Why Choose Kubernetes (CKA) Training  And Certification Course In Delhi?

Kubernetes (CKA) Certification and Training Course In Delhi

Become Experts In Kubernetes Certification and Training Course with us.

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Advantages of Kubernetes Certification Course

30,000 +

Jobs In India

1,50,000 +

Jobs In World

11 Lac Pa - 15 Lac Pa

In India

75,000$ to 2,50,000$

Salary In USA

Why Choose Kubernetes (CKA) Training And Certification Course In Delhi?

The Kubernetes (CKA) certification and training course in Delhi provides self-confidence that you have the skills, knowledge, and capability to perform the responsibilities as a Kubernetes administrator. Our Kubernetes training and certification course in Delhi will give you the opportunity to get career guidance under the subject experts. A Kubernetes certification increases your practical knowledge and help you stand out amid your competition. Everyone knows that building a career in the IT world needs skills and knowledge in a particular field. The CKA (Certified Kubernetes Administrator) certification gives you the potential to get success and achieve your goals. Passing these exams is not an easy task and that is why companies are always willing to hire those with the right credentials. Many companies need a certified engineer and with Grras Solutions, you will be able to showcase your skill and knowledge in the IT world.

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About Kubernetes (CKA) Certification Course

Kubernetes (CKA) Certification and training course designed by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) will open up doors to getting a successful career. This course will cover Kubernetes architecture, installation, replication controller and deployment. Our expert trainers will guide you for industry recognized Kubernetes (CKA) certificate exam and provide you live project assessment to help you get exam ready.With Grras Solutions, get prepared for the CKA exam by Kubernetes certification and training course. Grras Solutions offers 32 hours of Kubernetes certification and training course in Delhi to develop the ecosystem of Kubernetes. After completing the course, you will be able to establish your credibility in the competitive market.

Kubernetes Course Overview

Tracks Regular Track Full Day(Fast Track)
Duration 32 hours 32 hours
Training Days 30 Days 4 Days

    1. Revision of Docker and Container Technology

    2. Challenges with Docker swarm

    3. Introduction of Kubernetes

    4. Advantages of Kubernetes

    5. History of Kubernetes

    6. Use cases of Kubernetes

    7. Power of Kubernetes in Production or Live environment 

    1. Kubernetes Architecture

    2. Kubernetes Master, API, CLI, GUI, Nodes

    3. Overview of API-server, etcd, Controller, scheduler

    4. kube-proxy, kubelet, CRI (Docker)

    5. Understanding YAML

    6. Workflow of application deployment in Kubernetes Cluster

    1. Installation Types - Minikube, kubeadm

    2. Hardware Requirement of Installation

    3. Installation using kubeadm utility

    4. Nodes connectivity with Kubernetes master

    5. Basic components of Kubernetes cluster

    Practical: Kubernetes installation on VLABS

    1. Basics of kubectl Commands

    2. Describe Nodes & Namespace

    3. Understanding of POD

    4. POD CLI creation & how it works?

    5. POD creation using YAML

    Labs: Deployment of POD in Kubernetes VLABS

    1. Replication Controller

    2. Creating a Deployment in Kubernetes

    3. Creating a Services in Kubernetes

    4. Rolling Updates

    Labs: Application Deployment with Service creation in Kubernetes VLABS

    1. Configure Environment & Secure Resources

    2. Scalable Application

    3. Multicontainer PODs

    4. Config MAP

    5. Self Healing Application 

    Labs: Scalable Enviornment set in Kubernetes VLABS

    1. Creating Volume

    2. Volume claim

    3. Volume policy understanding

    4. Attach Volume storage on Deployment

    Labs: Deployment with custom volume

    1. Network Namespace understanding

    2. Network types

    3. Deploy Networking in Kubernetes

    4. POD Networkings

    5. Creating Network Services & Ingress system

    6. DNS concept in Kubernetes

    Labs: Deploy custom Networking in Kubernetes VLABS


    1. Understanding of Resources requirements

    2. Limits RAM & CPU Core uses

    3. Creating Resources Quota

    4. Creating Limit Quota

    Labs: Deployment project with Limited resources

    1. Logging and Monitoring

    2. Monitoring all Components

    3. Managing Logs of Application

    4. Authentication Security

    5. TLS & Certificate Creation

    6. Role based access control & ROLE binding

    7. SCC & Network and Image Security

    Labs: Deployment with Monitoring & Security in Kubernetes

 The exam of CKA s a multiple-choice exam with 24  questions and the time limit is 3 hours. You have to score 74% minimum to clear the exam. After you clear the exam, you’ll receive a certificate of completion as proof of your accomplishment on your mail. It makes you  Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) having skill sets of this field. This exam is valid till 2 years and you have to update it every two years.

1. The exam of CKA is an online, proctored, performance-based practical test that requires solving multiple issues from a command line.

2. This online exam consists of a set of performance-based items (problems) to be solved in a command line and candidates have 3 hours to complete the tasks.

3. The certification focuses on the skills required to be a successful Kubernetes Administrator in industry today.

DevOps Kubernetes Engineer:

 An engineer who has to work with the customers to understand and capture their requirements of cloud infrastructure. He has to take care of the design and building distributed systems.

Docker Engineer :

An engineer who knows the environment of Linux OS and can contribute and fix bugs in upstream Kubernetes with the help of concepts of docker and containers.

Kubernetes engineer:

An engineer with the task of the deployment of Docker containers into Kubernetes and the subsequent management of Kubernetes clusters..Sometimes, Kubernetes has to be deployed to AWS also.

  • Placement Assistance
  • Live Project Assessment
  • Lifetime Career Support
  • Lifetime Training Membership (Candidate can join same course again for purpose of revision and update at free of cost at our any center in India or you can solve your query by online help)

Enrollment For Kubernetes (CKA) Course

Job Oriented Program

Our Job Oriented Program is one of a kind and a unique program that offers you 100% job guarantee right after completing the certification program and training with us. It is one of our renowned programs for producing job ready and experienced candidates with apt technical and soft skill knowledge demanded in the prompt evolving IT and digital industries.

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Q: What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is a Certified Kubernetes Administrator program created by CNCF. It is the highest velocity open-source project, developing the ecosystem of Kubernetes.

Q: Is K8s same as Kubernetes?

K8s is another term that is used for Kubernetes.

Q: What are the features of Kubernetes?

Some features of Kubernetes are- * • Automates the various manual process * • Manage various clusters at the same time * • Offers security, networking and stores * • Can scale resources from any angel

Q: What are the components of Kubernetes Architecture?

There are two components of Kubernetes architecture- * • Master node * • Worker node

Q: Is Kubernetes (CKA) exam delivered online?

Yes, the CKA exam is an online, performance-based practical exam that requires solving multiple tasks from a command line.

Q: After how long is the CKA exam result declared?

Results are declared 24 hours from the time of exam via email.

Q: Is ID required to take the CKA exam?

Yes, you need a primary ID with all information such as full name, candidates photo and signature.

Q: What score is needed to clear the CKA exam?

Candidates need to have a minimum score of 74% to clear the CKA exam.

Q: What are the duration of the Kubernetes (CKA) training and certification course in Delhi?

The Kubernetes CKA training and certification course duration is 32 hours and we also provide fast track training method.

Q: Can I join classroom training for the Kubernetes certification and training course in Delhi?

Yes, you can enrol with our classroom Kubernetes certification and training course in Delhi for face-to-face, interactive learning and growing.

Q: What skills I will learn with the Kubernetes training and certification course?

In this training program, you will learn about application lifecycle management, configuration, cluster maintenance, storage, and troubleshooting concepts, amongst others.

Q: What salary I can expect after completing the Kubernetes training course in Delhi?

The Average salary you can expect is 2.5PLA in India and $50,000 per annum in the USA.

Q: How is CKA certification useful for me?

Organizations require three CKAs to become a KCSP. With this certification, your value in an organization will increase and you will get a job with a great salary.

Q: How hard is Kubernetes CKA certification?

If all your Kubernetes concepts are clear, it is not much hard. You might need to get prepared yourself if you work with Kubernetes on a daily basis and operate it. You will become an expert after some time.

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