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Winters have always been connected to internships. For students, winter is always that time of the year when their chance to get started better seems plausible. These internships have the potential to transform the lives of those who choose them. In addition to this, one of the key factors is the place you pick to help you get there.

For you winter internship program, we know just the right place. But before we get into that, it is important to finalise the path you wish to tread upon. One of the biggest and the most amazingly flourishing fields is that of full stack web development. Are you aware of what that is? Do you know the difference between being a back- end developer or a front- end developer, and being a full stack developer?

The questions are too many and so are the answers. For every question you ask, there is an answer out there. All you need is the right person to help you get all those. If you want to become job ready with winter internship program in full stack web development using MERN, then this is where you should start. This blog will give you a deeper, clearer insight into everything about this field.

Whether you have questions about the field of full stack web development or you are worried about the winter internship program, this blog will cover it all. Before we take you all through the winter internship program that will change your life, we will take you on a journey to better understand Full Stack Web Development.


What is Full Stack Web Development?

Till some years ago, developers preferred to mostly be either front- end developers or back- end developers. However, as time went on, Full Stack Web Developers took the front seat. Full Stack Web Development is when a single person takes care of both the back- end as well as the front- end of a website or a web application.

Thus, this single expert is responsible for all the work that goes into getting a website successfully out there. This expert deals with data validation, user interface, and database, amongst other things.

When we say full stack, we mean a cumulation of various components in a software application. All of this work together to further ensure a smooth course of functioning. This includes coding frameworks, operating systems, software products, database tools, servers, patches, and more. Each full stack incorporates using of a different tools, different technologies and varied frameworks.

Hence, to be able to become a Full Stack Web Developer, you have to acquire the skills linked with back- end and front- end tools, frameworks and languages. These all together will aid you in creating your own application from scratch.


What is the Job Scope of a Full Stack Web Developer?

A Full Stack Web Developer is tasked with many responsibilities. This includes designing and building dynamic applications and websites that are data- driven. All this is achieved via a perfect amalgamation of workflows, techniques and technologies which prove useful for both the back- end infrastructure and the front- end user.

When we say the word stack, we are basically referring to a coming together of many products and technologies.

A stack consists of a database such as MySQL or MongoDB, a platform such as Ruby, PHP or Node.js, a client- side web application framework like Angular or React, and an application framework like Laravel or Express. There are many different stacks out there, each of which is chosen depending upon the nature of the project. While there are many such as LAMP stack, MEAN, MERN, Ruby on Rails, etc, the most common ones are MEAN and MERN.

In this blog, we will discuss how to become job ready with winter internship program in Full Stack Web Development using MERN.

Before we get on with why should you consider becoming a Full Stack Web Developer and give you more details about the winter internship program by Grras Solutions, it is best we take a closer look at what is MERN. With more knowledge on MERN, you will find it easier to step into this winter internship.


What is MERN Stack?

MERN stack is a collection of four technologies. Each of these come together to work efficiently, aiding in the development of dynamic websites and web apps.

The four technologies that make up MERN stack are as follows –

  • M – MongoDB – This is a NoSQL database management system
  • E – ExpressJS – This is a back- end web application framework for NodeJS
  • R – ReactJS – This is a JavaScript library that facilitates in the development of UIs (user interface) based on UI components
  • N – NodeJS – This is a JavaScript runtime environment and aids the running of JS code outside the browser


The main reason why developers use MERN stack is to get through the entire process of app development using only JavaScript. All the four technologies which make up this stack are JS- based. In short, if you possess working knowledge of JavaScript and JSON, then you will be able to work on the front- end, the back- end and the database.


More about MERN Stack Components

MERN stack is all about the four technologies that make it up. Here is a brief about each of these four components to help you better understand this stack.

  • MongoDB

This is a NoSQL database management system wherein data is kept safe in the form of documents that hold key- value pairs as the likes to JSON objects. MongoDB facilitates its users in creating tables, schemas and databases.

  • ExpressJS

This is a NodeJS framework which simplifies the process of writing the back- end code. ExpressJS saves the developer from creating multiple Node modules. It also offers a wide range of middleware to help keep the code precise.

  • ReactJS

It is a JavaScript library which facilitates the development of user interfaces for SPAs and mobile apps. It gives the developer the chance to code JavaScript as well as to develop UI components. Virtual DOM is used for doing everything by the JS library.

  • NodeJS

This is an open- source JavaScript runtime environment. It allows the developer to run code on the server. It comes with npm (node package manager), which enables the developer to pick from a huge variety of packages or node modules.


Why Become a Full Stack Web Developer?

Becoming a Full Stack Web Developer will come along a myriad of benefits. And if you don’t believe us, then this blog will get you more inclined. Before we start with winter internship program in Full Stack Web Development using MERN, it is best to know why this field is the best for you.

A Full Stack Web Developer needs to grow with time and evolve with the evolving technologies. As the industries take a turn, it is always in the best interest of a developer to know what the coming time will need the most. Here are a few reasons why becoming a Full Stack Web Developer will be one of the best decisions of your life. This is, of course, when you also take the aid of the right place for your internship.

  • Experience Multi- Faceted Growth

Full Stack Web Developers are high in demand because of the vast scope of knowledge they bring to the table. Since their job is about constantly upskilling themselves, their career is also experiencing a similar growth. Their skillset is super wide and thus, the number of companies seeking to incorporate their expertise into their working is increasing continuously.

  • High Paying Job

If you are an inclination towards this field, then instead of becoming either a front- end developer or a back- end developer, you should go towards Full Stack Web Development. In terms of salary, the latter one is definitely the one that yields better results. With experience, this salary only tends to get better.

  • Total Control

As a Full Stack Web Developer, you will have the entire control over what is happening in terms of development. Since all decisions will pass through you, it will be your name that gets the maximum applause when a project does wonders. You will have to work directly with the client to give them what they are looking for.


Winter Internship Program in Full Stack Web Development using MERN

It should come as no surprise to you that Grras Solutions is offering quality winter internship program in Full Stack Web Development using MERN. Grras Solutions is a top institute and every year, this institute offers students the opportunity to get on with their career. This year too, Grras Solutions brings to you this winter internship program to ensure you great success.

Everything you need to know about this winter internship is just a phone call away. Get in touch with experts at Grras Solutions to help you better understand about this program. Become job ready with the help of the very best. In this winter internship, you will get the opportunity to learn and polish your skills for 6 months.

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