Why Choose React.Js Certification Training Program In Delhi?

React.Js Training And Certification Course In Delhi

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Advantages of React.Js Certification Training Course

₹ 2,50,000+

Average Salary per Annum in India

$ 50,000

Average Salary per Annum in USA


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React.Js in the world and the demand is increasing day by day

Why Choose React.Js Certification Training Program In Delhi?

Whether you are an established or an aspiring professional, we are certain you must have heard of JavaScript. JavaScript, more popularly known as JS is included in the list of the core technologies of the www or World Wide Web. It is a programming language which facilitates interactive web pages and is an indispensable aspect of client-side page behaviour. The reason behind JavaScript being so popular is that it has a lot of libraries which make developing applications easier and swifter. React is one of the JavaScript libraries and is open-source. React is majorly used to build user interfaces exclusively for single-page applications. If you are inclined towards development, then you should get enrolled for this ReactJS Certification Training Course Program in Delhi by GRRAS Solutions Pvt. Ltd. after having completed this course, you will become a respected front-end developer since React is a super popular library with the largest support, community, and knowledge base. Grras adds a gem to the capital of our country by providing unmatched subject experts and opportunities. 

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About React.Js Certification Training Course

React is one of the widely used front-end frameworks in modern JavaScript creation. It supports a highly reactive user-friendly interface. React.js is more popular as compared to many other platforms because React code is easy to maintain and highly flexible. React.js developers have a bright future ahead as the platform is used by many big industries.With Grras Solutions’sixty hours React training course, you will be ready to implement all techniques and skills related to this field. You will be able to function client-side and server-side. Our expert trainers are ready to help you ace this outstanding front end developer program with placement assistance. Enrol with Grras Solutions to achieve great success in the Development field with React.js training and certification course in Delhi.

About React.Js Course

Tracks Regular Track Full Day( Fast Track)
Training Duration 60 hours 60 hours
Training Days 30 days 8 days
    • Overview Of Web Development Technologies
      • How client Server Communication work
      • understanding three tier architecture
      • role of different technologies
      • changed role of Java script
    • HTML Basics
      • introduction of tags
      • Empty and Container Tags
      • html elements
      • html attributes
      • html tables
      • html Lists
      • html div
      • html forms
      • html other important tags
    • CSS Basics
      • Introduction of CSS
      • Inline CSS
      • Internal CSS
      • External CSS
      • intro of selectors
      • Basic Selectors
      • Combinator selector
      • pseudo class selector
      • pseudo element selector
      • attribute selector
      • Making a Basic Navigation Bar with UL LI
      • Positioning in CSS
      • Type Of Elements
      • handling Gap in inline and inline block elements
      • Box model( Margin, Padding, border, Box sizing , overflow)
      • Float property
      • positioning in CSS
      • flex Module in CSS
      • Grid Layout in CSS
      • Transform property
      • animation using transition property
      • animation using key frames and animation property
      • media query in css
    • BootStrap Framework
      • Introduction of bootstrap
      • Bootstrap carousal
      • BS Grid Basic
      • BS Typography
      • BS Tables
      • BS Images
      • BS Jumbotron
      • BS Wells
      • BS Alerts
      • BS Buttons
      • BS Button Groups
      • BS Glyphicons
      • BS Badges/Labels
      • BS Progress Bars
      • BS Pagination
      • BS Pager
      • BS List Groups
      • BS Panels
      • BS Dropdowns
      • BS Collapse
      • BS Tabs/Pills
      • BS Navbar
      • BS Forms
      • BS Inputs
      • BS Carousel
      • BS Modal
      • BS Tooltip
      • BS Popover
      • BS Affix
      • BS Filters
    • JS Introduction
    • Variables in JS
    • Operators in JS
    • JS Data Types
    • JS Control statements
    • JS Functions
    • JS Events
    • Accessing Dom Elements in JS
    • Manipulating Dom
    • Form Validation
    • HTML5 inbuilt validation attributes
    • custom Validation
    • Using Regex in Form Validation
    • JS Objects
    • JS Strings
    • JS Numbers
    • JS Arrays
    • JS Dates
    • JS Date Formats
    • JS Math
    • JS Random
    • JS Booleans
    • JS Errors
    • JS Let
    • JS Const
    • jQuery Usage
    • Downloading jQuery
    • jQuery: Operational Overview
    • Basic Selectors
    • Hierarchical Selectors (Combinators)
    • Attribute Selectors
    • Filtering Methods
    • Traversing Methods
    • Selecting From Forms
    • Selecting Parent and Children
    • Manipulating DOM Elements
    • Getting and Setting Attribute Values
    • Removing Attributes
    • Binding Events to Handler
    • Triggering Events
    • Changing HTML Content
    • Changing Text Content
    • Introduction to Animations
    • Effects (Basic Animation)
    • JSON Parsers
    • Sending Data
    • jQuery AJAX Utility Methods
    • JS CallBacks
    • JS CallBack Hell
    • Asynchronus Behaviour of JS
    • Java Script Threading Model
    • Arrow Functions
    • ways of Function Definition
    • ways of function calling
    • context binding
    • Advance Operators ( typeof, instanceof, in, rest and spread, delete, ** )
    • destructuring in js
    • template string
    • Variable Hoisting
    • JS Clousers
    • JS Objects
    • JS Constructor
    • JS prototypal inheritance 
    • JS Promise intro
    • JS Promise implemetation
    • Observable
    • Obervable implimentation with RxJs
    • Async / Await in JS
    • JS global object
    • understanding 'this'
    • import export js Modules
    • Introduction to Basic building blocks of Web Application Development.  HTML-CSS-JS
    • SPAs and React Web Apps.
    • ReactJS Overview. 
    • Single Page Apps  VS  Multi-Page Applications.
    • What is a DOM, VirtualDOM and ShadowDOM?  
    • Installing ReactJS and writing our first Hello World code. 
    • The Folder Structure of React Application.
    • Basic Building Blocks of React JS – (components,state,props,jsx)
    • What are the components? Understanding the component basics and different types of components. 
    • What are the functional components and container components?
    • Creating your first class-based component and functional component.
    • Understanding JSX and JSX restrictions.
    • Component Nesting.
    • What are props and a simple understanding of props? 
    • Passing Props into components. 
    • Accessing props inside the components. 
    • Creating reusable dynamic components
    • Styling React components. The different ways of styling the react components.
    • Inline styles and external styles to the components.
    • Using styled-components.
    • Creating a navigation-bar in reactJS.
    • Introduction to React Router. 
    • Creating Routes to our Navigation Bar.
    • Components configuration with state, props and children.
    • Understanding and using state and props, and Differences between props and state
    • Handling Events
    • Manipulating the state with setState() method
    • Difference between stateless and stateful components.
    • Adding two-way binding.
    • Rendering content conditionally.
    • Making API REQUESTS with React.
    • Fetching data – Axios vs Fetch.
    • Building Lists from data
    • The purpose of keys in lists and Implementing keys in lists.
    • Handling User Input with forms and events.
    • Controlled Elements versus uncontrolled elements.
    • Handling forms submitted.
    • Understanding this in Javascript and solving context issues.
    • Communicating child to parent.
    • Handling user Input of dynamic forms
    • Handling form submission(MAKING API CALL )
    • Adding Custom Form Validation. 
    • Showing validation errors and other error messages.
    • Handling overall form validity.
    • Using Refs for DOM Access.
    • Redux, and The complexity of managing state. 
    • Understanding the Redux flow. 
    • Adding Redux to the React Project and Redux Devtools.
    • What is the provider and adding the provider? 
    • Setting Up the Reducer and the Store
    • Dispatching the Actions.
    • Adding Subscriptions.
    • Connecting React to Redux.
    • Connecting the store to react. 
    • Dispatching the Actions from within the Component. 
    • Passing and Retrieving Data with Actions.
    • Switch Case in the reducer
    • Updating the State and the Array Immutable.
    • Combining multiple Reducers.
    • Handling Authentication in React. 
    • The Context System with React.
    • Replacing Redux with Context or using both together.
    • Higher-Order Components in React.
    • The concept of Render Props.
    • Error Boundaries. 
    • React.Fragments
    • Introducing Lifecycle methods. 
    • Why use Lifecycle methods
    • React Hooks – An Introduction, Why React Hooks
    • Moving from classes to functional components
    • Introducing the first Hook:  useState Hook and Second Hook: useEffect Hook
    • Data Fetching with hooks/replacing the class lifecycle methods
    • Fetching data on component mount with useEffect
    • Using the useRef Hook
    • Displaying loading state with useState
    • Error Handling and displaying errors with useState
    • The useReducer Hook
    • Using the useContext Hook
    • Introduction to deployment
    • Deploying the React Application

There are no special certifications available in this domain by any International Company. Companies that are providing the training in this domain provide their own certification. Hence, you will be provided with a certification by GRRAS after the completion of the training.

MERN Stack Developer :

A software engineer is the one who uses Express to build back end API, integrate React with Express, etc

React JS Front End Developer:

A front end developer who knows the front end designing using HTML, CSS, Javascript , Bootstrap , Jquery along with React JS is a React JS From End Developer who serves an important role as a developer in the ogranisation

Full stack Developers:

Applications which are built with MERN stack are super easy to maintain and are cost effective. Thus, it is beneficial for companies who are looking to build websites on a budget. Your responsibilities include developing databases and servers for website functionality, coding for mobile platforms, and designing user interactions on websites. 

  • Placement Assistance
  • Live Project Assessment
  • Lifetime Career Support
  • Lifetime Training Membership (Candidate can join same course again for purpose of revision and update at free of cost at our any center in India or you can solve your query by online help)
  • PHP Based Certification Exam Scenario Preparation Included IN Training

Enrollment For React.Js Course

Job Oriented Program

Our Job Oriented Program is one of a kind and a unique program that offers you 100% job guarantee right after completing the certification program and training with us. It is one of our renowned programs for producing job ready and experienced candidates with apt technical and soft skill knowledge demanded in the prompt evolving IT and digital industries.

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Q: Do you offer group discounts?

Yes, we offer group discounts.

Q: Why is React.js the most popular?

React.js platform is the most popular for front-end development. It supports developers to create user interfaces without a lot of the heavy lifting out of the coding process.

Q: why is React.js used in so many industries?

Many industries use the React.js platform to build front-end development user interfaces for a single page because it makes the code simple to read and understand and has reusable components. React library is easier to test.

Q: Who uses React.js?

Many famous industries are using React platform to build interfaces such as Meta, Netflix, Uber, Airbnb, New York Times, etc.

Q: Can I join React training course in the fast track method?

Yes, you can join the fast-track method where we cover 60 hours of training in only eight days.

Q: What are the benefits of joining React.js training course with Grras Solutions?

Grras Solutions provides a lifetime training membership to students and our experienced trainers provide practical-based training with live project assessment.

Q: How can I register for this course?

You fill up the enrolment form and our team will contact you for the registration process.

Q: What if I miss part of the course due to illness or a personal emergency?

If you miss a session because of illness or an unavoidable emergency, we provide a session recording to understand the missing part of the course. In case you have any doubts, you can ask in the next session.

Q: What skills are required to enrol in React training course in Delhi?

You require at least a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS programming. So, get some basic knowledge of JavaScript experience.

Q: Can I take a demo class for my satisfaction?

Yes, you can take 3 demo classes after the registration process.

Q: Do you provide lifetime career support with the React training course and certification in Delhi?

Yes, we provide lifetime career support to students with this course.

Q: will you help me in interview preparation with this training course?

Yes, we provide soft skill classes to students wherein the trainer will help you practice for the interview.

Q: Do I need a laptop to join the session?

Yes, because for practical sessions you will require a laptop to practice.

Q: If there is more than one course on a day, can I join both?

Yes, we offer many courses and if you register for two courses at the same time, you can join both sessions at different times of the day.

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