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Advantages of Troubleshooting Certification Training Course

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Trouble Shooting Expert in the world and the demand is increasing day by day


With the right Troubleshooting Training Course in Jaipur, you will gain understanding of the basic concepts as well as the features of Linux OS, along with its installation. You will learn about installation, administration, boosting and configuration, along with other things. Troubleshooting course will help an individual learn more about the techniques and the tools to be used for troubleshooting a Linux System.If you are interested in expanding your career in the field, if you are RHCSA qualified, hold equivalent experience or have system administration knowledge under RHEL, then there is no better course to pursue than this one. With Grras Solutions in Jaipur, your future is bound to reach the greatest heights of success and your future is bound to be brighter than ever. 

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About Troubleshooting Certification Training Course

This Troubleshooting certification training course by experts at Grras Solutions is your key to success and accomplishments. The course covers everything one need to succeed in the field including an introduction to troubleshooting techniques, hardware, disks, network, and file systems. You will also learn to configure, test and diagnose to be able to make the most of the Red Hat support resources.With this 32-hour course, you get prepared for EX 342 or Red Hat Certified Specialist in Linux Diagnostic and Troubleshooting exam. The certification is valid for 36 months, after which you can reappear and recertify yourself. We help you in finding your footing in the sector and grow with the help of experts and industry specialists.

Troubleshooting Course Overview

Tracks Regular Track Full Day (Fast Track )
Training Duration 32 hours 32 hours
Training Days 15 days 4 days
  • Using the Scientific Method 
  • Collecting Information 
  • Using Red Hat Resources 
  • Monitoring Systems 
  • Guided Exercise: Monitoring Systems 
  • Configuring Remote Logging 
  • Using Configuration Management 
  • Resolving Boot Loader Issues on BIOS Systems.
  • Resolving Boot Loader Issues on UEFI Systems.
  • Dealing with Failing Services. 
  • Identifying Hardware Issues.
  • Guided Exercise: Identifying Hardware Issues.
  • Managing Kernel Modules.
  • Guided Exercise: Managing Kernel Modules.
  • Handling Virtualization Issues.
  • Orientation to the Linux Storage Stack.
  • Recovering from File System Corruption.
  • Recovering from LVM Accidents.
  • Dealing with LUKS Issues.
  • Resolving iSCSI Issues.
  • Resolving Dependency Issues.
  • Recovering a Corrupt RPM Database.
  • Identifying and Recovering Changed Files.
  • Subscribing Systems to Red Hat Updates.
  • Testing Connectivity 
  • Resolving Connectivity Issues 
  • Inspecting Network Traffic 
  • Resolving Library Dependencies
  • Debugging Memory Leaks 
  • Debugging Application Execution
  • Fixing SELinux Issues.
  • Handling Authentication Issues.
  • Resolving Kerberos and LDAP Issues.
  • Kernel Crash Dumps 
  • Kernel Debugging with SystemTap
  • Comprehensive Review of Red Hat Enterprise Linux Diagnostics and Troubleshooting 
  • Comprehensive Review Labs 
  • Lab: Amsterdam — Can't Get Custom Application Working 
  • Lab: Tokyo — Problems Logging In To The Console 
  • Lab: Paris — Authentication Problems
  • Lab: London — A Web Server Issue
  • Lab: New York — Network Delays 

Candidate would earn the certification of RedHat Certified Specialist in Linux Diagnostic and Troubleshooting post clearance of EX 342 exam which is valid upto 3years and can be updated. Every candidate has its own unique certification Id and number which is globally accredited.

Linux system admin:

An IT system admin  who is a Red Hat Linux server admin and also takes care of Troubleshooting part ,is a  Certified Specialist in Linux Diagnostics and Troubleshooting .He has skills, knowledge, and abilities  to diagnose and correct common issues that occur while running RHEL on systems in an organisation.

Server admin(Support and Troubleshooting):

An IT professional who knows the installation, configuration and management of RedHat Linux OS but at the same time provides solutions and support to clients and organization in terms of employing general methods for troubleshooting and diagnosing file system issues.

Linux Admin ( TEAM LEAD) :

Team lead who manages the whole team of system admins in an organisation , and is able to make them handle , OS operations, diagnosing issues , resolving package management issues, troubleshooting and fixing network issues, identifying  and fixing them.

  • Placement Assistance
  • Live Project Assessment
  • Lifetime Career Support
  • Lifetime Training Membership (Candidate can join same course again for purpose of revision and update at free of cost at our any center in India or you can solve your query by online help)
  • Redhat Linux Digonostics and Troubleshooting EX 342 Exam Scenario Based Preparation Included IN Training

Enrollment For Troubleshooting Course

Job Oriented Program

Our Job Oriented Program is one of a kind and a unique program that offers you 100% job guarantee right after completing the certification program and training with us. It is one of our renowned programs for producing job ready and experienced candidates with apt technical and soft skill knowledge demanded in the prompt evolving IT and digital industries.

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Q: What is the objective of this course?

The objective of our Red Hat Linux Troubleshooting training and certification course in Jaipur is to help you train you in all the necessary techniques and tools needed to successfully diagnose as well as fix a number of issues in the system. With this course, you will also get to the point wherein you will be able to pass EX342 or Red Hat Certified Specialist in Linux Diagnostic and Troubleshooting exam.

Q: What does a KOALA Red Hat exam mean?

KOALA stands for Kiosk on Laptop exams that are individual examinations remotely monitored by Red Hat. If you choose to go with the KOALA exam, you will find that there is no difference because the environment is still controlled. However, you do have the option of choosing your time and location.

Q: How long does the validity of this certification last?

Your Red Hat Linux Troubleshooting certification is valid for 3 years from the date of passing. After this period, you can choose to update it.

Q: Is there a minimum age limit to be able to choose this course?

An individual must be 16 years or older to pursue this course.

Q: What are the prerequisites for the course?

There are a few prerequisites that you need to fulfill: • RHCSA rapid track course/ RHSA I and II • Possess system administration knowledge • RHCSA certification/ equivalent experience

Q: How long does it take to receive the result?

It usually takes no more than 5 working days to get the result.

Q: When will I receive my certificate upon passing?

You will get an electronic certificate in the form of PDF along with your passing mail.

Q: Will you assist me in interview preparation?

We offer special soft skills and personality development classes to help you prepare for your interview, along with how to crack them. Resume writing is also a skill taught at Grras Solutions.

Q: How do I check the course fee and if there is any offer running?

To know the course fee for Red Hat Linux Troubleshooting training and certification course in Jaipur, you can get in touch with us via call, email, or the form above. You will also be informed about any special offers there.

Q: What job profiles will open up after this course?

A few of the job profiles that will open up after this course are: * • Linux Engineer * • Linux System Administrator * • Red Hat System Engineer * • Red Hat System Administrator * • Unix System Administrator

Q: Who can pursue Red Hat Linux troubleshooting course?

If you meet the above prerequisites and wish to get a promising career in the field, you can enroll. These professionals can choose the course too: * • Desktop support engineers * • Windows system administrators * • Database administrators * • Technical support engineers

Q: What is your refund policy?

We do not have a refund policy as of now. However, if you have paid your fee in full and then have to discontinue your course in between due to any unforeseen circumstances, we will put you on hold and you can continue any time in the future.

Q: Are the trainers qualified to train me?

Every trainer at Grras Solutions has the right qualifications, training and experience to help you move ahead in the field and succeed.

Q: Do you offer demo classes?

Upon registration, we offer 3 demo classes per student.

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