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RHCSA is the primary entry-level certification to enter into Linux administration. To be able to enjoy a bright future in this field, you need to enrol yourself with the right course at the right time. Since there is no better time than now, you should be joining the best RHCSA course in Jaipur and that is at Grras Solutions. With RHCSA course, you will learn more about installing and configuring Linux Operating System (OS), with the help of which you will be able to become a pro in managing System Admin work for any organization. Don’t lock yourself to any one field by choosing to get enrolled today.

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About RHCSA Certification Training Course

Red Hat Certified System Administration exam, better known as RHCSA is designed in such a manner so as to test the skills as well as the knowledge possessed by an individual in the field of Linux Administration. A candidate needs to have the qualification and certification of RHCSA to be able to take the next step, which is RHCE. Being one of the most respected and accepted certifications of the tech sector, it is bound to help you enjoy a bright future ahead. Enrolling with Grras Solutions for your RHCSA course in Jaipur will help you move further in this field and enjoy a bright career and future.

RHCSA Certification Training Course

Tracks Regular Track Full day (Fastrack )
Training Duration 60 hours 60 hours
Training Days 30 days 7 days
  • What is Operating System.
  • Install Linux Operating system on VM & Bare Metal.
  • Login Mechanism through CLI & GUI.
  • What is Shell & Shell Variables.
  • Understanding File System Concepts with Absolute & Relative Path.
  • Linux Essential commands(cd,ls,mkdir,touch,cat,cp,mv,rm,history)
  • SoftLink & Hardlinks.
  • Essential toolkit(Grep, head, tail, sed, awk, tr, echo)
  • I/O Redirections 
  • Types of Users & groups in Linux.
  • Database files of users & groups.
  • Useradd, Userdel, Usermod, chage, chfn ,su commands.
  • Configure Controls for users by login.defs & /etc/default/useradd files.
  • User Monitoring Commands (w,who,last,lastb & /var/log/secure files).
  • Sudo Controls in Linux.
  • Types of Permission in Linux.
  • Symbolic & Numeric method to change permissions.
  • Special Permission (sticky bit, suid, sgid)
  • Access Control list in linux.
  • Types of Process in Linux.
  • Identification & Termination of Process.
  • Types of Process State.
  • Types of Target in linux.
  • Introduction to systemctl commands & How it works.
  • Requirement of Partitioning & Types of Partition Schemes in Linux.
  • Creating & Manage Partition in linux.
  • Mounting & Unmounting of Partitions.
  • Logical Volume Management.
  • Stratis & VDO in Linux. 
  • Introduction of GRUB2 Boot Loader in Linux.
  • Understand Boot Sequence via each components.
  • Crack root Password in Linux.
  • Reinstall Boot Loaders in Linux.
  • What is Networking & How it works in Linux.
  • IPv4 & IPv6 Addressing in Linux.
  • Command line tools nmcli in details.
  • Nslookup, Netstat, nmap, nc, tcpdump, wireshark commands in linux.
  • What is Centralized Authentication.
  • Introduction to Kerberos, LDAP & IPA.
  • Types of file server Introductions
  • Automounter Configurations.
  • Introduction of Port based Security.
  • INPUT, OUTPUT, FORWARD Chain in Firewalls.
  • Firewall service & firewall-cmd commands
  • Zones in Firewalls
  • Port Forwarding & Port Labelling in Firewalls.
  • Introduction to Selinux Policy.
  • Types of Selinux & How it Works.
  • Booleans & types in Selinux.
  • Troubleshooting of Selinux errors.
  • Understanding of Package Management in Linux(RPM)
  • Yum Client Configuration.
  • Module Installation in Linux.
  • Subscribe your machine for updates.
  • Shell & Shell Variables.
  • Input & O/p in via linux shells.
  • Positional Parameters in linux.
  • Loops in Linux.
  • Synchronous & Asynchronous Backup in Linux.
  • Tape Archive in linux.
  • Backup by rsync tools.
  • Introduction of Backup tools in linux.
  • Introduction of System Tuning in Linux.
  • Understand tuning Parameters in linux.
  • How to tune your system via tuned daemon.
  • What is Virtualization.
  • Types of Virtualization.
  • Install virtual machine using kvm

The candidate would earn the certificate of Red Hat Certified System Administrator post clearance of Ex200 (RHCSA) which is valid up to 3 years and can be updated in the future . Every candidate has it’s own unique certification id and number which is globally accredited. After clearing the exam, one will be Redhat Certified System Administrator.

Linux System Admin:

You can work directly as a Linux admin in any company where you will have the opportunity to work as a Linux Amdin where you will be handling the entire systems of the organisation , and troubleshooting the problems occurred .

Technical Support:

You will have the opportunity  to handle services that a company  provide to users of technology products or services. That means a technical support person provides help regarding specific problems with Redhat Linux OS that one faces .

Desktop Support :

You will be working as a help desk who deals with the end users and the office systems  with technical guidance and support. You will be able to support and fix any software or hardware related problems in an organization.

System Engineer :

You will be managing and monitoring the installed Redhat Linux OS and its infrastructure. You will be responsible for installation , configuration and managing the whole Linux OS systems in the organization.

  • Placement Assistance
  • Live Project Assessment
  • Lifetime Career Support
  • Lifetime Training Membership (Candidate can join same course again for purpose of revision and update at free of cost at our any center in India or you can solve your query by online help)
  • RHCSA Exam Scenario Based Preparation Included IN Training

Enrollment For RHCSA Certification Training Course

Job Oriented Program

Our Job Oriented Program is one of a kind and a unique program that offers you 100% job guarantee right after completing the certification program and training with us. It is one of our renowned programs for producing job ready and experienced candidates with apt technical and soft skill knowledge demanded in the prompt evolving IT and digital industries.

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Mohit Jhalani (May 2022)

I had a wonderful learning experience with Grras Solution in the RHCSA training course. With the latest knowledge of technologies and practical experience, I get my certification with professional trainers from this Institute. Thanks again..

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Q: How can I get in touch with you?

For any queries, contact us at enquiry@grras.com

Q: How long is the training?

The training at Grras Solutions for OpenShift is 40 hours long.

Q: What is the validity of RHCSA certification?

RHCSA certificate is valid for 3 years. However, if a new RHEL OS version is released, you will have to take the examination again to upgrade yourself.

Q: What are the prerequisites to take RHCSA exam?

While there are no hard and fast prerequisites to take RHCSA exam, it will be helpful if you have previous experience in Linux Administration.

Q: What is the official RHCSA exam syllabus?

The official syllabus for RHCSA exam as per Red Hat is RH124 and RH134.

Q: What does RHCSA exam test?

An RHCSA exam is designed with the ulterior motive of testing an individual’s skills and knowledge in the field of Linux Administration.

Q: Which one comes before – RHCE or RHCSA?

To be able to get to RHCE certification exam, you need to clear your RHCSA exam.

Q: How long does the RHCSA exam last?

RHCSA or EX200 is a hands-on lab exam that goes on for two and a half hours.

Q: With what percentage will I qualify the exam?

You need at least 70% on your test or a minimum of 210 marks out of 300.

Q: Why is certification better than simple training?

Certification will give you an edge over those who don’t. While training is sufficient in most cases, companies prefer to hire those officiated with the technology.

Q: Does a Job oriented program guarantee placement?

Yes, it does. Choosing Grras Solutions’ Job Oriented program will give you 100% job placement guarantee.

Q: Do I get any practical training?

Grras Solutions is a big believer in learning while doing and offer an exceptional chance to students of learning via practical training. This will also help you in getting more noticed by companies as you have an added edge over your competitors.

Q: Is virtual training as effect and good?

Virtual training is the need of the hour. In fact, it has its own share of perks including affordability and flexibility. You can now learn from anywhere in the world and at anytime.

Q: Do you offer job assistance?

Yes, we do. Experts and guidance counsellors are always ready to help you assist in the best way possible.

Q: Is scenario-based preparation included?

Yes, Grras Solutions offer RHCSA exam scenario based preparation.

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