Why Choose Docker Training & Certification Course In Lucknow?

Docker (DCA) Certification and Training Course In Lucknow

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Why Choose Docker Training & Certification Course In Lucknow?

Cloud is of the utmost value and placement in today’s world and applications are thus designed and made keeping the same in mind. Containerizing of applications is taking place to enable agile deployment so that companies can deploy applications as and when they please and deem profitable. Thus, it has become one of those hot shot skills in the IT market, making DCA certification in Lucknow sought after by aspirants and achievers. Now is the time to fortify your Docker skills and make a place for yourself in the IT sector, especially in a city like Lucknow, which is one of the cities that are rapidly expanding from technological point of view. The one perk which is offered by Grras Solutions is that you get the flexibility to choose from online training and classroom training. As per your schedule and convenience, you can indulge in either. Now no matter where you are located, there is always a way to learn from the best to broaden your career prospects.  

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About Docker(DCA) Certification Course

Docker is a container platform which gives organizations the ability to run, build, and share applications, everywhere and anywhere, seamlessly. A lot many companies these days are using this enterprise-ready platform to containerize its application, giving them fastened production workloads. All this gives them the power to deploy applications anytime, anywhere and even multiple times a day. DCA or Docker Certified Associate examination is offered by Docker with the aim to validate people with this skillset after having answered real-world questions. The DCA examination is prepared by experienced and certified Docker practitioners which makes DCA certification in Lucknow a big hit amongst those who are looking forward to expanding the horizons of their established career in the IT sector. 

Docker Certification Course Overview

Tracks Regular Track Full Day(Fast Track)
Duration 20 hours 20 hours
Training Days 20 Days 3 Days

    1. Introduction of Server Provision

    2. Type of Server Provisioning

    3. Hardware Virtualization V/S Os Virtualization

    4. Overview of Containerized Technology

    5. Docker Introduction & Docker History

    6. Features & Use Cases of Docker

    7. Docker Architecture

    8. VLABS Access & Setup Machines of Cloud & on-premises.

    1. Docker Installation

    2. Docker Image & Containers

    3. Docker Registry and Docker HUB

    4. Basic Commands For Hands-on Docker

    5. Image Pull & Creating Containers

    6. Executing Container Commands

    7. Docker Logs

    Practicals: Create Docker Architecture on VLABS

    1. Basic Overview of Namespace and Cgroups

    2. IP and Port understanding

    3. Port Forwarding

    4. Expose Container for External Network

    Practicals: Host public website on Nginx Web Container.

    1. Image Overviews

    2. Image Modification

    3. Docker Image Build Process

    4. Install Custom Binary/Libarary into Image

    Practicals: Create Container through Custom Image.

    1. Overview of Docker Storage and Volume

    2. Stateless and State Full Application

    3. Persistent Storage for Container

    4. Create Docker Volume

    5. Backup Solutions

    Practicals: Create and Working with Storage of Containers

    1. Introduction of Docker File

    2. Write Docker File for Custom Application

    3. Image History

    4. Saving and Loading Images

    5. Docker Security

    1. Docker Networking Concepts

    2. Bridge Network

    3. Creating Custom Networks

    4. Networking Between Containers

    5. Network Security

    Practicals: Deploy Multiple Container with Custom Network. 

    1. Introduction of Docker Registry

    2. Public Docker Registry

    3. Setup Own Docker Registry

    4. Images over Docker Registry

    Practicals: Deploy Docker Registry with Images.

    1. Installing Docker Compose

    2. Compose Commands

    3. Creating Compose Files

    4. Volumes and Networking with Compose

    Practicals: Deploy Docker Compose.

    1. Exam Preparation of Docker Certified Associate

    2. Discuss Objective Questions

    3. Scenario of Practicals

    4. Discuss Live Environment of Docker


 The exam of DCA is a multiple-choice exam with 55 questions and the time limit is 90 minutes. After you clear the exam, you get congratulations mail link along with  Docker associate badge and link to the Linkedin group to the people who have successfully completed the exam. It makes you Docker Certified Administrator (DCA) having skill sets of this field. This exam is valid till 2 years and you have to update it every two years.

Docker Specialized DevOps Engineer:

DevOps Systems Engineer having a great experience in Docker Containers, Docker Swarm, Docker Compose, Ansible, Jenkins Docker specialized DevOps Engineer.

Docker Engineer:

An engineer who looks for the design, development and implementation of containers and also making the container strategy with infrastructure.

DevOps Engineer ( Docker):

Engineer looking for Docker Cloud / Containerization, Devops Distributed applications and Deployment Architecture. He should have an apt experience in dealing with Linux environment and AWS cloud services architecture.

  • Placement Assistance
  • Live Project Assessment
  • Lifetime Career Support
  • Lifetime Training Membership (Candidate can join same course again for purpose of revision and update at free of cost at our any center in India or you can solve your query by online help)

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