offer? Why choose Flask for building web applications in Python programming?

Let us begin to find answers to these questions. Here is why you should go with Flask instead of any other framework today for building your web application.


  • Super Flexible & Easy to Use

When a developer sets out to choose the right web application development framework, they will always pick the one that offers them the flexibility to customize the code as per their requirements. Hence, Flask comes forth to be a name that is highly trusted. Because of the flexibility it offers, today Flask has a huge user base amongst the tech community.

When compared to Django, Flask is way more open to change. There are hardly any aspects of parts of this microframework that you cannot alter or change.

If you are a newcomer, then Flask is a boon because of how easy it is to use. Its documentation comes in handy for developers if and when they find themselves in any confusion.


  • Support for Testing

Once the development aspect is over, it all comes down to testing. And it is also one of the crucial aspects of any web application development process. However, the most unfortunate thing is that in a lot of frameworks, the option for testing is missing. Consequently, the developer must find a testing framework separately and move ahead with the necessary procedure.

With Flask, the developer gets an in-build testing facility. Hence, enabling the developer to test the app prior to making it live in production. The testing process is further rendered seamless from the perspective of a development team through its various features such as a fast debugger, restful request dispatching, and a built-in development server.


  • Shallow Learning Curve

Developers also look into the learning curve of the framework before finalising anything. And naturally, they would want a framework with a shallow learning curve. Due to this reason, Flask wins a lot of the times when put in a comparative line along other Python frameworks.

Understanding the concepts of Flask is quite easy and developers know this too well. If a fresher has a basic line of knowledge about the Python programming language, then they will be able to ace this framework in no time. That is why this this framework’s popularity is increasing with every passing day. In the coming years, there will come a time when Flask will enjoy the widest popularity scale.


  • Highly Scalable

The world we are living in is extremely fast-paced. In these times, companies are always looking for ways to save time and money without impacting the outcome of their efforts. Thus, developers tend to be inclined towards frameworks that offer them scalable properties. Why? Because you might want to start small today but as time progresses and you grow, you would want your web application to grow with you too.

Flask is definitely the go-to framework here. Flask is the one that can process a humongous quantity of requests as the business scales up. One big move was seen when Pinterest moved to Flask from Django and is now processing hundreds of millions of request every single day.


  • Control over Codebase

Flask gives the developers the liberty to control the codebase as per their requirements. Thus, depending upon the components the developer wishes to have for a certain web application, they can pick and choose. In addition to this, developers are empowered by Flask to get to conclusions while choosing the components for development.

Consequently, the developer gets additional control over the numerous extensions that come along with this framework.


  • Facilitates Experimentation

The modern era calls for the web app framework to be experimental with the development approach. And for that very reason, you should be picking Flask. With Flask, the developer will be able to adapt better to the emerging technologies as well as work through agile development methodologies.

One of the biggest USPs of the Flask framework is faster implementation. Now you know the reason behind its successful name in the Python world. If you are one of those developers who like to keep adding new things to your product with changing time and demand, then Flask is your buddy. With a strong support system and quick integration, developers get the chance to continuously make improvements to their products.



We hope this blog has given you a sense of clarity as to why choose Flask for building a web application in Python programming. As a developer of the modern world, it is important that you choose your weapons mindfully. As you pick Flask, your future automatically gets secure.

Python is a trustworthy name and anyone who completes their Python training and certification is bound to find success. With Flask right behind Python in your training program, you will find yourself surrounded by opportunities till the very end. Begin your success story today with Grras Solutions. Get enrolled with our Python training and certification course to be able to get to a top point of success.

This blog is only a step towards understanding how influential Python is. Imagine learning all the aspects of this amazing programming language and starting your career in their direction. Well, it is all possible with only Grras Solutions!

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